Thursday, August 27, 2015


Here's a link to an article I read that reports on research the writer did, which reveals that of the millions of women who had profiles on Ashley Madison, less than three percent of them actually used the site to meet men.  Check this quote out:
[T]he more I examined those 5.5 million female profiles, the more obvious it became that none of them had ever talked to men on the site, or even used the site at all after creating a profile. Actually, scratch that. As I’ll explain below, there’s a good chance that about 12,000 of the profiles out of millions belonged to actual, real women who were active users of Ashley Madison.
The writer's italics.

But wait!  It gets better:
I started my search in an obvious place. Were there any patterns in the personal email addresses that people listed when they signed up? I figured that if I were an admin at Ashley Madison creating fake profiles, I would use for the email addresses because it’s easy and obvious. No real Ashley Madison customer would have an Ashley Madison company email. So I searched for any email address that ended in Bingo. There were about 10 thousand accounts with email addresses. Many of them sounded like they’d been generated by a bot, like the dozens of addresses listed as,, 300@ashleymadison, and so on. 
My bold type.

And finally this:
Overall, the picture is grim indeed. Out of 5.5 million female accounts, roughly zero percent had ever shown any kind of activity at all, after the day they were created.
Again, my bold type.

I wrote this post about a year ago because I was noticing that there was an increase in the number of profiles from women who sought "something long term," as if a website dedicated to helping married people cheat would be a great place for a woman to find a long-term relationship.  I had no idea that nearly 98% of these profiles were fake, or that nearly 100 percent of the female profiles had ever been used after the day they were created!

So basically the Ashley Madison hack was all about busting men, like me, who actually put up profiles on the site.  Granted, I haven't used the site in over a year, but I sent messages.  God only knows how many of them were answered by employees of Ashley Madison.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Interview With a Sugar Baby

View the Vibe interviewed a Canadian Sugar Baby about her experiences.  She sounds like some of the women I've enjoyed over the years.

The interview got me thinking about the kind of sex I like.  If you've read my blogs, you'll know that my experiences have run the gamut, from romantic, lovemaking sex to rough, pounding sex, to group sex.  But the vast majority of my sexual experiences as a Sugar Daddy have been passionate, romantic ones.

Since some have commented on previous posts that the sugar bowl is "Fake as Fuck" I wonder if the Sugar Babies have a sexual preference with their Sugar Daddies.  Hoping to hear from as many of you as I can.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sugar Daddies Are Not That Complicated

I read the following recently on another blog:
Men don't pay for sex.  No, really, they don't.  Sugardaddies don't pay for sex.  Johns don't pay for sex.  It is a common misconception that they do.  It is also a Sugarbaby's biggest pitfall when she thinks that sex is what an SD is buying from her.
I have a lot of respect for the writer, but if this were the only thing I'd read from her, I might have a different opinion.  The problem is that she believes men are more complicated than we are.

A mentor from years ago once told me, "There is no such thing as free pussy."  The context for this statement was that if men wanted to have sex with a woman there was always a price to pay.  Single men spend money on clothes, cars, gym memberships, etc., in order to have an impressive veneer that will attract women we wish to date (and fuck).  And they'll spend lots of money entertaining, wining, dining, and winning over the women they want.  Even single men who are looking for wives begin at this basic level, and then add other things that enhance their attractiveness to marriage-minded women.

Once married, men might be lured into the belief that now that they're married, sex is pretty much a given, and there's no longer any reason to pay for it. But they'd be wrong.  Date nights, weekend getaways, maintaining (if not growing) the lifestyle to which his woman has become accustomed -- not to mention the financial investment to keep his woman happy.  Married pussy is damn pricey. And ask any divorced man how much he paid for the pussy he got from his wife during his marriage. A relative of mine gave his wife $1.4 million in the divorce settlement, plus nearly half his income for the rest of her life.  I had one wealthy friend tell me that with the money and property he gave his ex-wife in their divorce, he could have paid for a different $1,000-an-hour escort every night of the ten years he was married, and still had enough left over to buy a decent house for cash.  In fact, the corollary to my mentor's statement is, "The least expensive pussy available is the pussy you buy."

