Thursday, October 27, 2016

It Had to Happen Sometime! Part 2

I had just had the Worst. Fuck. Ever.  MJ, the escort posing as a sugar baby, bid a hasty retreat from my hotel room, never to be seen or heard from again.  Good riddance!

Except now that I was lying there, naked, on the hotel bed in a darkened hotel room, less than thirty minutes after she'd arrived, I was now feeling depressed and dejected.  I'd had high hopes for this girl, and she dashed all of them, like a boss.  I needed to talk to someone about it, but there was no one who could understand. I did, however, have a sugar friend on the East Coast, Linda.  I sent her a text via Google Hangout, the way we always communicated. She asked, "When are we ever going to talk on the phone?"  I was in the mood to talk, so I sent her my number.  She called and we talked for about 20 minutes before my phone nearly ran out of battery.

What I'd hoped for was some sympathy, but instead I got laughed at, for the most part, with a cursory sprinkling of sympathy. "You see?" she said. "You coulda flown me out there and I woulda shown you a great time," but instead I had to fuck some skanky bitch.  While she was on her way to getting drunk, Linda was still right to a point, except that the talent pool in my city is far too deep to look elsewhere for suitable companions.  I just happened, unfortunately, to step in the shallow end of the pool this time.

After the phone call, I washed up thoroughly to get the smell of that rank, stinky pussy off my body. Once dressed, I headed home.  That night, I got myself off watching the video I'd shot of me and Staci, and got a good night's sleep.

My experience with MJ truly ranked as the worst sex I have ever had with a woman.  Even those experiences where I came in 10 seconds (when I was 18 or 19) were better than this.  I was reminded of previous experiences I'd had, ranked as the Bottom Five of Bad Sex:

5. Fleur -- her allowance was far lower than MJ's, and she was actually intelligent and funny, even though she was a total dud in bed (I did come while fucking her though);
4. Paulina -- she was even more of a dud than Fleur, but I did get to come while fucking her;
3. Julie -- an escort who got less money than MJ, but who was a total zero in bed (major deductions for also bleeding on me);
2. Ally -- a Craigslist escort I visited in summer 2008 (never wrote about her) who did nearly the exact same stuff as MJ, plus asked me constantly if I was ready to cum and started booking her next client before I got off the bed to wash up.

I'm not really one to beat myself up too much over bad experiences. I'll feel my feelings, to be sure, but it doesn't take me long to start looking all around for lessons to be learned.  That's one of my takeaways from my time spent in a recovery program. So, if I had to identify any lessons from this experience, one would be that the Sugar Dating website I frequent has more people engaged in a deceptive hustle of some kind or other than I think.  Another would be that if a woman on that site pushes for an immediate meeting for sex, chances are she's probably an escort.  Any woman I encounter in the future who angles for first-meeting sex will be rejected.

I also resolved to make a few changes: First, I will insist with every potential Sugar Baby on a casual, no-allowance first meet. Since escorts and other sex workers live on the clock, this change will weed out nearly all escorts, as well as those girls who want "a gift" to audition me as their potential sugar daddy. Second, I'll update my profile to let anyone who sees it know that a casual, no-allowance first meet comes before sex. As I've regularly shared my allowance terms in text messages, it should be appreciated that I care about chemistry rather than just pussy.  Finally, I downloaded Google Voice today and have added a "burner" number to my phone, from which I'll send texts and make phone calls.  This way, all future potentials will never know my real phone number.  I honestly can't believe I didn't do this a long time ago, but better late than never.

Having purged MJ's texts and pictures from my cell phone, my gaze now shifts to the lovely Crystal, with whom I'll be trysting next week.  I've met her, matched her face and body with her pictures, and created a decent rapport. Should be a lot of fun!

It Had to Happen Sometime! -- Part 1

Worst. Fuck. Ever.

I'd had such high hopes of having a fantastic time with MJ, who met me at a hotel yesterday afternoon.  After all, her profile was great, her pictures were amazing, and she appeared to have a cute sense of humor around our first meeting, declining a lunch because she was "on a diet" (which I interpreted as she just wanted to fuck).  God, was I all wrong about her!

