Monday, October 27, 2014

A New Couple

Lemme tell ya, this swinging adventure sure teaches me a lot about myself.  One thing I learned: I'm not great at hiding my feelings when I'm disappointed or bummed out.

Last week, Audrey and I had a date with E&K, a couple we met on Craigslist. The ad featured pictures of K without her face: in a white bikini, in a college t-shirt.  Still the ad compelled me to write them.  They left a phone number on the ad, so I texted them with pics of Audrey and myself.  K responded fairly quickly with more pics of both of them.  K was a blonde with great tits, and E was a bald, physically fit guy.  We soon made arrangements for her and Audrey to talk over the phone.  Audrey reported back to me that K and E seemed really cool and that a date was made for Friday early afternoon.  Since I knew that E was bisexual, I made sure to tell K that I was straight and that this would only be a girl/girl bi day.  E was totally cool with it.

I picked Audrey up at noon, with a fresh box of condoms ready to play.  We kissed in the car and briefly got caught up as we drove the 20 minutes from her place to theirs.  She had gotten over her flu and felt much better, so she was animated and excited to have some fun.

We parked the car and E met us with a parking permit to avoid getting a ticket.  The older apartment building was in a great neighborhood so we instantly felt safe. 

E talked, with passion, NON-STOP, all afternoon!  He was totally cool and very funny.  K was chill and cute, but, if I'm being totally honest, not as cute in person as in her pics (or perhaps as cute as I'd wanted her to be).  She was about 5'5" and 130 lbs., with shoulder length blonde hair.  Her big blue eyes dominated her oval face, even though she had a rather pronounced nose.  I didn't find her unattractive, but she wasn't quite my type.  Still, I was there, Audrey was excited, and I knew that at least I'd get to fuck her at some point during the date.  E offered drinks right away, which I declined (had to go home and face DW without alcohol on my breath), as well as some pot (again, I declined).  Audrey accepted a drink, and they brought her a very full cup of vodka.  E&K helped themselves to can after can of Bud Lite.  I think they each drank 8-10 during the afternoon. That sort of explained K's slight belly. 

E&K and Audrey took up the leather couch, while I sat in an armchair next to E.  The conversations were very animated and fun, as we discussed all the various things on display in E's apartment.  K had her own place, although she practically lived there.  E worked in TV and had autographed pictures of musicians, actors, athletes, etc.,  as well as an Epiphone Les Paul guitar autographed by some very prominent rock stars.  I found him very interesting!  Audrey and K went to the backyard to visit E's two dogs (which were off limits to me because one of them was a biter and bit only men).

After a couple of beers and half of Audrey's vodka, E invited me to join Audrey on the couch, so we all crowded there.  The making out began almost immediately.  I got Audrey out of her shirt and bra, while E slipped K out of her sundress, revealing nothing but cotton underwear.  We then swapped at that point. 

Since I was only somewhat attracted to K, I let her take the lead.  Soon I was naked and she was going down on me, while E went down on Audrey.  K's BJ skills were excellent, lots of spit and stroking.  I got very hard.  Audrey came almost immediately, but E kept going.  He took off his jeans and underwear and started grinding on Audrey's pussy.  I started going down on K's blonde, fuzzy pussy. She tasted fresh and clean, and I put two fingers inside her wetness.  "Bedroom!" he announced, and we all got up at the same time.

In hindsight, I sort of wish he hadn't done that, because in the time it took for us to resume our playing, I'd lost my erection.  Had we simply played right then and there, I might have had less difficulty getting hard again.  I liked almost everything about K, but I didn't like her face all that much, so kissing her just didn't get me going.  On top of that, I'd been so horny about this date that I'd masturbated three hours earlier.  I didn't know my body was going to need help to keep my cock hard.  But ah, being older has its drawbacks! 