The writer of the above statement follows it up with:
The men I've known, and written about have all paid me for an experience.  For time, for knowledge.  They've paid me to feel young again.  They've paid me to feel in love again.  They've paid me to feel like a young, beautiful woman WANTS them.  They've paid to feel desired, to feel needed, to feel like a MAN.
Let me be absolutely clear: men pay for sex.  We pay for sex.  We don't pay for "an experience," or to "feel young again," or to feel more attractive to women.  No, we pay to have our cocks sucked and to be able to put them inside the mouths, vaginas, and other orifices of women.  It really is that simple. All those other things the writer think we pay for are the added benefits that come from being lucky if we make a non-sexual connection with a particular woman.  But we really just want to have sex.  All the time.  In fact, the desire for sex is such a driving force in men's lives that it is really the only thing that can derail us from our primary motivating imperative, which is success.  Men often use sex as a substitute for success.  I've often asked myself this question during my time as a sugar daddy, particularly during times when my finances were tight.

Sugar Daddies, being men, want a sexual outlet, one that is primarily something fun to do.  If one is fortunate, that outlet can also relieve the stress he experiences at work and/or at home.  Treating his sugar babies to allowances, gifts, trips, etc. is an easy way for a man to get laid without having to form an emotional connection.  A man willing to drop $20,000 a month for a sugar baby -- aside from being a fool -- is a man who would think nothing of dropping more than that kind of money every month for pure entertainment.  And not to be too blunt about it, but that's what Sugar Babies are.

In my experience, I've taken the extra step with some of my Sugar Babies and acted like a boyfriend, confidant, mentor, etc., but I didn't have to.  There have been plenty of women who were content to meet up every so often, fuck, and go home.  Over time, connections form naturally because two people who are getting naked with each other on a regular basis cannot remain detached for very long.  Our brains -- our most erogenous sexual organ -- always crave more stimulation than our genitals.

The writer mistakenly thinks that a Sugar Baby must figure her Sugar Daddy out:
What is MISSING in his life?  What has made him jaded in relationships?  Who broke his heart, and how?  What did she take from him?  What makes him happy?  What makes him smile?
With many Sugar Daddies, a Sugar Baby can get away with asking just one question: "Does the way I act/speak/look turn him on?"  If the answer is yes, she can usually command the support she believes she deserves without having to resort to hustling or being dishonest.

Babies, you don't have to complicate us, because we're not complicated.  You, on the other hand, are very multi-dimensional, complex creatures, superior to us in nearly every way (most of us are physically better able to lift heavy objects than you).  If you rely on simplicity you'll attract better men.  If you try to figure us out they way you'd figure out your roommate, or your sister, or your BFF, then at best you'll get an overly sensitive, needy, big boy, instead of a secure, successful, and attentive/generous man.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Winding Down My Arrangement With Staci

Because my job is changing soon, and because my commute will take me far out of the way of Staci's apartment, and because my job will no longer involve field work, I will have to end my arrangement with Staci soon.  It doesn't mean I'm not going to enjoy her company as much as I can in the time we have left together, but it does mean that change is definitely coming.

This week I met Staci first thing in the morning, before the workday starts for many.  We had the entire morning to play, so I took my time both getting there and staying there.  I was going to savor every minute we could spend together.  I also had a surprise for her.

I texted her as I arrived that street parking was unavailable and for her to open her garage so I could park in her tandem space.  She met me down in the garage, and we walked together to her lobby.  I leaned in to kiss her, but she said, "No, no, no."  I didn't see there was a woman walking behind us, who I found out a moment later knew Staci and lived on her floor.  Whoops, there's that PDA problem again.  The woman rode up with us on the elevator and spoke briefly with Staci about a problem tenant while I walked the hallway a few steps in front of them, keeping my head down. When I heard them exchange goodbyes I slowed down to let Staci catch up.  She took my arm and whispered an unnecessary apology as we entered her apartment.

She'd been working out before my arrival and she was hot and sweaty.  I asked her to rinse off, even though I knew she'd get sweaty again once we were having sex.  While she was in the shower, I took out my envelope and placed it in her purse, then presented the surprise on top of her laptop and quickly undressed.

Walking into the bathroom to hand her a towel, she looked down and noticed I was getting hard. "Are you ready for me, Porter?" she said, with that sexy Eastern European accent.  "Not quite yet," I said. "You know I have a ways to go there."  We laughed together and I kissed her as I wrapped her in the towel.  "Go check out the surprise I left for you on your laptop," I said.  With a puzzled look on her face, she walked into her living room, out of my line of sight.  "Oh, wow!" she laughed.  "Is that what I think it is?"  "Yep," I said, "just for you."  It was a flash drive which contained an edit of the video I shot of us having sex on our last date.  Twenty-three minutes edited down to just fourteen minutes, and that wasn't easy, let me tell you!  "There was so much hotness there, I didn't know if I could cut anything."  "I'll watch it tonight and play with myself," she giggled.