She showed up, on time, dressed in a short black dress and high heels, her long light brown hair down nearly to her waist.  She had very long legs, which matched one of the pictures she'd sent me.  Her face wasn't exactly like the one in her profile pictures, but that didn't bother me too much because those were lit a bit dark and she looked enough like the girl in the pics to satisfy me.  However, I will say that I was slightly disappointed.

It all went spectacularly downhill from there.  After coming in, MJ gave me a hug and asked if I could adjust the lighting.  She wasn't particular, but she didn't want a light on next to the bed.  I took care of it, and then she sat on the bed for a few seconds while we made what felt like a feeble attempt at small talk. She told me that she's studying to get a certification to be a life coach. Honestly, that's all I remember her telling me. "Is there anything you need?" I asked.  "Nope, not really," she replied, "just the money."  Thinking nothing of this request -- it's fairly common for new sugar encounters to begin with her asking for the money -- I handed her the envelope.

What. A. Mistake. (Yes, I know I've employed that cliched trick of punctuation twice in less than 300 words; believe me, there's a point to be made here.)

"Well, I guess I should get undressed," MJ said, standing up and making her way to the bathroom, purse in hand with envelope inside.  Hmm, I thought to myself, this will be a one-time encounter for sure. She's got zero personality.

I didn't take off my clothes, preferring instead to have her undress me.  I was in a playful mood and I wanted to get the most out of this.

After MJ emerged from the bathroom, fully naked except for her shoes (which I asked her to remove), she sat on the bed and we talked for a few minutes. I realized after a moment or two that she was waiting for me to engage.  This had started to feel very much like an escort session.  I felt terribly disappointed.  Should I tell her to leave? I thought. She already has my money, and I'm certainly not going to get it back without an argument. Might as well see what's up, I decided.

I got off the bed and removed all my clothes.  "Wow," she said, "that's a really big dick."  She touched it for a few seconds and I got semi-hard.  She was hesitating for some reason, so I thought I'd get her in the mood.  You have to understand that I hadn't fully decided this was an escort session, so I figured giving her a little of my special oral talents would loosen her up.  I sat up and leaned in to kiss her, getting a very perfunctory kiss on the lips.  "Hmm," she said.  "Let me do you," I suggested. "Oh, no," she replied, "I don't need any, um, head.  Besides, I'm a little close to getting my period, so I don't feel so..." she let her sentence trail off.

Knowing that I wasn't going to give head, I nevertheless persisted with me getting head. She moved her long hair out of the way and started to suck me, which wasn't half bad.  Once I was hard, she said, "Wanna get your, um, thingy?"  "You mean the condom?" I said.  "Well, yeah," she said, "you're hard."  Fuck me, I thought, she's a hooker.  She reminded of a hooker I saw about eight years ago, right as I was beginning my sugar daddy journey, who insisted I fuck her the second I was hard, and also kept asking me if I was ready to cum yet.  "I'm liking what you're doing so far," I said, lying so I could get more sucking in.  She, however, wasn't quite going for it, but she stroked me a lot and it felt really good.  Hookers gotta have good hands, I guess.

After I was suitably hard and, frankly, bored with her hand job, I got up to get the condoms and lube. "No lube," she warned.  "OK," I said, "but you're gonna wish we were using it."  "I use only coconut oil," she said.  MJ was the second girl to tell me that, after Rose brought it up when we were together. I guess I'll look for a really small bottle of it.  Not that I need it with Mel.

Once the condom was on, I asked her how she'd like to begin.  As she requested, I entered her from behind.  Unfortunately, from this position, I could tell she was very close to getting her period.

Stinkiest. Pussy. Ever.

I kept looking down to see if she was bleeding me, which caused me to lose any interest in fucking this dry hole.  I tried other things to arouse myself.  I reached around to stroke her clit -- dry, and her pubic hair was stubbly all over.  I tried squeezing her tits.  They were wonderfully natural and felt great in my hand, so that helped a little.  I noticed, however, that her nipples did not feel as large as they looked in the pictures she sent, further confirming for me that she sent me fake pictures.

