Thursday, December 27, 2012

First Time Out in Public Together

October 2010 --

Until now, the only times Hayden and I had been out in public together, interacting with other human beings, was the two or so times we went out to have meals.  I don't really count these as being out in public together, however, as we really never dealt with anyone other than food servers and valet parking attendants.  One hardly spends a minute or two talking to them most of the time, and the times we were out we were at exotic restaurants where not much English was spoken anyway.

This time Hayden and I finally made time to get together at a trashy lingerie store to shop (late) for her birthday present.  We decided to make a date of it: meet at the store, shop, then retire to her apartment. 

By this time, Hayden has moved to an upper-floor unit in a much more secure building.  She still didn't have access to the front buzzer through her cell phone, but from her balcony she was able to open the garage so I could slip in and climb the stairs to her place.  The apartment was fairly close to the store where we were going to shop so I was glad we wouldn't have to spend a lot of time in traffic.

I arrived a few minutes early at the store and started browsing.  The place was decked out for Halloween, and "sexy Halloween" costumes were all over the place.  Not that I was interested in those, but I'd leave it up to Hayden to decide what she wanted.  There was also a gigantic assortment of toys and porn DVDs.  We were going to have a great time playing here.

Hayden arrived about 10 minutes later, dressed in a gray short-sleeved T-shirt, black leggings, and black suede boots with no heels.  In her big oversized sunglasses, she looked like a movie star, so sexy!  I gave her a kiss on the cheek (remember, no PDA!) and we started browsing.  It was obvious that we looked like a sugar daddy and his mistress, although I so wanted to look 35 and like a boyfriend.  Sadly, my appearance gave me away completely.  Luckily I'd removed my wedding ring before setting foot in the store (like that was going to make things harder to figure out!).

We spent our first few minutes with a salesperson (a gay Mexican guy) in the toy section.  I suggested a glass dildo, much like the one CC had stashed in her freezer.  Hayden had the irrational fear that it would break while she was using it, even when I had her hold it and even after the salesman assured her it was pretty much indestructible.  We ended up with this battery operated vibrator/dildo that twirled around and had bumps and bulges to simulate a real penis.  It cost over $100, but no big deal.  Next, we looked for a toy for me.  We settled on a vibrating, soft cock ring.  The salesman showed me how to use it (I had never used one before), but it seemed like an awful lot of work to get my cock and both balls through this tiny opening, just so that the vibrating piece sat right at the base of my cock.  It would still work just fine wrapped around my cock alone.

Now it was time to shop for lingerie.  After about 30 minutes, we'd settled on 4 different outfits, and she disappeared into the changing room to start trying them on.  She wouldn't let me come in to watch her change, but it was worth the wait when she had me come in afterward.  I don't gape much around beautiful women.  Where I live, they are everywhere, including in my own home.  But when Hayden tried on the first one I was stunned.  It was a black number that was entirely form fitting and cut out in just the right places (at her waist, bustline, low back, and high thighs -- like a swimsuit).  I just stood there with my jaw dropped.  "Angel, I'm speechless," I said. "You're so beautiful."  She loved it too, and it was a keeper.  She tried on the three others, and each one was devastating to me.  I had to buy them all.  At this point, the bill was over $250 and I thought it was perhaps enough.  We didn't see any porn we liked, and we really wanted to get back to her apartment so she could play dress up and we could try out the new toys.

The sex that day was unbelievable.  She had at least four orgasms.  After the third one, I was wiped out and hadn't come yet, so we took a break.  I removed the condom and lay back on her bed, catching my breath, talking, holding each other (which we rarely did because we'd always be so sweaty).  Once we were done talking, I sat up and said let's go again.  She sucked on me some more and got me hard again.  I lay her flat on her stomach with her legs together and entered her from behind.  She was still so wet, I slipped right in.  After a few minutes I reached around and started rubbing her clit with my hand.  She arched her back and pointed her ass up in the air, moaning loudly.  The more I rubbed, the louder she got, till she came.  I was close and I pulled out removing the condom and jerking off till I unloaded on her behind.  Such a beautiful sight!

Hayden said she'd model a different outfit for me each time we were together.  I couldn't think of a more wonderful way to guarantee more times together.

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