Monday, November 26, 2012


In the three years I was with Hayden, I never once gave her an allowance without having immediate access to the benefits of that allowance.  In other words, if she wasn't ready to play, I didn't pay.  But I trusted her completely.  I think that if she'd asked me to leave the money on a day we were supposed to meet but had to cancel at the last minute, I'd have done so.  I remember once she did that with me, on a day I actually left her allowance in the car and forgot to give it to her.  She was fine waiting two weeks when I gave her double.

This happened today with Wanda.  We were supposed to play today, but when I got to her apartment, she had bad news.  She was so stressed out due to school and work, plus she'd developed a yeast infection, and was in no shape to have sex. 

I'd texted Wanda before leaving my office that I was walking over, and she texted back, "OK."  Of course, she knew that I'd have to turn right around and head back to work, and as I sat in a chair in her living room listening to her explanation, it had occurred to me that I had dumped other women over less serious infractions than this.  But, Wanda was so sincere, and so apologetic, that I simply appreciated that she felt it best to tell me face to face and I couldn't get mad or feel disappointed.  I just smiled at her and said, "No worries."

Then, I did the unthinkable.  Since she had earlier told me that she was short money in November for some expenses, I offered to leave her the allowance money so long as we got together after her infection healed up.  I guess I have crossed the trust threshhold with her.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Going offline for a bit.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

See you all next week!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Trip to Asia, Part 2: Sneaky Escort

Early June 2009 -- After the debacle with Ug-Lee, I was not deterred from my desire to select an Asian girl.  My office was in a part of town that had a very heavy Asian population, and hot, thin, well-dressed Asian girls were everywhere.  I particularly like Asian girls who have been completely Americanized, with no accent, great clothes, expensive jewelry, and total eye contact.  The Asian escorts I'd met for sex in the past were fresh off the boat, spoke very little to no English, and were not very keen on making eye contact.

The other profile that had caught my eye was a girl named Selena, she said she was 21, a student, and lived really nearby.  After a couple of emails, I got her number and called her one late morning when I was out working in the field.  In her broken English, she agreed to my terms, $300 per play, and asked if I'd like to come over for sex in a couple of hours.  Sure, I said, I had nothing major going on that day.  She said she had condoms and lubricant, so I told her I'd be there at the appointed time, and asked for her address.  She gave me her address, and said she'd give me her apartment number once I arrived.

Uh oh, I thought, this girl might be an escort.  That was a typical escort move, to withhold an apartment number from an address.  It also occurred to me that offering me sex without meeting me first was a red flag as well.  Still, I had nothing going on -- except my Fever! -- so I showed up and texted her when I parked.  After getting her apartment number, I made my way there.

She answered the door but didn't appear in the doorway; instead she was hiding behind it.  Yet another escort move.  I walked in and she appeared in a cute bit of lingerie.  Very petite, short hair, pretty face, like the picture.  Very doll-like.  She gave me a hug and we made our way to the bedroom.  This was not going like a usual sugar meeting, so I was pretty certain that she was an escort.  At that point she asked me for the "donation."  Oh, HELL yeah!  Escort.  I asked her if she was, but she denied it.  I didn't want to press the issue since she looked cute.  I broke out the money and then asked again if she had condoms.  She excused herself to get it, while I slipped off my shoes and started undressing. 

When she came back, she was holding a single, standard sized condom, taken out of its packaging.  I said, "This is the condom? Do you have any that are still in its packaging?"  She said this was the only one she had.  "I can't use this," I said, "it's already opened.  How do I know it's a safe condom?"  I should have left right there.  What the fuck was this girl up to?  Who opens a condom without me watching her do it?  I said, "You really should never open a condom up before you're ready to use it.  That's the safe thing to do."  She apologized and asked if I had any condoms.  I didn't, but there was a large pharmacy a few blocks away.  I said I'd get them and be right back.  Taking my money and putting on my clothes, I got out of there.

