Monday, December 31, 2012

Kyra is Now an Escort

Over the weekend I was online looking at porn.  I'd heard that so many porn stars, because they were no longer making the kind of money they used to make shooting scenes, were turning to prostitution in order to make more money.  I saw one particular starlet, named Amia Miley, who I'd always thought was fucking cute, fun, and sexy as shit.  I googled "Amia Miley Escort" and got a hit on a website.  There was a whole photo list of porn stars who any schlub like me could have if he wanted to pay for it.  And who did I see there but Kyra, who I'd fucked about two years ago after meeting her on the Sugar website.  I wanted to see what she was charging for a "session" (which, according to the website, could vary wildly from a straight hookup to shooting a scene together, complete with cameras and lighting).  But, before I could do that I had to verify that 1) I was of age, and 2) had a reference.  A reference?  For a hookup with a porn star?  I guess that must've meant I needed to fuck a porn star before I could fuck a porn star.  Had I not already fucked Kyra before, I wouldn't have proceeded, but since I had, I filled out the little online form and submitted it.  I made sure to state that I'd been with Kyra before.

A couple of days later, I got an email that she confirmed knowing me.  So, I decided to see what was up with my old gonzo fuck-buddy.  I texted her and asked if she truly remembered me.  After a few minutes of joking around to stall me, she named the hotel where we'd met up.  Long story short, however, she wrote that she was not interested in seeing me for less than $1,000, to which, of course, I was never going to agree.  I asked if she'd be flexible, and she said no, so that was the end of that.

Looking at her pictures now, though, it was clear that she'd gotten new tits since we'd met, so I guess she needed to pay for them somehow. 

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