K wanted to fuck me, as E and Audrey were totally going at it right next to us and Audrey was climaxing practically every minute.  We slipped on a condom and K got on top of me.  I lasted maybe a minute or two before I felt myself getting soft.  K leaned down to me and asked, "What do you like?"  At E's urging I grabbed her ass and pulled her close and whispered, "I love girls cumming on my cock."  As if I'd flipped a switch, K instantly had an orgasm.  Since I wasn't fully hard, her tightening pussy pushed me out of her.  I pulled off the condom, and put on a brave face.  "I'm totally having a blast," I said, as I confessed to my earlier self-play and added, "I guess next time I'll have to avoid jacking off!"  And I was telling the truth, since it totally turned me on to watch Audrey ride E's cock.  I stroked myself and got semi-hard while K joined E and Audrey.  I worried that perhaps I wasn't going to get off at all.  K tried to suck me harder, even going so far as to rim me, which totally turns me on, but it wasn't working.  K confessed to me that E had fucked her the night before till 3 a.m. so she hadn't gotten any sleep and they'd almost cancelled our date.  She said that, like me, she also didn't feel like she was at her best.  Still we agreed to keep trying.  I liked K; she was sweet and affectionate, and hilarious, especially in her interactions with E.  They had been together for five years, and it showed.

We all took a break, more beers came out, and K and Audrey went back to the backyard to hang and drink some more.  E and I talked on the bed and got to know each other better.  The man had amazing stories of his travels.  In his mid-40s he'd been all over the world, seen thousands of concerts (including 110 Grateful Dead shows!), and worked on some fantastic films and TV shows. 

We checked several times what K and Audrey were doing outside, sitting there naked in the backyard.  They were chatting away quietly, petting the dogs, and laughing it up.  Finally, they came back inside and joined E and me in the bedroom.  K had gotten out her double-headed dildo and lubed it up.  She and Audrey both came two or three times.

Later, while E was fucking Audrey again and I watched, K slipped on her strap on dildo and then fucked Audrey with it, both on top of her and cowgirl style.  Audrey, what a fucking trouper, just took it all, screaming with ecstasy with every orgasm!  I fingered K's pussy while Audrey was on top of her, and K came all over my hand, a gusher.  She'd squirted!

The girls were spent, so we took yet another short break.  I had maybe an hour to go before I had to leave, and I wanted to get off, so I grabbed hold of my cock and made myself hard, then grabbed Audrey.  I got on top of her and kissed her and let my dick slide right into her ridiculously wet pussy.  E&K fucked next to us, with their feet near our heads!  Audrey pulled me close and told me how good it felt to have me inside her, and she came again, and then again!  I'd never seen Audrey so totally turned on; I knew that this couple would get a second chance.  Even though I wasn't totally attracted to K, she was cute enough that if I don't jack off ahead of time, I'll keep the erection.  She also said that she was clean and on birth control, so she'd let me fuck her bareback. 

I felt myself very close to coming twice, but it never happened for me.  By that point we were all exhausted and decided to get dressed.  We agreed that we'd see each other again, and that there'd be a minimum of "getting to know you" time.  "Just walk in and take off your clothes," E said, "you know why we're all here!" 

As I drove Audrey home, we talked about how much fun we'd had.  "I was the only one who didn't cum," I said, pouting.  Since I had somewhere to be as soon as I dropped her off, there was no way I could fuck her some more and get to climax.  As I kissed her goodbye, we made a date for the following week, just the two of us.  She enthusiastically agreed; I guess she really likes my company.  Or, perhaps, my money.  But either way, I know I'll enjoy the sex.

KEEP READING future posts for our next couple adventure, M&A, which is already set up for next week.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Short Breather, and a Reflection

Audrey texted me this morning to tell me that she'd been up all night with a fever and was at the doctor.  Why, I thought, would a fever need a doctor's attention?  Turns out she has the flu.  Poor kitten, she'll be on her back (not getting fucked) for the next week or so.

Meanwhile, we have multiple options with regard to couples to play with.  At last count we have four potentials: a couple each about 40 (both very good looking), a young couple about 30 (my faves, she has short hair and long legs), the couple we were supposed to see yesterday which didn't work out because the girl got a visit from Aunt Flo, and another Latina/Middle Eastern couple mid-30s.  I've let them all know we're down for the count the next two weeks as Audrey heals up.

Meanwhile, no posts about swinging till then.

