Wednesday, February 25, 2015

READ CAREFULLY: Google Will be Making it Harder for You to Read This Blog

Hello, dear readers!  This adventure of mine in sexually frank blogging about my sugar daddy adventures is under threat by the powers that be at Google.  In their desire to make sure that my content doesn't find its way to the peering/leering eyes of minors, they are restricting access to any sexually explicit blogs by making them "Private."

What does this mean?  Well, if you're reading this, it's because the blog is set to public status. Anyone can read it.  If it's set to private -- and after 23 March, 2015, all blogs like mine will be automatically set to private -- I have to grant you access.  Since I know so few of you, you're going to have to reach out to me in order to continue reading it.  If you haven't read all the posts I've put up, that means you are going miss out on some pretty great stories.  Plus, with my new adventures in swinging (granted, off to a slow start), you will miss my stories about what Audrey and I are up to.

If you want to continue reading this blog with its completely unaltered, explicit depictions of my sexual adventures, send an email to me at and put "GRANT ME BLOG ACCESS"  in the subject line, and include your email.  I promise I will include all of you.

But you only have until 23 March.  Don't wait, do it now!  Otherwise, The West Coast Sugar Daddy Journal will go dark for you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Checking In

It's been over a month since my last post, and not much has happened since.  Audrey and I did get together a couple of weeks ago, and it was fantastic.  I love having sex with her.

We talked more about swinging and how bad our luck had been lately.  We've signed up on several lifestyle sites and have chatted with a number of different couples, but so far no luck.  One couple, L&J from my post December 19, told us the day we were supposed to meet that they no longer thought we'd be a good match.  The rest were all fakes, although S&W are waiting for awhile as W lost her father last October and was in no mood to party.  E&K were still there, although my adventure with K still stuck in my mind and held me back.  I thought of giving up on it since our adventures had yielded nothing positive.  Audrey was supportive, but added that we should still give it time, and we'd find someone we liked.

Recently, we met C&A from CraigsList of all places.  They are a dating couple in their early to mid 30s, and they're both very attractive.  They meet all our criteria, and we meet theirs.  We set up a drinks date on 2/19 to see how things go.  If we like each other, maybe we'll take the next step.  I heard from C the other day that A had asked him if we would be going back to his place, so at least it's on their minds.  I like C; he's a decent dude and eager to have some fun, just like me.

There is also R&S, a young couple in their mid 20s. Both extremely attractive, in an almost intimidating way for me.  One interesting tidbit: their names are the exact names of my friend Luke's two kids, so it's a little jarring for me.  I've been emailing back and forth with R and I've given him a link to this blog, so there's a chance he's reading this now (hey, bud!).  He says that S isn't willing to do anything in the lifestyle, even though she'd had a girlfriend before they started seeing each other. He's very eager and I think it's really cool that he's trying, but something tells me that she might win out here.  We've offered to meet them for drinks and make it look like we were meeting totally at random.  Audrey thinks S is hot, so I think she'd be pretty forward and hit on her and we can see where that goes.  Who knows?

Anyway, DW and I tried having sex a couple of weeks ago, but it was too painful for her, so we didn't finish. She did get me off with her hand, which always feels nice.  Since then, no touching.

No sex for me this week, as it's time for my annual physical.  Since I haven't had a prostate test in two years, I'm swearing off alcohol, caffeine, and sexual activity for a week ahead of the exam. I want my PSA numbers to be in the normal range.  If they're not, I fear a biopsy is in my future.  Since my former boss, the most physically fit man I know, came down with cancer a little over a year ago, I've been concerned about my own results.  This week I decided to be brave about this and accept whatever happens.  More to come.