Thursday, March 31, 2016

Aussie Date #2: a Preview

This afternoon, Aussie and I will meet for lunch and retire afterward to a hotel for our second date.  I truly enjoy her company (and her body), and am really looking forward to being with her again.

Aussie is the first woman since Staci and I broke up last September with whom I've been intimate more than once (not counting Sam since she and I had been together four times in 2013).  This unfortunate truth does bother me a little, and with my paradigm shift of taking a long-term approach to things in the beginning stages, I am cautious not to bolt from this new relationship with Aussie, at least until it becomes abundantly clear that others are more desirable.

Our date begins in about four hours at an upscale eatery about 10 minutes from her home, where we'll have some laughs and maybe some wine, and then we'll head to a mid-priced hotel about 10 minutes from the restaurant.  With one of her roommates home we can't get together in her bedroom today.


Chic texted me Tuesday night that one of her fortes is dirty texting, but since then she appears to be too busy to show me anything like that, despite my encouragement.  At the moment I'm cooling a bit on her, but she's still at the top of the backup list.

Sweden and I texted the other day and I found out that it's only a ten-minute drive from my office to her apartment... where she lives alone!  Sweden is easily more attractive than Aussie and Chic, and both of them have roommates.  You might have gathered by now how much I value having someone who is geographically close.  It's why I ended things with Staci, and Space Cadet, and wouldn't continue with College.  It is a major plus in Sweden's favor that she lives alone and so close to my office.  If the chemistry is there, and we'll get a decent idea of that next week, she'll jump to the front of the line and may even replace Aussie.

Sasha and I have been chatting almost non-stop since we first exchanged numbers.  She is one fascinating girl. At 25, she's a little out of my age range, but she's so mature and so grounded that her age is completely irrelevant to me.  She has had a very difficult upbringing.  Raised in the foster care system, she got pregnant at 18 and married the father, who came from a very wealthy family.  The marriage did not last and she quickly got divorced, and made the excruciatingly difficult decision to let her child be raised exclusively by her ex-husband, whose family could provide for the child.  She hasn't seen the kid in three years. "I've completely shut off that part of my brain. At this point."  As a father of two beautiful children, my heart absolutely hurts for her.  This affected her so deeply that she said she couldn't wait till she turned 30 so she could have her tubes tied and never have any children.  As a Sugar Daddy hearing this story, I'd normally run so fast in the other direction you'd see nothing but the dust in my wake, but she is rebuilding her life to such an inspiring degree that I can't help but respect and admire her.  She works in the legal field, and although she doesn't have a law degree, she works for a prominent independent lawyer and does everything he does "except talk to judges."  She is passionate about and loves what she is doing, and has serious ambitions for her career once she can get out of debt.  She'll go to law school and get her degree, pass the bar and be able to hang her own shingle. With her street smarts and previous experience, she's going to be a formidable litigator.  I want to meet her badly, but with her work schedule and the fact that she's got a roommate, I'm not sure there's much of a chance.  I joked with her that, "I know you don't need it, but you've now activated my rescuing reflex."

Min left today for a wedding in Mexico. We'll talk when she returns, but I'm sort of not into her.

Gemini and I are still chatting, but she's even younger than Sasha so I'm not all that excited to deal with I'm sensing is a bit of immaturity.

Holly and I texted last night and yesterday morning.  Despite the fact that she's gorgeous, intelligent, and mature, I'm cooling on her because I actually find her a little too reserved.  My flirtation attempts were met with smiles but no reciprocation to speak of.  Maybe that's a sign of her maturity, which, at the end of the day, I desire in a woman, but if this is to be fun for me, there has to be a little more playfulness.  Perhaps if we're intimate her playful side will come out, but for now I'm afraid she is probably down near the bottom of the list.

Finally, I just presented Violet with my terms and haven't yet heard back.  I'm guessing that she'll say no, which would be fine.  Despite her lovely face, she appears not to have the ideal body that I like.

Here's how they all stack up right now:

  • Aussie -- beautiful, sexy, and flexible schedule, but lives with roommates and 30 minutes from work.
  • Sasha -- sexy, strong, but lives with roommate and likely has inflexible work schedule
  • Chic -- lovely, sweet, intelligent, but with inflexible schedule and lives with roommates
  • Sweden -- gorgeous, lives alone, and flexible schedule, but unknown compatibility
  • Sam -- gorgeous, sexy, fun, but unpredictable schedule and has roommates
  • Gemini -- intelligent and sexy, but too young and has roommates
  • Holly -- strong, beautiful, spiritual, and flexible schedule, but has roommates and appears reserved
  • Min -- sexually open and lives alone, but is less attractive and lives more than 30 minutes from work
  • Violet -- not enough to know much of anything beyond the physical.

That's a lot of choices, eh?

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chic Challenges

Today I had breakfast with Chic, who I'd started chatting with five days ago.  I selected a family-type place in between my office and her apartment and she showed up just a few minutes late.  We shared a nice warm hug and sat down in a booth away from everyone so we could be frank with each other.