On the home front, DW and I haven't really touched each other sexually for about three weeks.  At this point I'm nearly ready to give up hoping that our marriage will be sufficiently sexual at any time in the remaining years of my life.  I'm formulating in my mind a way to re-introduce the idea of an open relationship experiment. 

My thinking goes like this: I can be the model husband and father, showing her that I'm fully present, and caring for the family financially, and she'll still be uninterested sexually.  It's fairly obvious that sex is one of the last things on her mind as it pertains to the marriage.  Even if she were to offer herself to me for sex more often than she does, it's not because she wants (or even likes) sex; it's because "the marriage needs it."  She and I would probably have an OK time even under those circumstances, but I'd be giving up so much of what I like about sex (which is almost everything she dislikes), and that's simply not acceptable to me anymore (it's why I do what I do!).  But even with all of that, our sexual incompatibility is not grounds for divorce, at least for me.  I propose an experiment, for one year, with a "hall pass."  I state my guidelines and do my best to come to agreement.  If she balks, then at least I asked, right?  She'll then know that this is what I'm thinking, and it'll be out in the open that I want it, for real.  And I won't let up until there's agreement.

I don't know, I guess I'm at the point where I'm saying, "What the fuck?  Go for it.  It's not like I've got that much more to lose."

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

No Quickie

The late night quickie did not pan out, I'm sorry to say.  Audrey made plans to go out later in the evening (like 10) and wanted me there earlier, but I couldn't change my plans.  Needless to say I was disappointed, more by the fact that she didn't manage the time well (either that or she didn't take this date seriously).
Instead, Audrey and I scheduled another swinging date with another couple.  These are two Latinos -- the guy is 38 and the girl is 24 and fucking cute!  Need to book a hotel, but they'll split it with me.
I'll catch you up on all the happenings Friday...

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Late Night Quickie?

Audrey is one game girl, I truly respect that about her.  This week we have a scheduled date with a Latino couple (she's 24, he's 38) that promises great fun.  The girl is fucking adorably cute!

However, I haven't had any sex since our encounter with H and L.  That was more than two weeks ago.  DW has been (pick one, tired, annoyed, pissed, depressed -- actually, pick them all) and we haven't been physically intimate.  Thought it might happen yesterday, but she's on another planet right now when it comes to sex.

So last night I had this text exchange with Audrey:
Me: Hi Kitten!  Hope you're enjoying your Sunday
A: I am, thanks.  Hope you had a fun weekend.
Me: Not bad.  I'm scary horny though.  Wish I could be with you right now.
A: :-)
Me: I'm having dinner with a friend tomorrow, but I'll be done about 9:30... want my cock?
A: Yes
Me: Just a quickie...think we could do that?
A: I think so
Me: Woo hoo
Tonight, around 10, I'll text Audrey from the street and she'll let me in.  My goal is to be naked within one minute, my dick in her mouth within two minutes, and in her pussy within 10 minutes.  I don't think I'll even get naked.  I'd like to fuck her on her couch, which is near a window that overlooks the pool.  Maybe someone will see us...

I plan to be on my way home by 10:30.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Swinging, International Style, Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, Audrey and I were hooking up with H & L, a married Saudi couple.  Audrey and I had finally broken the ice and started making out with each other to signal them that it was OK to start fooling around.  They certainly were a bit nervous, but once I kissed Audrey, I could see that H & L were off to the races!  Before I knew it, he had his pants down and standing while his wife dutifully sucked his smallish dick.

Shirtless and pants down around his ankles, H revealed that indeed, he was the hairiest man I'd ever seen.  As she peeled out of her dress, L showed that she had phenomenal curves.  Her tan skin just made me want to run over there and hammer her.  Even though she was a fuller-figured girl, she totally reminded me of You-Know-Who.  She wore a pinkish bra and a black thong, and looked angelic with her head of long, straight, black hair bobbing up and down on H's cock.