I pulled out and had her flip over.  I confirmed that, in fact, the topless girl in the picture she sent was not MJ.  Entering her was more difficult because she also had the Driest. Pussy. Ever.  After less than a minute, I pulled out again and stopped.  I'd had enough.  "It would be nicer if you were enjoying yourself," I admitted, slipping off the condom and placing it on the nightstand. "You're totally dry down there."  "Wow," she said, examining her pussy, "I think you damaged my hole.  It's wide open." "Oh, it'll be alright in a minute," I said, completely disappointed.  I lay down on my back and she offered to finish me off with her hands.  I took her up on her offer because that was literally the only thing that felt good with her.  It took a few minutes and I came.

She got off the bed, saying that she was just going to wash her hands.  However, I saw her take her purse again, which confirmed for me that she was going to get dressed and leave.  Sure enough, about three minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed.  "Are you going back to work?" she asked.  "No," I replied, "I'm done for the day.  But it looks like you're going back to work." "What?" she said.  "Well, you're leaving, aren't you?" I said, resigned to the waste of time and money. "Well, you came," she said.

As I explained to her that this was the worst sugar meet I'd ever had, she tried to explain that she'd never done this before and she thought I just wanted to get together for sex.  "I offered to buy you lunch," I said, "because that's how we get to know each other first. If I'd known you'd be such a bore, I would never have agreed to this." Of course, she didn't like that.  "OK, I'm gonna go now, bye!" And with that, she was gone.

-- to be continued --

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Settling In With Mel

Mel and I saw each other for the fifth time yesterday afternoon. Apart from the volcanic sex we had, which I hope happens every time we're together, we also reached an understanding about our relationship.

Mel continues to say that I'm the best lover she's ever had.  Judging by how many times she cums when we play it's pretty obvious that she really enjoys herself (and that I've got mad skills in bed!). While lying together in our spacious room on our comfy bed, I called her out on a few things that had been eating at me since our last time together -- which was the spectacular threesome we had with Rose.  I wrote about it a little bit in the follow up post, but I think Mel was not as enthusiastic about how our threesome went, and about having another woman in bed with us at all.

Mel continues to say that she had a good time with Rose and wasn't bothered at all that I fucked Rose after Mel left.  But I made my case anyway. "It just struck me as odd that you would make a comment at all about how Rose can't cum without a vibrator when, at most, we'd see her one or two more times," I said. "Did it really make a difference how she gets off with us?  Or even if?"  Mel then copped to not having the feels for Rose.  "Well, I just didn't get that connection with her like I do with other women."  Of course, I told her that was OK. "We won't be seeing Rose anymore," I told her.  "No," she replied, "if you want us to hook up with her again, that'd be OK, but it just won't be the same as with someone I really like."  I told Mel I appreciated her willingness, but the threesome has to work for both of us or it can't work at all.  Basically, I thought to myself, if I want to fuck Rose again, I'll have to do it on the side (maybe her friend CJ can join us), and not tell Mel about it.

On that front, Mel wants to revert back to condom use if I'm going to fuck other women, and I agree with her.  No sense in putting anyone at risk with all the STDs going around out there.  Mel happens to be a bit phobic of them; as long as I test regularly there should be no problem, but I'll accede to her wishes because I like her and want to continue seeing her.

Mel and I didn't take our own feelings for each other too deep.  It wasn't something we were ready to discuss, though we did look into each other's eyes a lot.  When we had sex the second time, she took me in her mouth completely limp and got me super hard again.  She playfully asked, "Can I sit on you for a little while?"  "You don't even need to ask, silly girl," I said.  It didn't take very long before I was ready to cum again.  This time she didn't take me in her mouth, as she had the first time I came. Instead, she watched me jerk off.  When I climaxed my body went through all the motions of having a huge orgasm, but I didn't ejaculate a drop. 

"Ha!" I laughed, "You finally saw what I've been talking about." 

"Did you feel the same way as if you would have ejaculated?" she asked.  

"Exactly the same."

