Monday, October 15, 2012

Welcome to West Coast Sugar Daddy Journal!

Hi there, and thank you for visiting my blog site.  My name is Porter Edwards (not my real name, of course!) and I live in Southern California.  I'm married with a family, and work with money.  Because of the subject matter I'm writing about, this is as specific as I'll get about who I am, but I'll do my best to preserve the integrity of my stories so that you'll get a workable understanding of who I am.

About four years ago I decided to become a Sugar Daddy.  This wasn't a random decision; in fact, it had been building for quite some time and came about only after much deliberation.  This blog will chronicle my ongoing experiences in this lifestyle, but before I get to that point, I have to re-create my history.  I'm blessed with a pretty good memory (among other attributes, as you'll read!) so the detail will be pretty rich.  All the women I've met and/or slept with will likewise be protected with pseudonyms, initials, or just changed names.  It's one common thread in this sub-culture: most people don't use their real names until a valid trusting relationship exists.

This blog will serve two purposes for me.  First, I'll get to talk about a part of my life that virtually none of my friends or family know about.  It's a bit of a turn on to write about these events in my life.  I'm also not shy about using XXX language to describe my exploits, so I hope you manage to get some of the excitement I felt during the moments of intimacy I've had.  Second, it'll also serve as a confessional of sorts.  I'm a married man having sex with younger, single women.  I know that my actions and decisions have implications in my real life, so I wanted to put these experiences out there to, in a way, let them go and be at peace with them.

If there's one caveat I have for you as a reader, it's this: I can be long-winded, so I'll try to keep my posts shorter by spreading my experiences or thoughts/ideas out over multiple posts if need be.

Finally, I hope that this blog serves as a springboard for your thoughts, experiences, and ideas as well.  I love to communicate and learn a lot from other people.  Don't be shy to rip me a new one if you think I've offended you, and don't hold back if you've got a juicy story of your own to share (I love tales of the "sugar" life!).

Again, thanks for finding me, and good night for now.

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