Did I go back?  You bet.  Stupid idiot, I was.  I drove to the store to get the condoms, which took three times as long as I thought it would.  When I came back, 45 minutes had passed since my previous arrival.  This had better be one awesome fuck, I thought.

We started kissing on the bed, and she gave me a pretty decent blow job.  I wanted to return the favor, but she said that she was going to start her period and didn't like the way she smelled.  I was fine with that, since she was an escort and who knows how many other guys she'd fucked that day?  She had a seriously cute and petite body, so getting in there could be fun.  My dick scared her a little bit.  Seriously, this happens with almost everyone, and with everyone my dick fits just fine.  I got inside her and we fucked in all the standard positions.  I made her suck me off and I came in her mouth.  I asked if I could shower up, but she said her shower was not clean.  I wasn't going back to work, and then home, unless I was washed up, so I decided to brave the shower.  She was right.  Hair everywhere, drain slow, walls a little mildewy.  A quick rinse, dressed, out the door. 

Lesson # (whatever) -- if she's an escort, or if she even seems like an escort, make for the door and don't look back.

A Trip to Asia -- Part 1: False Advertising

Late May 2009 -- It's been more than two months since I finally broke it off with CC.  Work has been great, money is starting to flow in.  This feels much better than last year.  Thank God.

As I've started to feel my feet under me again, I've grown itchy to get back in the saddle as a Sugar Daddy.  So I went to my old online haunt and started scouting the profiles again.  This time, I wanted an Asian girl.  Other than the escorts I'd enjoyed over the years, I hadn't been with an Asian girl since the mid-'90s, when I had a one-off overnight with a beautiful Chinese girl who let me fuck her brains out at least twice, and once without a condom.  This time, however, I knew a condom would be needed.

As usual, there were about 300 available women who had recently been on the site, which I knew I could easily narrow down to an ideal 30 or so.  After some searching, I saw two profiles of Asian girls who I thought would fit the profile.  The first posted some model-like pics and indicated she was in her late twenties.  Her profile was pretty well-written though I could tell that English was not her first language as her grammar was often poor.  We chatted via email for a couple of days, then decided to meet.  She lived about an hour away from me, so we picked a location in the middle at a restaurant, just before happy hour. 

I waited outside the restaurant to watch for a pretty, petite Asian to walk by so I could check her out.  I was far enough away to be difficult for her to see me check her out. 

A few minutes after the meeting time, I spotted an Asian woman walking toward the restaurant.  At first I didn't think it was my girl. She was older, heavier, and definitely not as attractive as the picture on the site.  I frowned.  Yeah, that was her, so she lied about her appearance, and probably her age.  Because of this deception she'll be forever known in this blog as one of the Lee sisters: Ug-Lee.

I walked up toward the restaurant, called her (real) name, and she turned.  Being the gentleman that I am, however, I certainly didn't call her out on her lie right away.  We went inside and got a table in the empty dining room.  After we'd been attended to by the server, I gave her my best nice-guy smile and said, "So, (real name), thanks for meeting me.  I gotta tell ya, though, it's not going to work out for me.  You don't look at all your picture on your profile.  How old are you really?"  She said she was the age she'd said, and that the pictures were taken when she was younger and worked in Asia as a model.  I said, "But you shouldn't use old pictures of yourself unless you look the same.  And you clearly don't."  She looked down at the table, not smiling.

Our orders came -- she got a bowl of soup, I got a soft drink.  We made some small talk, I learned a little of her struggle since coming to the US.  The more I looked at her, I realized she was probably also lying about the pictures being her at all.  I told her that there were probably plenty of men on the site who'd go for her as she was.  She wasn't ugly, just wasn't the cutie pie in the pictures. 

As soon as she put down her spoon, I called for the check, paid it, and got the hell out of there asap.  We walked together to the parking garage, but I didn't shake her hand or anything as I made my way down the escalator.  Bye-bye, Ms. Lee.