"Wow, I've just never seen anything like that before."

"Took getting used to for me," I said, "but it's the best 'cuz there's no mess to clean up after."

We had completely run out of time, so we said a quick goodbye and I stayed behind to shower and clean up.

There's no doubt I'll see her again in a couple of weeks.


MJ is failing to impress me. I've never hooked up with a girl I hadn't spoken to first (actually that's not true -- there was The Dancer, with whom I'd only exchanged texts and pics), and I told her I wanted at least a short phone call before we met for sex later this week.  She agreed and gave me a time, but when I called, she didn't answer.  I didn't even hear her voice on the outgoing message; it was just some shitty dance music.  I left her a message, and gave her a time when I'd be available, but she didn't call back.  She texted me this morning and I gave her more times for her to call.  If she doesn't call me in the next couple of hours, I'm blowing her off.

Crystal could have been a backup for tomorrow, but she's not available till late in the day.  We're still set for next week.

Jewel is back in town and we exchanged messages today.  She lives in my neighborhood.  You've read before what I think about having a sugar baby live so close to home.   I'm still concerned about this, but because Jewel can't host, I can have her meet me in another part of town.

Someone New:  Shelly is a mid-30s single mom with a young kid under 10, who lives about 30 minutes away.  Can't host either, but what's different about this girl is that I found her on a different sugar website that I'd been checking out, called Sugar Models.  The site's pretty similar to my regular site, but one neat feature is that daddies can get 20 free messages without paying for a membership. I've been very frugal about those messages, since there aren't a whole lot of women on that site yet. Shelly found me, so I was able to say something like, "Hey, babe, profile looks great! Here's my number if you're interested in chatting further." We've been chatting for a few days now, and it looks like we'll meet casually in a couple of weeks.  She's a tall blonde with blue eyes and a really cute face and a slender body.  I think we'd have fun together.  

Another Someone: Madge is a tall, slender, working fashion model who has no need for my money. She went straight to sex talk from the get-go.  She calls herself very kinky, so I laid out my boundaries right away. Didn't seem to sway her at all.  Early-20s, strawberry blonde to redhead, and a "light smoker," I'm ambivalent about her for a number of reasons.  Despite the fact that she's got an amazing body and beautiful face, she is quite "bushy" and I am just all that turned on by it.  Still she looks like a young Madonna (hence the name I've given her).  If I can get past these little hangups, who knows? As for the sexuality, I like an assertive woman, so we'd just have to see if she's really dominant in bed too.  I do like me some red hair too.

More later!

When to Have Sex with Your Sugar Daddy

My third post at Let's Talk Sugar is up, called "When to Have Sex with Your Sugar Daddy."  The editors did a great job with this one, I must say.


Friday, October 21, 2016

WCSD Journal Update -- Who's In, Who's Out, and Who's New

Now that my lunch with Lauren is over, and my connection with Phoebe is over, it's time for an update:

Who's In:
Mel -- We have a date for Monday afternoon.  She and I both have things to discuss with each other. There will no doubt be some intensity from that, but I hope that it is mildly intense.
Chloe -- I haven't contacted Chloe since we had drinks earlier this week, but I will reach out before day's end.  She is definitely someone I want to see again.
MJ -- We have a date for Wednesday afternoon.  She'll be coming to my neighborhood rather than me going to her, which will save me time coming home.  I sent her a text this morning to get her buy-in, writing, "Should we have lunch first? Or are we just gonna get busy?  Either way is fine with me." Her response was classic: "I'm on a diet."  I looked up some Spanish phrases online and came up with a great response: Voy a devorarte, which means, "I'm going to eat you up."
Crystal -- Having broken bread with this sweet and lovely single mom, I'm more convinced than ever to enjoy some quality time between her legs.
Aurora -- She and I are still trading texts and I'm trying to set up a one-on-one date with her.  Not sure if that will bear fruit, but she definitely looks like she's got the goods to show me a good time.
Harmony -- This cute little Asian doll works as a bikini dancer, and has sent me several great pictures of her body. She's got a tight little booty and small breasts, and looks good enough to eat. Spread some Sriracha on her and let's go!