We quickly got into bed in her chilly bedroom.  Perfect, as we'd heat the place up anyway.  After about 15 minutes of fun, she said, "I've had about five or six orgasms.  Want to go for an even ten?" "I think I can make that happen!"  After nine, I decided I'd had enough and we came together the tenth time.

We talked about her previous life living back east, while I gave her more details about my first marriage and previous partners.  She said that she's only been with ten men her whole life.  I was surprised to hear that!  "I've had 38 different sugar babies in the past seven years," I said, which widened her eyes.  "That many?  How do you possibly manage that?"  We talked about my sugar history, and I showed her pictures of  C.  "You're still friends with her?" she asked as I pulled up a few pics.  "No," I said, "I wish though."  She cut me off completely when she left.  When I told her about the time that C had written to me from Europe while on vacation with her boyfriend, she said, "She loved you, it's obvious.  That's why she had to end it so completely."  Exactly.  "But you miss her, don't you?"  "I think of her every day," I replied, "and sometimes I miss her.  But for the most part, I'm just happy that we were together."

We had sex again after awhile, and she came a few times, but I didn't; too tired.  After a shower, we talked briefly about what comes next.  "I think we'll get together one more time," I said, "but then I'll be too far away to meet up.  The company has an office closer to you, though, and I'm going to try to get transferred there in a few months, so maybe this is a break rather than a break-up."  We didn't make too much of it, but she seemed a little disappointed that we'd have to stop even for a few months.

Our next time, in about two weeks, will be our last for now.  I'll make it special and we'll have a nice goodbye.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Five Steps to Perfect Sugar Daddy Bullshit

In my previous post, I noted that Sugar Daddies needed good bullshit in order to be effective Sugar Daddies.  Bullshit is, briefly, the collection of words and actions a man uses with women that will most often result in his getting laid.

I've used my bullshit to secure arrangements with more than a few women whom I found extraordinarily attractive, most of whom wouldn't have given me the time of day based on the allowance I was offering them.  (for the record, I don't consider myself cheap by any means; since entering the sugar bowl I have simply lacked the kind of means that other sugar daddies, with multi-million-dollar net worths and multiple six- or even seven-figure incomes, have.  To the extent my resources allow, I give the most I can. And even though my means are not extravagant, no one is going to tell me that I can't do this.) 

There's a saying that goes, "Money talks, bullshit walks."  Well, when a Sugar Daddy wants to be successful at Sugar, that saying needs to be modified to, "Money greases the wheels, bullshit seals the deal."

Let me expand on this. 

There are only two types of relationships: short-term (STR) and long-term (LTR).  These phrases aren't tied to the duration of the relationship; one can have a long STR, or a short LTR. For example, my arrangement (STR) with C lasted three years.  My first marriage (LTR) lasted only six years.  The phrases "short-term" and "long-term" instead refer to a person's mindset while searching for and engaging in these relationships.  To avoid too much detail, I'm only going to focus in this post on STRs and how men can be successful at them.

A man must employ short-term thinking when in a STR.  The objective for men in STRs is sex and fun, in that order.  The more sex and fun, the better the quality of the STR.   And, the best part is, with STRs, anything goes so long as the objective continues to be met. You want to keep things superficial and light?  Great!  You want to create strong emotional ties?  Also great!  There's actually nothing that says you can't love each other, so long as you're focused enough to remember that she's not marriage material (or you're not available for it).  If you cross the line, however, you invite drama, and that will surely kill the fun and inhibit the sex.  If that happens, you have a problem, and that's when it's time to walk away, quickly and honorably (no sense in creating even more drama).  These are STRs, guys.  Who needs drama (particularly when most of us Sugar Daddies are married to other women)?

Now that I've established the characteristics of a successful STR, we can discuss bullshit.  I wrote that you needed good bullshit.  In truth, however, you need perfect bullshit.

Again, your "bullshit" is all you say and do that most often results in your getting laid.  And the better your bullshit, the better your results.  Consider this:

·         If your bullshit is weak, inhibited by your self-doubt, paralyzed by your fear of failure, or undermined by your cynicism about whether you even need bullshit, then you'll attract women who are a) overly needy/clingy/insecure, b) less attractive than you want, and/or c) manipulative and cruel. 
·         If you have perfect bullshit, bolstered by your ability to overcome fear, infused with your self-confidence, and fueled by how much you love the chase, you'll attract women who are a) more self-possessed, b) consistently matching your physical "type," and c) open, affable, and warm.