Ladies -- it's really very simple: if you're going to put of pictures of yourself to attract some sugar, put up recent pictures that really are you.  Don't explain to the guy later that they're dated, or that you're all made up to look different than what you really look like.  If you believe in yourself, you'll find someone.  If you have to hide behind fake photographs, you're never going to find someone.  This is true for men as well!  Truth in advertising will help you close the deal.

One More Dip in the CC Well

March 2009 -- Saw CC for the final time.  Didn't know at the time it would be the final time, but after leaving I realized that the connection had disappeared.  Emailed her the next day to say goodbye.  She was cool about it.

When I emailed again a month or so later to see if she was doing OK, I didn't get a response.  I assume she's moved onto someone else.  So I guess I'll be a Daddy on the prowl in a few months.  Need to focus on work for now.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sharing Personal Lives

Wanda and I got together again today at her apt.  I love the walk up to her place, just 15-minutes through her neighborhood and a quick text to let her know I was outside.  As I strolled in she was in her kitchen washing dishes from lunch.  She came out in her sweats and tank top.  "Thanks for dressing up," I joked.  We kissed and caught up after being apart for two weeks.  She's training for a modeling competition.  She's got a little less than three weeks to go before the big day.  I asked if her parents were going to be there to cheer her on, mostly because I wanted to see if there'd be a way for me to show up and watch.  She said her parents and all her friends would be there.  Oh well, maybe someone will show me pictures.  She's thinner, looking great, and has a great attitude.  It's a little disorienting that she's just a kid in her early twenties with this head on her shoulders, but I really appreciate he maturity.  With Hayden, she was a very flaky party girl at that age.  It took years for her to mature, and I think she's still a bit flighty and nutty. 

The sex was nice, nothing mind blowing.  I gave her an oral orgasm, which was a fun moment for me because it happened so suddenly.  I felt it getting closer, but when she came it was like a light switch being flipped on.  She just exploded and her body went all stiff.  I looked up at her face, because that ecstatic look really gets me hot.  She was smiling from ear to ear, giggling a little.  I just love that vulnerable moment right after orgasm, when you can't really control what you say or do.  It's just a brief little period, just a second or two, but I think it's one of the best moments of sex.  I got an oral O too, only she didn't want me to pop in her mouth.  This was a new wrinkle to the arrangement.  Nothing like a girl who takes it in her mouth, whether she spits or swallows.  Not a deal-breaker, mind you, but something to catalog for later reflection.

We had a little talk about family, politics, the cars we drive, and how I manage to conceal my extramarital activities from my wife.  Specifically the money.  I said, "Babe, let's just agree that there a few things that are better not talked about.  My money is one of them.  OK with you?"  Of course, she was cool about it.  I think she's just a curious kid -- she really is a kid -- so I just figure the less she knows the better.

Since she's my only remaining tie to Hayden, I asked if she'd heard from "our mutual friend" lately.  She said no, but she'd received an invite to her going-away party.  That means she's moved out of town now.  I felt a twinge of sadness at realizing that news, but for the most part I think I'm over her.  I read in another sugar daddy journal a post about feelings between Sugar Daddies and their girls.  He asked, "If the benefit portion of the relationship were not there any longer, would you still be with her?"  That question actually blew my mind, because I realized that without the mind-blowing sex, I'd never be with her.  She was half my age, and we had nothing in common.  Now, had I been single and the age difference was less by about 10 years, there'd be no question that I'd have been compelled to enroll her in a more meaningful relationship, and I certainly wouldn't have let her move in with her boyfriend without a fight.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Short Sabbatical

Mid-February, 2009

Just started a new gig, and in a few weeks I'm heading slightly out of town for training.  I've thought about having a visitor or two come by, but decided it would be better to chill out.  Besides, I have free porn on my laptop, and I can live a week that way.

I thought it was a good idea to stop seeing CC, not only for financial reasons (no income, no pussy) but also because I needed to focus on ramping up with the new gig.  With the shitty economy, I had the lack of income and a job loss to show for it.  From my previous self-work, anytime the pursuit of sexual gratification interferes with what I need to do on a daily basis, it means I'm less than grounded in reality.

