Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Reflection on Asian Women

August 2012 --

After Michelle, I'd decided I'd had it with Asian girls.  Including her, I'd fucked seven Asian girls in four years.  Only one of them more than once.  And except for Zen, they were all a bit off in the head.  I neglected to mention two of the girls that I'd fucked.  One was Jayde, who I'd met in October 2011.  Jayde had the distinction of being the only girl of all the girls I'd fucked who let me fuck her bareback and come inside her.   It was a complete spur of the moment thing.  We'd made a date that morning to meet at her apartment in the afternoon.  As I was walking to my car, I texted her that I was on the way, but would have to stop for condoms beforehand.  "Or," I joked, "we could go bareback."  Jayde's answer was astonishing: "I'm on the pill, so that would be OK so long as you've been tested."  I told her the truth that it had been six months since my last test but I hadn't been with anyone else unprotected except my wife.  She accepted that.  When I got to her place, Jayde was in her bathrobe.  She was a beautiful Thai girl in her late twenties, with nice natural tits and full lips.  I asked to see her pills, and she showed them to me.  I was OK.  No condom.

I learned that Jayde didn't like to have orgasms through oral sex, just fucking, so my formidable oral talents went unheralded.  She sucked dick pretty well, but she really just wanted my cock. I got inside her.  It was so unusual for me to fuck without a condom, and I was not used to the amazing feeling of a new pussy without being wrapped in latex.  I came pretty quickly, and she didn't come at all.  I was not able to get it up again, so she was unsatisfied.  No worries, I said, next time you'll cum hard.  I was out $400 this time, and I liked Jayde, but I knew there would probably not be a next time.  However, two weeks later I fucked her again, again it was bareback, but this time, I was able to hold out and fuck her till she came at least twice.  I pulled out and ejaculated all over her body and face.  That was the last time I saw her.

The other Asian girl I didn't mention was Julie, a Japanese girl in her late twenties who lived alone near the rich part of town.  Her profile said she was a model.  When I showed up, a just showered, flat-chested girl answered the door in a kimono.  She wanted $300, so I handed it over right away.  Her english was very limited.  This girl was an escort.  We got into bed and she massaged me.  I kept sticking my ass up in the air because I wanted her to rim me and finger my ass, but she didn't do it.  She didn't like oral either (WTF?), but she loved it when I stroked her small tits and pinched her very erect nipples.  When it came time to fuck, she straddled me reverse cowgirl and  rode me, leaning back so I could stroke her tits some more.  I wanted to change positions, so I had her sit up.  When I looked down at my wrapped cock, there was blood everywhere, very bright red blood.  Fuck, she'd gotten her period!  Her blood was all over both of us.  She apologized and got a towel to clean us up.  I demanded a blow job, which she gave me, poorly.  I started jerking off, and when I was ready to cum, I told her to suck and stroke me.  She started stroking, but wouldn't suck.  I pushed her head toward my cock, and exploded a powerful stream of jizz that struck her right in the face.  HAHAHAHA!  I was so glad that that happened.  This bitch was, sorry to say, a waste of my money except for that moment.  I got up, took a COLD shower since her hot water didn't work, and got the fuck out of there.

After Sha, Alexis, Ugly Asian Girl, Selena, Zen, Kim, Jayde, Julie, and Michelle, I was fed up with Asians.  They were for the most part fucked up in the head, and I was sexually incompatible with nearly all of them.  Perhaps there was something cultural going on, but they exhibited anger at the slightest provocation and had a sexual weirdness that was totally out of left field.  Goodbye to my Asian girls, never again!

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