But how do you get perfect bullshit?  Here are your five tips:

1.       Don't do it alone.  Even though we men all think we're fine on our own, the truth is that all men need other men, men whom we trust with our deepest secrets.  Because we trust them, these men can listen to and help us hone our bullshit. If you don't have these types of men in your life, you probably know some successful single male friends who have great game, so you can engage with them and surreptitiously probe them for pointers.  An example is, "Dude, let me live vicariously through you. Tell me what works for you." And imitating others is a great way to help you discover what works for you.
2.       Figure out what kind of bullshitter you are. This actually takes some serious introspection.  We are, on our own, the least able to judge exactly what kind of bullshitters we are (see #1).  Having someone reflect back at you the most persuasive aspects of your personality.  With the help men I trusted, I realized that I am, primarily, a logical bullshitter. I'm a gifted communicator, both in the way I talk and the way I listen.  It's what makes me so successful in my work.  When talking with a woman I hope to fuck, I listen very carefully to her and take note of any chinks in her armor, flaws I might exploit if (or when) she resists my obvious intentions.  Using humor, charm, and "sincerity," I am usually able to overcome her objections and get her to see that fucking me is her best and most logical choice. This is my Plan A.
3.       Be ready with Plan B (and I don't mean the pills).  Your Plan A might not always work, of course, so it's best to lean on some other prominent aspect of your personality.  You might even have more than a Plan B; perhaps Plan C, or D, or however many you think you need.  Personally, sometimes I use my goofiness -- like I did with Jade -- or sometimes I go to the dark side and get very direct -- like I did with Audrey.  And, before you start suggesting that these women were solely interested in my financial offer, consider the fact that had any of these women insisted, they might have gotten more of an allowance from me.  They found me both attractive and charming (and persuasive) enough to say yes to having sex with me.  My objective in sugar is to get laid, and my financial generosity helps, but I never let it do financial damage to myself or my family.  So, my bullshit has been extremely effective at disarming them around this crucial part of the conversation.  Does that make me a manipulator?  Perhaps.  Do I get laid? Consistently.  Has there been a single Sugar Baby in my life who walked because my financial support was insufficient?  Maybe, though none have told me so; they're all big girls and they can make those decisions by themselves.  Have any of my Sugar STRs blown up and caused significant damage to anyone?  Not a one.  To me, that's the very definition of a man who is successful at STR.
4.       Practice (and practice some more). The only way you're truly going to know if your bullshit is perfected is by seeing how often it gets you laid, and what types of women respond positively to it. In Sugar, things are a bit easier because we Daddies are greasing the wheels with money and/or gifts, but if a potential Sugar Baby finds you boring or lacking in charm, your Sugar will be less effective.  This is why I say that "bullshit seals the deal."  When searching for and contacting Sugar Babies, aim as high as you can and practice your bullshit on women you think would never go for a guy like you.  What have got to lose, except for an occasional lunch, dinner, or few drinks?  In the Sugar world, men have a disproportionate advantage because there are always more available women than men, no matter where you might be located in the world.  In your bullshit practice, eliminate things that are ineffective (whether they are superfluous, creepy, boring, or inappropriate for the given situation).  Eventually, you get good enough at thinking on your feet to close the deal without it looking like your trying to close the deal.  Sound like sales?  That's because it is.
5.       Finally -- Know your limits.  I assume that, as a Sugar Daddy, you possess enough self-confidence to be able to be sufficiently charming with women.  If, however, you're finding yourself unwilling or unable to do what it takes to cultivate perfect bullshit, or if you don't handle rejection well (because let's face it: you'll probably get more negative than positive responses), then be honest with yourself: you should probably not be a Sugar Daddy.  You might need something less demanding.  It might be a better use of your resources for you to become a "hobbyist" (one who has sex with escorts, or "providers"), and engage in something more transactional.  After all, Sugar STRs are real relationships, and all the rules of STR dating apply even though there's a materialistic component.

So there you have it: five concrete tips for you to perfect your bullshit and become a more effective and successful Sugar Daddy.  Even if that's not what you do, these are great dating tips as well.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Sugar Daddies Need Good Bullshit

I read a story about a man who approached two beautiful young ladies visiting his quaint European country for the first time.  He'd been eyeing them for a short while since they'd arrived in the expensive hotel where they were registered and checking in.