She was dressed for business, which I definitely appreciated.  She was headed to work after breakfast, so that made sense.

She asked me about myself, which was a good start! Wasn't just a small talker, talking weather, city traffic, whatever.  She wanted to know about me.  I gave her all the details, including my real age, my family status, and I showed her pics of my kids.  She was gracious and a good listener.

Then it was her turn to talk.  She mentioned that she grew up in a very ethnically homogeneous city in the northwest Rocky Mountains, and had lived in Southern Cal for five years.  She had a degree in Kinesiology, or "Exercise Science," as she called it, and business, had a background in dance and nutrition. She came here to be a professional dancer and has had some success in that area (an aside: long-term readers will remember how I feel about dancers' bodies), but it became necessary for her to find a real job to pay the bills.  During her search she came across an ad looking for someone to run a start up business that provided services and facilities for professional and other elite athletes, kind of a cross between a gym and physical therapy.  Given her background, the owners were so impressed with her that they not only offered her the job, but gave her a piece of the business as part of the deal. So while she has set working hours, she also gets a piece of the profits.  While still in their first year, the initial investors pulled out, which could have spelled disaster.  But, even though the business isn't profitable, it isn't losing money either, so they're able to keep the lights on and pay themselves without going into the red or looking for another investor.  They are experiencing incremental growth, but they lack a few essential things that I think would put them over the top.  For one, a solid social media presence, as well as the cooperation of their elite clientele to capitalize on their patronage to spread the word.  Further, they can widen their net to include local high school and prep school athletes.  "Most of those kids have parents of means who will do anything for their kids when they get injured," I said. "You'd do well to give clinics at those schools and get to know the coaches." She thought that was a great idea and said she would bring it to her partners.

Chic was also preparing for a dance gig and getting in shape.  From what she was wearing and how she felt when I hugged her, I could tell she had a killer body.  So she only ordered two eggs. She explained later that she was also gluten- and lactose-intolerant. Just protein and fat for now, she said.

After about 45 minutes we were ready to get on with our day.  We agreed that we'd like to see each other again.  I paid the bill and walked her to her car, and we hugged again. No PDA.

I am truly attracted to Chic, and would like to see her again. The real challenge, and I mentioned this to her, is that her work schedule -- late mornings to early evenings -- makes everything except morning dates impossible. Further, she has a roommate and can't host me at her home.  To book a hotel, I'd have to book it the day before and then meet the following morning.  There might be an evening once in awhile, but that would not be a regular thing.  I felt some disappointment, but not too much because I still had Aussie and was not at all dissatisfied with her.

Still in texts later in the afternoon, Chic and I agreed to meet for a date on her day off.  I suggested another platonic date, but she said, "I feel really comfortable with you and would be totally fine with a play date already!"  I'd truly like to play with her too.  But the paradigm shift is on, and while I don't restrict myself to one SB, I don't like Pay for Play anymore. So that's in my back pocket for now.


I sent a text to Vee that I was no longer available. She took it sweetly, although I noticed later that she'd pulled her profile off the sugar website.

I sent a similar text to KC.  She did not take it all that well.  "Well, I think that's kind of shitty that you were still out there looking and keeping me on the line when I could have been doing the same. I'm blocking your number and profile."  Guilty, but dem's de breaks.

Sasha and I were supposed to meet today for coffee, but she cancelled due to a work conflict.  We agreed to talk about rescheduling.

Three new potentials have popped up:

  • Gemini: Mid-20s musician and student, with a slender build, dark hair and eyes, and a very nice body.  Grew up in Norcal not far from where C/Hayden did.  We chatted via text yesterday and she sent some nice pics that weren't on her profile.  She's accepted my offer too, and we made a happy hour date for early next week.
  • Sweden: Mid-20s, brunette, designer, born and raised in Europe, and seriously, seriously gorgeous. She puts everyone to shame so far.  She's also accepted my offer and we've scheduled a lunch in a week.
  • Violet: Mid-20s, middle-eastern brunette, tall and with what looks to be a curvy figure.  Beautiful face too!  Gave her my number but she dropped her phone in a pot of soup and is trying to recover it, so we're stuck with email for now.  No discussion of finances yet.  I'm not holding my breath.  
No updates on Min or Holly right now.  I'll probably not choose Min given my poor history with Asian women.  Holly's definitely still in the running, however.

You will notice that all of these women are brunettes.  Thanks both to DW and C/Hayden, I'm convinced they are "my type."

There you have it.

Monday, March 28, 2016

WCSD Journal Update 3/28/2016

Aussie and I have a date for this week.  We spoke last Friday by phone and got caught up.  It turns out that when she travels to Australia, she replaces the sim card in her phone with one just for Australia, so she never got any of my texts. We joked that we could pretend I didn't send them so that I didn't come off as anxious in any way.  (For the record, I never felt anxious, just confused about her return date.)

