Friday, December 19, 2014

Getting Current, Holiday Edition

The past couple of months have been a total drag.  Business is down and I'm working feverishly trying to turn the ship around, but it's not looking good.  I'm hoping that 2015 is a better year, because this year was the worst in my career.

Audrey and I have seen each other twice since we were with E & K.  We have tried multiple times to hook up with other couples during this time, but we haven't been successful.  We've found time and again that the people with whom we thought we were dealing weren't legitimate, or they were just flakes, or they deliberately misled us as to what they wanted.

There was the young couple who reached out to us to get together, having seen all our pictures, only to stop texting and emailing us altogether.  We had no way of knowing why they did this, so we just had to assume that their parents never taught them how to be polite.  There was the guy who said he and his girl wanted to meet, but then he confessed that he couldn't convince her to go along with him. There was the couple in their 30s who turned out to be a single man collecting naked pictures of girls. And there was the girl in her 20s who wanted to make sure that Audrey was OK with her man's 9.5 inch penis and his desire for totally rough sex -- right after she said, "We'll of course respect any and all of your boundaries."

Sometimes I feel like Audrey and I are the only people on earth with any integrity.  We put our real pictures out there, we say exactly what we want, we politely decline any requests we don't like, we trust each other enough to know that we can speak for both of us when we're speaking individually to potentials, and we actually answer every text and/or email we get, even just to say, "We'll take a pass, thanks anyway."

One of the things Audrey and I have started doing when dealing with potential swing partners is to require that every couple send over a current picture of the two of them together.  Usually the pic has a date stamp on it or they hold up a paper with a reasonably current date written on it.  That way, we know they're a couple.  We've also agreed to let them send separate photographs if each picture has them doing the same thing, such as flashing a peace sign or touching a finger to the nose.  We even apologize for asking, but we let them know that we've been burned too often and we don't want to waste anyone's time.  If we don't have pics like that within a couple of hours, we know they're fake or just too lazy to prove otherwise.

To offset the frustration around swinging, Audrey and I had an especially great time our last time together.  Instead of just fucking our brains out, we made love.  Yes, that's right, the arrangement has crossed the Rubicon and we find ourselves emotionally bonded.  I'm still keeping my distance around this because there's no way I want to repeat the same mistakes I made before, with C, Jade, and Leah. She wants to see me more often, so we're going to shoot for one-on-one dates every other week and swinging dates in between.  Obviously her visits from Aunt Flo will have to be factored in there, but it looks like we'll be doing that come next year.

As for new potential swing partners, we have L&J, a very attractive younger couple; P&C, a Latino couple in their 30s; S&W, a very fit couple in their early 40s; C&H, a hipster couple in their 20s; and A&N, a couple in their 30s who like to play bareback but will go covered until we trust each other. And there's still E&K, with whom we stay in contact and with whom I would go for again just to make sure my performance issue was a one-time thing.

Last thing: I have been communicating regularly with a 22-year-old girl in NYC who had been in a sugar relationship with a married man.  He no longer engages in sugar but they still see each other from time to time.  From what I gather, this relationship is totally dysfunctional, in that he can't stay away from her even though he knows nothing good will ever come from seeing her, and she has fallen in love with him to the point where she doesn't want to have sex with anyone else.  It's a hot mess, actually, because she knows he'll never leave his wife and she can't move on.  After weeks and weeks of trying to shed light on the matter for her so she'll find the courage to move on, I have given up and ended the relationship.  I have dug the well for her, shown her the well, and given her the tools for her to draw from the well, but she won't drink.  Oh well.

Happy Holidays, everyone!