The new gig appears to show promise.  Feeling like I'll be back in the lifestyle pretty soon.

Friday, November 2, 2012

The CC Arrangement is Over For Now

Early January 2009 -- Jumping forward a couple of months, as nothing really big with CC happened sexually.  Last month I got a good look at her naked body as she walked around the apartment.  She was quite flabby actually, especially her ass.  She'd lost a lot of weight in her recent past, I concluded.  Still, no stretch marks, no liposuction scars anywhere.  Just a lot of loose skin and some leftover flab from her higher weight.  Not that I've minded all that much.  Still, the sight of her naked, coupled with her young age, contributed to my outlook on the ideal girls to pick as partners later on.

It was also pretty clear that I was about to lose my job.  The economy was not helping.  While away on vacation on New Year's Eve, my boss called the office and, with his assistant and I sitting in his office, he told me over speakerphone that my time was up and I was to clear my stuff out in ten minutes.

With no income, it made no sense to continue the arrangement with CC, so I called and let her know that we had to stop seeing each other for now.  I said that if I got a job soon, I'd let her know and we'd start things up again.  She was ridiculously agreeable, like nothing was fazing her at all.  I guess that was a good thing.  I still wanted to have the threesome with her. 

Time to hit the job search trail...

The Ultimate Fantasy

Late October 2008 --  CC and I are definitely settling into a bit of a routine, which has its positives as well as negatives.  On the plus side, I did set out to find a willing partner to have an ongoing sexual relationship with, and I found her in CC.  CC is willing, game for anything, pretty, and sexually talented.  She has her own place, isn't greedy for my money, and I think she wants a sexual outlet as much as I do.  On the negative side, part of the sexual fantasy for me was, in part, the idea of variety.  I fucked three other women before CC, so perhaps that counts, but I still wonder if this sugar-based arrangement isn't best served as a short-term deal, as in 3-6 months.  That way I could have sex with someone on a semi-regular basis, but still indulge my desire for variety.

CC and I had a great time this session.  We went completely bareback.  "Just don't come in me," she said as she climbed aboard and rode me.  I never last as long as when I've got a condom on, so we went perhaps 10 minutes before I blasted my load (in her mouth, of course!).  During our chat afterward, I brought up the idea of a threesome to see if she'd be interested.  She gave me an enthusiastic "Yeah!" which gave me a huge surge of adrenaline.  CC didn't know anyone who'd be down for it, but she suggested we go online and find someone.  The talk about a threesome got me hard again, which is pretty much a miracle, and we fucked some more, but I didn't come this time, although she did. 

The idea of a threesome is my ultimate fantasy.  I sort of did it once when I was seeing escorts, and hired two of them at the same time.  They didn't do anything with each other, and I only fucked one of them, so to me it doesn't really count.  The idea of two willing girls, playing with each other and me, is enough to get me hard any time.  My first wife and I talked about it but never made it happen, and DW... well, let's just say that the subject has not crossed her mind. 

When I entered her apartment, I noticed a new flat-screen TV and stand, a coffee table, and a cheap-looking stair-climbing machine where her dining table would be.  "I see my investments have gone to good use.  You got all of this with the money I gave you?"  "No," she said, "I got this all on credit, but used the money for like a downpayment." 

I sort of feel bad for CC; she's really struggling financially and she hates her job.  She wants to be doing something else in her chosen field, but there are no jobs right now.  Part of me wishes I could give her more than $300 per visit, but I'm not bringing in the money I used to make.  In fact, I'm starting to feel like my job is on the line now.  Not that I care that much; I hate the company, hate my boss even more, and know the economy is killing my industry.  It's not like I need to make money right now, as we have enough saved to keep us above water for the entire year.  Haven't saved anything this year, but we're not dipping into savings yet.  Pretty good for this economy, if you ask me.

After the shower, I head out, thinking that it's probably only a matter of time before either my money runs out on this adventure or I get bored silly. Either way, it'll be over.