Eventually, the two guys were totally rock hard, but Audrey had plans.  She wanted to play with L!  Simultaneously, however, the two of them reached for each other and started kissing.  Audrey played with L's pussy for a bit and sucked on her luscious tits.  The dance had begun!  All the girl/girl play stopped at kissing and touching, though.  I think L was just too nervous to have Audrey go down on her.  Eventually, L reached for me and we started playing with each other.  I sat on their couch, in their small, smelly, messy apartment, watching a lovely, 24-year-old Arab girl eye my dick like a little girl eyes a new toy.  "Oh, wow," she whispered, "oh, wow."  She stroked it and kissed it and then went to fucking town!  "Very thick," she said.  "Yes," I replied, "yes it is."  I fondled her very real and very firm breasts while she thoroughly drenched me with her mouth.  Audrey was down the couch, kneeling in front of H and giving him some pretty amazing head herself. 

"Want to go to bed now?" H asked.  Loved the broken English!

Audrey and I held hands and followed them into their bedroom.  Equally messy, but a nice king-sized bed that would easily hold the four of us.  Audrey sucked me some more while L took care of her man.  I flipped Audrey over and started going down and fingering her, getting her to moan and then come, while H bypassed going down on his wife and just took her from behind.  Going back to focus on Audrey, I was startled to hear a very loud slap to my right.  H smacked his wife's ass hard!  Again and again.  And she appeared to love it.  Not a whole lot of noise coming from her, but the sound of their bodies mashing into one another turned me on, so I grabbed Audrey and had her get on top of me.  She rode me like the champ she is, but I wasn't into slapping her ass. I preferred instead to fill my two hands with her firm butt and slam my cock upward into her.  Watching L get pounded, I nearly came, but grabbed the base of my cock just in time so that I didn't.

I sort of lost track of the time, but it didn't take long before I heard H moaning and coming inside his wife.  Fuck!  His orgasm just ruined the treat Audrey and I had planned for L: a tag-team pussy licking!  Neither of us was going to put our tongues anywhere near her pussy now.  What a fucking disappointment.  They took a break and watched us fuck, with L stroking H's limp dick and trying to coax it back to life.  Hell, at 24 I was ready to go again in less than two minutes, particularly when there was a fucking hot girl around (I'm only slightly kidding; at 24 I was engaged to my first wife and totally monogamous, but she was fucking hot and I tried like hell to get it back up again). 

Audrey and I moved to doggy position.  I slammed into her with both hands on her hips, watching her slowly work up to an orgasm, her back arching ever so slightly more and more the closer she got.  When she came, she fell flat on the mattress and disengaged from me.  I pulled her up, and we moved to the foot of the bed, where she got on top of me again.  That near-climax had given me tons of stamina, and I just kept on going like the pink bunny with the bass drum and the sunglasses.  L and managed to get her husband hard again and she got on top of him.  With H's legs spread I had a pretty close up view of his Slim Jim going in and out of his wife's pussy.  That girl needed something thick and juicy, and I was going to get inside her soon.  Eventually, I tuckered out from fucking Audrey and pulled her close to tell her I needed a break.  Audrey got off me and joined the two of them, kissing L while H fingered her.  Fun to watch that!

A few minutes later, seeing that I was alone, L got off her husband and came over to me to suck me back to life.  Once I was hard enough, Audrey handed me a condom (she'd forgotten the lube) and I slipped it on.  I had L get on top and she slowly slid me inside her.  Once I was fully inside, L let out a loud moan and started bouncing up and down on my cock.  I had to kiss her, fuck!  I pulled her down to me and we kissed deeply.  I kid you not, this girl took both of my lips into her mouth and nearly sucked my face off!  She smelled so pretty and her hazel eyes were locked on mine.  I grabbed her ass and fucked her and hard as I could (great things, condoms!) while H continued to finger Audrey.  Audrey dug what H was doing because she came really hard on his hand.  After a few minutes of fucking L, I sensed that she really wanted to come, so I pulled her close, and I whispered, "I want you to come all over my dick, baby.  Just let it go and feel that cock inside you.  Come for me."  That did it, and L let loose with a huge, loud orgasm that shook her whole body.  "Oh wow," she said again, "oh, wow!  That was so nice!"  More face-sucking kisses. 

