Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Sugar Baby Exits, Another (?) Enters

This week will mark my last encounter with the lovely and talented Staci.  My new business launches next week, and will be located far from her apartment.  I've always kept my Sugar Babies located somewhere between home and office, and Staci is located too far off the beaten path to justify continuing. Further, my business will require every ounce of attention until it takes off.

I told Staci today that it would be the last time "for a while."  My target for being available again is three months, but I'm inclined to think it will be longer than that.  "A whole season of no cock," she lamented.  "Please don't deprive yourself of sex because of me.  What we have is special, but it's just sex.  I'd truly feel sad if you went without it for three months."  "No need to worry," she replied. "I've gone nine months without in the past."  "As you wish, my love," I wrote.  "But make it because you're too busy, not because I'm not available."  More to be revealed there, I suppose.

In other news, a very compelling possibility came up from a most unlikely place.  A girl I know casually outside of the sugar world commented recently that since she had no boyfriend, or even a fuck-buddy, she was looking for someone.  I replied, half-serious, "I'll be your daddy."  She suggested I cover her rent.  Did I mention that she lives in another state?  She said she gets out to the west coast every so often, and asked when we could meet up.

The timing is very intriguing.  Given my business transition, I'm off the market until my income returns, but a meet up when she comes to town would be fun.  There'd be no issues with apartments because she'd have a hotel and be working while she's here, and if she would make time for me one evening while in town, that'd be awesome.

This is all the detail I'm going to discuss for now.  I'm so weak willed, I could easily jeopardize my business for a girl like this, so I'm going to stay in touch with her for now.  If something comes of it, I'll update it here.