These were not unsophisticated ladies, by any means, but street-wise, self-possessed, worldly (though not well-traveled) women.  He was older and not only very successful, but well-regarded and well-known wherever he went.  He asked the ladies to accompany him on a tour of his city, inviting them to lunch and whatever else might happen next.  The ladies, amused by his approach, figured, "What the hell? A free meal and guided tour of somewhere we've never been? Sounds OK." And off they went.

The man proceeded to drive them around in his untidy convertible, with the top down in sweltering heat, never once inquiring if his companions were comfortable.  He ordered for them at lunch, never letting them see a menu.  He told them all about his long marriage and family and never once asked the women to share any details about themselves with him, utterly disinterested in nearly everything they had to say.  He picked up the check, and every check thereafter, buying them candies, drinks, etc., but acting dismissively with all store clerks, wait staff, and even his companions.  The ladies' two-day adventure with the man ended with nothing more than handshakes and/or perhaps a peck on each cheek.

The man didn't seem to be interested in anything sexual, but if he had, he sure didn't go about letting these ladies know in the right way, did he?  In my experience, as a man who has been successful in short-term recreational relationships (including sugar ones), a man must have incredible bullshit. "Bullshit," for me, describes the things a man will say and do that has proven to be most successful for him to get laid.  Every man has bullshit; some are good, some are horrible.  I was once a horrible bullshitter.  I went through all of college -- college, when everyone was fucking each other right and left -- having sex with only two girls, including one I'd known since I was 14 and had been fucking since the end of high school.  I was tongue-tied, painfully shy, and couldn't muster anything clever to say without tripping over my words (and hands and feet) when approaching a girl.

As I got older, I fortunately learned from some good men I knew how to be a great bullshitter.  To begin with, I had to identify what kind of bullshitter I was.  For example, one man I knew was a "goofy" bullshitter: always using goofy humor to attract women.  Worked well for him, but some men might not have that kind of wit, so they must identify as a different kind of bullshitter.  Since I had never considered myself very good at thinking on my feet, but always very good at persuasive and friendly argument, I considered myself a "logical" bullshitter.  As in, "After hearing everything I've said and done and now that you've been completely charmed by my brilliance, there's no other logical choice but to let me fuck you."

Logical bullshitting has worked well for me for years.  As a Sugar Daddy, I've managed to secure arrangement relationships with some of the most beautiful women I've ever met, and often at terms that satisfied me at least as much (if not more so) as it satisfied them.  Bullshit greased the wheels of the relationship, opened the door to whatever level of intimacy the relationship called for, and unlocked her legs for my waiting and insistent cock.  I realize that seems sexist of me, and perhaps even a little blase about the woman's needs, but I can live with that tension.  If there's anything we Daddies and Babies can agree on, it's that these short-term, recreational relationships are almost exclusively about having fun.  For men, that almost exclusively revolves around NSA having sex with a beautiful woman who might not otherwise give him the time of day.  For women, that might also include NSA sex with a resourceful and powerful man, but most definitely involves availing herself of those resources and that power to serve her own specific needs.

The Sugar Bowl most definitely behaves like a barter exchange, in which goods and services are being traded for other goods and services.  Unfortunately, most people in the market think too two-dimensionally to make the most of all the intangible benefits (e.g., intimate bonding, mutual respect and admiration, and love) that go with all relationships involving two (or more) naked people. Accordingly, we're often too wary of one another to create a beautiful space around us.  But sometimes, magic happens.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sugar Shouldn't Automatically Mean Dishonest

One interesting aspect of the Sugar lifestyle is that the respective parties -- Sugar Daddies and Sugar Babies -- generally think that they need to employ a certain level of dishonesty in order for the relationship to succeed.  As I wrote in my previous post, I came across a Sugar Baby blog recently, called A Lapse From Grace, which chronicled the story of a young Sugar Baby who refers to herself as "Chameleon" as she goes from struggling teenager to "professional Sugar Baby" worth well over a million bucks.  Chameleon -- an apt name for someone who adapts to her surroundings by changing color/character -- admits that she "hustles" her Sugar Daddies so that they'll cough up the funds she demands.  I don't have to explain the meaning of "hustle" to assert that this woman uses dishonest means to get what she wants, from cash to merchandise to plastic surgery.  And, while I and others applaud her determination and discipline, I cannot endorse her dishonesty in achieving her goals.

The reason why she did what she did, based on my reading so far, was because she knew that sex was his main objective, and she wanted to dangle that carrot in front of him for as long as it took her to take him for what she could, before he got wise to her bullshit and cut her off.