She got off me, and I remained at the foot of the bed, while Audrey, L and H got under the blankets and snuggled with each other.  "Hey," I said, "I'm the only one here who hasn't come yet! That's pretty unusual for me!"  How about that?  I had decades on these kids and I was still holding out. 

I crawled under the blanket next to Audrey and we all talked for a little while before Audrey excused herself to use the restroom.  While she was gone, the three of us talked a little, and I totally flirted with L.  Eventually I took her hand out of her husband's and put it on my still semi-hard dick.  She looked at H as if to say, "Are you OK with this?" and he nodded to her.  She came over and sucked me back to life again, kissed me, and this time took my cock and just put it inside her.  H had mentioned to me via text before we met that his wife was on birth control and she was OK with going bareback.  Since she'd fucked a lot of guys before I wasn't too sure of it, but I went with it. 

Right then, Audrey came back and saw me fucking L, so she grabbed a condom and walked over to the other side of the bed to fuck H.  Poor kid, those Trojan Magnum condoms were not his size at all!  She got it on him and tried to get on top of him, but his erection had already disappeared, so she decided instead to go down on him again.  (He revealed later that he had never used a condom before).  He got hard, but she wasn't going to fuck him without protection, smart girl!  She stroked him until he came again.  Meanwhile I still hadn't come, but I wanted to, so I went full out bareback with L.  It took another minute, and once I knew I'd reach the point of no return, I pulled out.  Pointing my cock at her, my jizz went all over her belly and her tits.  She spread it all over herself with her hands and then licked her fingers.  This girl is a fucking sex freak, I thought, and I resolved right there to fuck her again at my earliest opportunity!

H and L fucked one more time while Audrey and I spooned, kissed, and watched.  It only lasted a few more minutes and they gave up, both spent.  We chatted for a long while, mostly about cultural issues and travel.  I'd spent a fair amount of time in the Middle East in my early 30s so it was great to talk to people who could provide more insight.  It struck both Audrey and me that here were two American Jews having hot, illicit sex with two Muslims.  So much for the Mideast conflict, no?

It had gotten late, and I needed to leave, so I got out of bed first and got dressed in the living room.  Audrey wasn't far behind.  Eventually we were all in various stages of dress.  H came out of the bedroom with his cell phone and what looked to be an extendable holder for the camera to take a selfie of the four of us.  I wasn't keen on being photographed, so I insisted that he crop the photos to remove our faces.  It took forever, as this holder was a Bluetooth device that was supposed to activate the shutter control of the cell phone.  It wasn't working, so eventually he put it on a 10-second timer and we did it the old fashioned way. 

Pictures done and cropped, I hurried Audrey along.  Had to get home.  We hugged and kissed them and said we absolutely had a blast and hoped to make it happen again.  Everyone was happy as we slipped out their front door and into my car.

On the ride back, Audrey and I resolved to see them again, but Audrey wanted them to initiate contact to make it happen.  That told me that she hadn't been too excited with H, and I asked her about it.  She confirmed it: "He's the hairiest man I've ever known!"  But, she said, L was gorgeous and she really wanted the next time to be able to play with her.  I agreed.  Poor H!  He was the odd-man out in this hookup, but he'd still get his ass laid again.

Once we reached Audrey's place, I pulled over, gave her a kiss and was on my way.  I made it home at a time when DW and the kids were out, so I was able to get in a quick rinse-off shower and get dressed in my jeans and t-shirt before they arrived.

Post-script:  I texted H later that night --
Me: So much fun, you guys!  Audrey and I couldn't stop talking about how cute you guys are.
H: Same here.  But plz, for give (sic) me, I wasn't in good proformance (sic)
Me: It's totally ok.  I was nervous my first time too.
H: Because first time
H: I have not been with other girl before
WTF???!!!  This was only the second girl he'd ever fucked?!
Me: You are such a lucky man.  Your wife is beautiful!
H: Ur girl as well
Me: That's a lot of firsts for you!  First condom, first other woman, first couple...
H: Yes it is maybe this reason so give me second round plz
Me: LOL, no need to say please!
H: OK thnx a lot my wife is totally satisfied and she said u have the most thick dick ever had

There would be a round two for them.  L was worth it!