Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Balled by Belle, Part 2

The kissing didn't proceed straight to her bedroom.  She poured herself a glass of wine.  "Sorry, babe," I said, "but I can't join you there.  Can't go home with wine on my breath!"  She barely sipped from it during our chat, and the glass didn't follow her upstairs when we eventually headed up there.

I sat on her brown couch, admiring her fastidiously neat apartment (such a welcome change from both C and Leah, who were both not very adept at keeping house).  She sat next to me and lay her legs across my lap, her foot right on top of my crotch.  Ah, I thought, well-played.

Belle is auditing classes right now because her financial aid came too late for her to enroll in any classes at the beginning of the term.  She's hoping her professors take pity on her and let her in.  I was thrilled to hear stories about life on her campus.  One thing she was quick to point out that she, even at her age, is getting hit on by younger students.  Her face definitely looks young, so that doesn't surprise me.

After about ten minutes of chat, she leaned over and gave me another kiss (or should I say many kisses).  We decided that it was time to play, and she led me up the stairs to her bedroom.  Again, super neat.  She had two cats, who upon seeing a strange man approaching, darted under the bed and stayed away the whole time.  We spread out on the bed and started making out, eventually getting all our clothes off.  Belle has pierced nipples and she says they're very sensitive, so I just had to play with them a little, despite her warnings that she really doesn't like them played with that much.  Once I licked one of them, however, I think she decided that maybe she does like it if I play with them.

I noticed a number of tats on her body.  No huge tats like Elle, however, thank goodness!  Funny mentioning Elle, though: I'd have to say that Belle's body resembles Elle's in almost every way, except that Belle is in much better physical condition.  She clearly exercises regularly, whereas Elle was flabby nearly everywhere.

Now, as much as I wanted not to hear any comments about the size of my cock, Belle couldn't resist saying a few things, all complementary, about it.  I took them all in stride and downplayed the whole issue.  "Please save your applause until after the performance," I said, which cracked her up. 

I got to go down on her first, which I always prefer.  She enthusiastically received my attention, but I'm pretty sure she didn't climax.  She gladly returned the favor.  I got a fantastic blow job, right up there with all the great blow jobs I've gotten in the past six years.  I got on top of her and poked my head inside her for just a bit, which got me a push back and a head shake from Belle.  I reached for the condoms and she got the lube.  We got ourselves ready and I started on top, but we got to do all positions.  During doggy she told me to spank her, hard.  Who am I to refuse such a command?  Her ass got red, but she loved it!

Belle really likes being on top, and she got to grind on me very aggressively, which I really liked.   I hadn't used a condom in quite some time, so it felt a little different, with my sensitivity diminished quite a bit.  I like that I could last longer, but to be honest, we were fucking pretty hard and I got tired.  I slowed things down with her on top.  Oh, my God, I got so deep I could feel the back of her vagina.  This actually turned her on, which surprised me, as other girls always complained of pressure, likening it to having my balls squeezed really hard.  Oh well, I thought, go with the flow!

Once I felt ready I flipped her over and got on top of her again.  She came for the second time while I had her legs over my shoulders, pounding away.  I finally felt my climax coming.  She was so wet, however, that I didn't feel myself pop out of her until I was coming, thrusting between her thighs.  Still felt awesome!  She told me later that she came again right at that time, and she clenched and pushed me out, but I'm not so sure of that.  We were pounding pretty hard.

Exhausted and sweating, I got off her bed, rolled off the condom and deposited it into her bathroom trash can.  We held each other for a while, chatting.  She got between my legs and lay her breasts down on my sleeping dick.  She ran her fingernails all up and down my chest, my arms, and the inner parts of my thighs.  "I'm a toucher, I'm sorry," she said, "I have to touch you everywhere."  "I love it," I replied, "keep going!"

The second time we had sex, she sucked me till I got ridiculously hard and she climbed on top of me.  "I know my body," I said, "I'm pretty sure I won't come again, but have at it."  "I won't come either," she said, "but I want you!"  She didn't even bother with a condom this time, just slipped me inside her.  We stayed in this position the whole time.  Wouldn't you know it, after about 10 minutes, I felt like I was going to come again, and I told her.  She took me out and started sucking me, but for some reason I felt my climax recede.  "Too early, I guess," I said.  I grabbed my cock and stroked away, while she put her mouth on the head and licked me all around.  Fucking hot!  I came a minute later and she took it in her mouth, swallowing it.  Great girl!

We showered together to clean off, kissing and holding each other the whole time.  After I got dressed, we went back downstairs and said our goodbyes. I will definitely be seeing her again, hopefully many more times.

One thing came up as I left.  Because Belle lives less than a mile away, it took me less than five minutes to get back home, and this gave me pause as I drove.  With nearly every other girl, I've had to travel 30-45 minutes to get back home, and sometimes I've even had to stop off somewhere to pick up a kid from some extracurricular activity.  That time, I realized, is pretty valuable for me to settle down and re-orient myself to being back in the family environment.  It felt jarring to get in the house, see DW, and have my "Hi, honey, I'm home!" moment, complete with a hug and kiss.  I wondered if Belle's smell was on me still, despite the shower I took (with unscented Ivory soap, thank God!).  I puttered around the house for a few minutes once walking in the door, heading to the bathroom to pee, doing  a stray hair check on my clothes and in my own hair, and then spending a couple of minutes checking my phone for emails or texts or Facebook messages, then going over to one of my kids and saying hello, all before I went over to DW.  She didn't say anything before, during, or after this display, so maybe this was just my head trying to fuck with me.  Still, I think I'm going to have to figure a way to do an errand or something after seeing Belle (like getting gas, stopping for a grocery or two), just so I can clear my head for a minute before walking in the door.

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