Likewise, there are Sugar Daddies -- including myself at times -- who lie to their Sugar Babies in order to maintain the arrangement (for men, the companionship and regular sex).  One Sugar Baby -- Kyra, the porn star -- who told me that one Sugar Daddy had shorted her hundreds of dollars for their encounter.

An old friend once told me that "the locked door will only keep out the honest man."  It's true that if someone wants to deceive, there really isn't much standing in his or her way.  But from my perspective, there really isn't any need to do it.  I told a few little white lies to Audrey while we were together, but for the most part I was completely open with her, and I consider that arrangement to be a great success (readers will forgive me that I exclude my stupidity at how I ruined that relationship, but that wasn't direct dishonesty, and I admitted it and apologized once I realized how stupid I had been).

Sugar Babies can probably find a fantastic Sugar Daddy and keep him happy without having to engage in any significant deception.  Lying about your age by a few (meaning less than five) years is probably harmless, assuming the Sugar Baby is at least 18.  But lying about whether or not you're married or in a significant relationship with someone else crosses the line.  Likewise, withholding that you have another Sugar relationship is an example of major dishonesty.

For myself, I have never lied about my marital status to any Sugar Baby, and I have never told a Sugar Baby I didn't have money when I did.  I now shave a few years off my age because a) I don't look my age at all, and b) I find that the Sugar Babies I like the most prefer men younger than I am.  I admit that's a bit of a hustle, but not one that harms anyone.  I have juggled more than one woman at a time as I was searching for an arrangement, but I have never maintained more than one arrangement at a time.  And most of the time, the women I was juggling knew that I hadn't yet settled on any single person.

I have found that, for me, honesty has worked best. And I encourage and empower the women I'm with to be upfront with me about everything, including being in significant relationships.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

New Sugar Baby Blog I'm Reading

I've recently come across Lapse From Grace, The Untamed Story of a Sugarbaby, a blog written by a Los Angeles-based high-end Sugar Baby who started out very humbly, and through the right attitude and connections with the right Sugar Daddies, has amassed while still in her twenties a net worth of over $1 million, including tons of cash and an impressive real estate portfolio.  She's a great writer (except for the poetry, which is all pretty awful), with a compelling narrative, and so far, I haven't been able to stop reading it.

I have to say that, upon first blush, this girl both impresses and repulses me.  She impresses because she knows exactly what she wants and doesn't settle for anything less and never gives up until she gets it.  She repulses me (so far) because she so casually and matter-of-factly admits that she is "hustling" the men for money, refusing/delaying sex with them because she's disgusted with them physically (while at the same time contemplating marrying them and speculating about how to divide assets/income once they divorce), and continuing to return to men who are not right for her.

I skipped ahead and discovered that she now wants real love in her life, a family, and a husband.  But she hasn't yet fully let go of the one Sugar Daddy who gave her enough money to get over the $1 million mark.  She reveals her youth and lack of maturity in spectacular fashion, though she deftly keeps those cards close to the vest to be able to rant about them privately on her blog.

Checking my own feelings here, I think part of the reason why I'm so put off by her story is because I feel so inadequate to the SDs she chooses.  I'm so small change compared to these men.  Then again, I also feel shock when I read about them.  Old men (50s and 60s) who have zero problem with giving her a "severance" check of more than $400,000.  I nearly choke every time I read about that.  What is it that motivates a man to do that for someone who he has to know is hustling him?  Does he believe he's grooming her for greatness? Could be, I guess, but then again, she's gotten most, if not all, of her inspiration from wealth-creation books she's read.  More pathologically, is he salving some open wound about his inadequacies as a husband or father?  Or is he just so bored and has nothing better to do with his money than to throw around multiple six figures to have eye/arm candy around who might open her legs for him and/or suck his dick?  Forget about all the trips, the shopping, the "mentorship," and the piles of cash (how the fuck do the married ones manage to hide that much from their wives?), a Sugar Daddy arrangement is first and foremost, for the men, a sexual relationship.  At one point, this girl states that her Sugar Daddy has given her $85,000 over a period of three months.  "Not enough!" she rants.  Seriously?  Is it worth that much for any man to fuck a woman to whom one is not married and/or with whom one does not have children?  I may really, really love sex, but whether or not I had the funds to invest, I would never do this.

Again, these are initial feelings.  I'm going to read the whole blog, and I'm going to pass on some of the juicier tidbits that I think reveal a great deal about this fascinating woman.