Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Tragic Mistake

Readers, you will notice that a previous post I'd put up in the past week, which featured a picture of Audrey, naked, has been pulled down.  Additionally, I'd shared the post on Google+, and that post is also pulled down.  Even though the picture did not show a significant portion of her face, it seems that someone who knew her recognized her and emailed me three days ago.  This person referred to Audrey by her real name and wanted to "talk about a few things" with me.  I immediately realized that, if this person had seen the pictures, so had Audrey, who was also connected to me on Google+.

Right after I'd gotten those emails, I noticed that Audrey was not responding to any of my texts.  Our last exchange had been about going together tonight to a swinger's club, about which she was very excited.

After two days of no responses to my texts, I realized what had happened, and I knew that our relationship was over.  I texted her a very brief goodbye, apologizing for what I had done, and let her know emphatically that she would never hear from me again.

I'm ashamed of what I'd done; I took a relationship that was supposed to be discreet and I splashed it on Google+, and Audrey's entire circle of friends there had seen the picture, perhaps following the link to this blog, and realized that Audrey was a Sugar Baby, something that she likely didn't want anyone else to know.

Audrey, if you're reading this, I'm so very sorry.  I never meant to hurt you or damage our relationship, which had been predicated on trust and discretion.  I'm going to miss you terribly.


Sasha said...
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Jenny Bun said...

I'm not shocked this happened because you don't use a lot of discretion when you write about the people in your blog. You refer to a lot of their identifying information such as age, race, height, weight, hair color, approximate location, family detail, university (I mean, really how many uc campuses are you adjacent to), and for the older ones, occupation. I don't really know why that information was even necessary to include, but it is your blog after All

When I was in an arrangement he didn't tell anyone about me. It was unspoken that his social circle had affairs and he didn't bother to write about me online either.

Downtown LASD said...

Jenny, you're right. I had originally misidentified all of them, by referring to the wrong schools, and different ages, heights, occupations, and family details. Including myself. But I got lazy and careless in the past year. I'm done with blogging about my sugar adventures until I can figure something else out.

Sasha said...

Porter, why can't you go back to the original way you blogged (as described above)?? We don't need to know everything about them...leave out anything that will make them identifiable. There are lots of girls who are short with brown hair, but one with a mud flap girl tattoo is easily identifiable. That can easily be left out. Only posts pics with the girl's permission.

Jenny, I agree with your points. Discretion is number one in these types of arrangements. My current SD hasn't told not even one person about us. If he blogged, I'd expect him to be vague about me and definitely not post a pic without my permission.

I just discovered your blog and I have enjoyed reading it. So, I would miss reading your adventures in the Sugar Bowl. I hope you figure out how to blog discretely.


Downtown LASD said...

Sasha, I am going back through my entire blog and removing any and all references to any of the women I've been with and changing details so that they will no longer be recognizable. If I continue sugaring (and so far that's completely uncertain) I might continue writing.

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