Who's Out:
Mo -- I'm done straddling the fence with the porn starlet. Given the talent in the Who's In category, I'm unconvinced that I ought to pony up additional funds to spend time with a woman who in real life looks far less attractive than her on-screen persona.
Phoebe -- See my previous post, reflecting on orgasm.
Lauren -- My lunch with her was pleasant enough, but she was not nearly attractive in person than in her pictures.  I learned during lunch that she has trained as a makeup artist, so the pictures she posted on her profile were the best she's probably ever looked.  Her blue eyes are lovely, but Megan Fox she ain't, not by a long shot.  A little too thick, everywhere.  I'll wait a few days and then say no thank you.

Who's New:
Jewel -- Early 20s, brunette college cutie. She and I exchanged initial messages, but she stopped responding so I gave up. Apparently, she didn't, and she reached out today. I left her my number.  If she doesn't text me in a week, I'll know she's a flake, but damn, she's cute.

A Reflection on the Orgasm

When I was about 12 years old, I remember horsing around with a girl I knew, wrestling on my bedroom floor, and giggling.  We were in our swimsuits, having recently just gotten out of the pool and going upstairs to listen to some music.  I hadn't noticed at all that I was that aroused, but when I gained control during the wrestling match and was on top of her, between her legs, I held her there with my entire body.  She was giggling, and telling me to get off of her, but I was noticing something happening between my legs.  I had no idea what actually was happening, but it felt really, really good. Within a few moments, my hips started moving to add some rubbing against her, and it wasn't long before I felt my entire body twitching and tensing, particularly my penis. When I got up after the sensation subsided, I looked down and noticed this white goopy stuff on the outside of my swimsuit and on her stomach.  My friend asked me what it was, but I had no idea.  We just wiped it off with a towel and we went back downstairs.  All I knew at that moment was that I had to experience that feeling again, as soon as possible.

At some point after that I'd discovered how to re-create the circumstances of that encounter with my friend.  Using a spare blanket, which I'd wadded up to resembled my friend's open legs, I'd take off my clothes and rub against the blanket.  In a few minutes my body would tingle everywhere and the blanket and my stomach were covered with this sticky mess that came out of me. Despite the mess, all I could think was, This. Is. Fantastic.

I can honestly say that, since those innocent days of discovery, I've had an orgasm practically every day, and frequently multiple times per day.  The last one was just last night. Because of the meds I take, the mess is almost always gone, but the sensation remains and I absolutely love how my body feels -- before, during and after.  Add the more than 100 women I've been with over the years, and the emotional bonding and connections that inevitably develop (or don't), and the whole orgasmic enterprise gets elevated -- at least in my mind -- to something akin to a spiritual practice.

I wrote the story above, dear readers, as a contrast to an experience I've had over the last 24 hours. You will remember from two previous posts the indecision I was experiencing over whether or not to sleep with Phoebe.  I wrote at first: 
My concern now is that if I drag my feet with her any longer, she'll completely shut me out. The shallow part of me would actually like to fuck her before that happens. 
Then I wrote:
Phoebe may also not be quite my cup of tea, but I am really conflicted over whether or not to consent to an intimate date with her in order to keep her interested a while longer.
Phoebe had texted me on Wednesday morning asking if I'd decided on the tentative intimate date we'd discussed for Friday.  I went more than a day thinking about it, but late yesterday afternoon I decided that it was better to sleep with her than not. I figured that, if she was still in the running for whatever reason, it would be better to be sleep with her so I can make a more informed decision. My mind was still considering the fact that I had taken the chance and had lunch with Crystal even though I had preconceived notions about moms, and had been very pleasantly surprised.

So I texted Phoebe before I left the office: "Sorry for the late response; I wanted to see how my schedule for Friday was going to shake out.  Looks like there's time to get together!  Let me know what time you'd like for me to come over."  She and I agreed on a time, she gave me the address, the gate code, and her apartment number, and where to park. It was on, and I was excited!

Then, last night while we each lay in our separate beds, at the end a fairly lively and flirtatious text conversation, she wrote, "Can't wait to have fun with you!" "And multiple orgasms," I wrote back, confident that I was going to bring my A-game.

"Slow down there, cowboy," she wrote, "let's not get ahead of ourselves."

"You doubt me?" I asked.

"I do," she replied.  "I've had like four orgasms my whole life so it's not a goal of mine."

Had you been with me, dear readers, you would have heard the high-pitched "Whaaaaat?" that came out of my mouth at that moment.

"Getting sleepy now," she wrote.  "Night."

I put the phone down, mind racing.  How does anyone get through life having only four orgasms? Did she mean through sex alone?  Did she masturbate and have orgasms that way? If so, could we incorporate masturbation into our sexual activities? Thinking about Mel and her highly orgasmic sexuality, I proceeded to have a restless night thinking about how my encounter with Phoebe might go, knowing that the only orgasm in the room would likely be my own.

When I woke up this morning, my mind was made up: I was cancelling the date, and Phoebe was out. Once I dropped my kid off at high school, I composed the text on my way to the office:
"Sorry for the short notice, but I'm canceling our date. While we've had a decent and easy rapport, your admission last night that you are essentially non-orgasmic was, unfortunately, a deal breaker for me. I know that sounds shallow, and maybe it is, but after 8 years in this lifestyle I know exactly what I want. And that is a highly orgasmic partner capable of completely letting go when we have sex. While I'm sure you enjoy having sex, part of my enjoyment involves my partner having orgasms with me. This is hugely disappointing for me because I was truly hoping to get to know you better, but that won't be happening now. You are probably calling me every name in the book right now, which is fine, but I'm just being honest and letting you know where I'm coming from."
She wrote back that she still enjoys sex regardless of not having orgasms, "but whatever. Please don't contact me again."

My relationship with my body has given me decades of pleasure. In my fifties, when most other men are reaching for the medicine to boost their testosterone levels, I'm still very much like a fucking 18-year-old when it comes to getting it up and keeping it up. I have a sexless marriage with a woman who has zero relationship with her body. I struggled with Leah's inability to come when we had sex, and know that I could not have been comfortable long term with Natalie's constant need for a vibrator to achieve orgasm during sex.  Why in the world would I pick a Sugar Baby who isn't anything except deeply in touch with what makes her body feel good and is open enough to experience the total surrender that can only happen during orgasm?

Women reading this post (and maybe some men) might feel a little (or a lot) like I'm being a dick about this. Could be true. I've read articles for years that asserted that non-orgasmic women were no different than their more orgasmic sisters, and were equally able to enjoy the pleasures of sex in all their forms. I accept that and I'd believe any woman who says that she enjoys sex even though she doesn't come.  But this is my sugar journey, and my partners, while also on their own journeys, are along for the ride with me. I know what I want in a partner, I won't settle for less, but at the same time I make no judgment about those who are not a match.  If that makes me a dick in someone's eyes, then I'm a dick.

Meanwhile, I am seeing Lauren today for lunch, and fucking Mel on Monday and MJ on Wednesday. I hope they will have as much fun with me as I know I'm going to have with them.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's Becoming Crystal Clear

I had lunch with Crystal yesterday.  In my previous post I noted that she was a single mother of two, late 20s, and very attractive according to her pictures. We met for lunch at a great place for Mediterranean food, and she arrived a few minutes early.  "I'm always early," she said.  "If you're not early, you're late," I shot back.  "I agree!" she smiled.

Crystal was so cute.  About five-six, long brown hair, blue-green eyes, and wearing a black top that revealed a lot of shoulder (my favorite body part!) and sexy jeans.  She came into the restaurant and gave me a hug before sitting down.  I then had a chance to check her out completely, at least from the waist up. She wore black nail polish (a bit of a punk edge to her, perhaps?), and what I considered to be over-sized false eyelashes.  This is something I just don't understand.  Her eyelashes made her eyes look like Barbie's.  Maybe that was the idea, but are a doll's eyes more attractive than your own? Oh well, it wasn't like it was a deal-breaker!

Frequently during our meal I found myself leaning in to catch what Crystal was saying because she was extraordinarily soft-spoken. She acknowledged it when I brought it up. "I like being soft-spoken," she giggled. "Better than being too loud, don't you think?"  "Uh," I said, "yeah, especially at this moment!"

Crystal has an incredibly compelling story, and I share it here because I think most people, especially women, will find it inspiring. She grew up in the desert southwest with two supportive parents.  At a young age, she met and then married a man five years older, son of wealthy and devoutly Christian parents, and a millionaire in his own right.  He'd already been divorced once.  They moved to the Pacific Northwest, where she had a child with him, and was four weeks from delivering their second child when, via text message, he confessed that he'd been having an affair and was leaving her. Though totally devastated, she kept her wits about her, hired a lawyer, and filed for divorce. More important than his money, she told me that all she wanted was sole custody of their children.  As she saw it, she could go after the money later, as the law in the state where they lived and married had very favorable rules for wives/mothers.

While her ex-husband also filed for full custody of the children he'd abandoned and hadn't seen since leaving the marriage, he didn't even bother to show up for the court hearing.  The judge interpreted his absence correctly, and dismissed his petition, awarding her the divorce, sole custody, as well as giving her permission to leave the state without requiring consent from her ex.  She immediately moved to SoCal and found a great job, which she has now.

In addition to working full time managing a high-end medical practice, she got her massage license and does therapeutic massages part time in evenings and weekends. She even has an online business that generates more income. These three streams of income enable her to have her own two-bedroom apartment, pay for her car, and day care for the kids.  She has an in-home nanny for the kids rather than an outside day care, which gives her the freedom to arrive home by dinner time instead of taking an extra half hour to pick them up from day care. When she works outside the house, or goes out with friends, she has a decent network to watch the kids.  She gets no financial help from her ex, but believes that in time, her lawyer will be able to get a settlement from him that will secure her children a college education.

I sat listening to her, simultaneously dumbfounded, touched, and mightily impressed.  Crystal was one strong woman.  I liked her immediately.  When I told her, right off the bat during our lunch, of my concerns about arrangements with moms, she told me this story and ended by saying, "I have enough money to support my kids, but sometimes I like to buy stuff for myself, or save up to go on vacation with them, or even to  Disneyland." "You are hitting all the right notes with me," I replied, adding that if we were to have an arrangement, I'd like her to have a Wish List with an online store like Amazon so I could buy her gifts.

With her busy schedule, however, I asked if she had the time to take a few hours off in the afternoon to be with me.  "Oh, I just need a day's notice and I tell the doctor I'm taking the afternoon off," she said. "He's totally cool."

We finished up our delicious lunch, I paid the bill, and we walked out to the street.  With her office so close, it would be very convenient to get together on off days just to be together.  While she said she wasn't interested in dating anyone formally, she was open to an arrangement like that. She agreed to my financial offer too.  I took her in my arms and kissed her cheek before giving her a tight hug, feeling her nice, soft breasts against my chest.  Yes, they're real too.

This time around, I'm finding the quality of the women I'm meeting to be pretty extraordinary.  From Bella to Phoebe to Chloe, and now to Crystal, the common thread is of intelligence, beauty, and resourcefulness. I might have decided against Bella, but she nevertheless had qualities I greatly admire.  Phoebe may also not be quite my cup of tea, but I am really conflicted over whether or not to consent to an intimate date with her in order to keep her interested a while longer.

Another hard truth I'm looking at: Mel doesn't quite measure up to these women intellectually.  I like her sweet personality, her go-with-the-flow outlook, and her tenderness and responsiveness in bed, but if either Chloe or Crystal match Mel sexually, I'd have to consider seriously making a change. Further, there's MJ next week which is happening for sure.  Physically MJ is at or near the top of all the women I've met. I haven't sat down with her and had a conversation, and I'm not going to before we fuck.  If, however, she shows me the same level of intelligence and/or spirit as the others I've met I'm going to be faced with a serious (though first-world-problem) dilemma!