She was in a great mood and expressed sincere excitement to get together again.  We'll meet up just before noon, have lunch, then retire to a hotel (one of her roommates will be home) for a good time. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again.

Meanwhile, when she didn't appear to be responding to texts, I had the thought that perhaps she might have gotten work in Australia and would be there longer than anticipated. So I renewed my website membership and got back to searching.  Here are some results, in no particular order:

  • Min: Early-30s Asian woman working in the entertainment industry in a below-the-line job. Very cute face, slightly chunky, but very sexually experienced.  She's out of town to Mexico for a week now, so we'll meet up for drinks next week.
  • Chic: Late-20s brunette who works as a "health counselor" for athletes.  Great body, beautiful face, perfect height, excellent positive outlook.  Lives near my work.  Challenging schedule that for now suggests we're only compatible in the morning. We're supposed to meet tomorrow for breakfast, but she hasn't confirmed yet.  More to come there.
  • Sports: after our first conversation nearly 11 months ago, she is back and still interested in meeting. Her work schedule has also changed, so I'm not sure it will work, but I'm always open to meeting her. I liked her from the get go.  We haven't worked out details yet, so more to come.
  • Holly: Early-30s Western European woman, petite, with a sexy shock of curly hair and a slender, in shape body.  She looks a bit older than the age she listed, and I'm thinking she's over 35, but she's totally single, has a very cute accent, a fantastic outlook, and very sexy indeed. We are going to meet next week for lunch.
  • Sasha: Mid-20s brunette student, tall, with big lips and a look that reminds me of porn star Sasha Grey.  Just getting started, but I like the way she communicates so far.
I like all these women more than both KC and Vee, so this week I'm finally going to pull the plug on those potentials.  Aussie, by virtue of our having been intimate and getting along, has an advantage over all of them, but I'm not closed to making a change if one of these girls blows me away.  I'll refrain from sleeping with any of them until I decide if I'm ready to end it with Aussie, and today that seems unlikely.

Like I wrote early last month, having a backup plan (and a backup to the backup plan) may not be ideal when I'm looking for a long-term thing.  But I am not looking at anyone like a temporary one-time encounter anymore.  Every one of these potentials hears me say that I'm looking for a long-lasting arrangement, and I truly mean it.  So none of them may graduate to being my mistress so long as things with Aussie stay hot and fun and emotionally open.


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Aussie Returns

My current SB, Aussie, arrived back in town last night. We have been texting and have made plans for next week. An afternoon of "eating lunch, then each other."  I missed her, and I'm glad she's back and looking forward to another date with me.

Meanwhile, I did re-up my membership on the sugar website, but haven't found anyone noteworthy. Honestly it was just a hedge against Aussie's not returning.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Have (Finally) Shaken Leah Loose

I wrote two weeks ago that I made Leah a final offer to meet, a last chance for her to reconnect.  The next day I regretted making the offer, for reasons that you'll see below, and I determined that my better choice would be to withdraw it.

However, I held off withdrawing the offer until two nights ago.  One, I wanted to sit with the feelings I was having, and two, I wanted what I said in withdrawing the offer to be precise, and as brief as possible.  The aim was to generate zero response.

So here was my text to her (it blew up her phone with six separate texts.  Oh well...):
Keeping this simple: I'm cancelling tomorrow. I know it doesn't matter to you since you weren't going to show, but just in case, I didn't want to be accused of standing you up.
It's a poor use of my time and resources to invest in an involvement with someone who doesn't care about me.   You once told me why single women slept with married men. But you didn't want my money or my heart.  You didn't even want the sex.  I don't know what you wanted. Not like I didn't give you multiple chances to show me you cared, but all I ever got were empty words, broken promises, and a string a cancellations.
Had to finally accept that the connection we shared two years ago, which was beautiful, and deep, and rare, was irretrievably gone.  Makes me sad, actually, because in a way I loved you. I know I'm not supposed to say things like that, but it's true.  Doesn't matter anymore, anyway.
The one bright spot is that I've managed once and for all to shake you loose.  So, best of luck with school, your career, and your life. I'm certain that once you resolve your daddy issues, you'll be happy. For the final time, goodbye.
I feel completely free now.  There is no more pull.  Yeah, yeah, you're thinking, wait a few months and he'll reach out to her again.  Never fails. Well, looks like you'll be disappointed.  She's the wrong girl for me.  I deserve someone who actually wants me, whoever that is.

Aussie's supposed to be back in town now, and she owes me a text or a call.  I'll see how that plays out.  I still have KC, Sam, and Sarah.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Aussie Sex, and the Color Purple

Sorry I've been away for a week, dear readers.  I got very busy over the weekend with studies and sports for the kids, and then I got sick Monday and haven't been in much of a mood for writing. Today, however, I feel well enough to get back to it.  Besides, I'm sure you're all wanting to know how things went with Aussie last week.

Driving to Aussie's apartment, I had to travel through some of the most expensive real estate in our fair part of the world.  Gigantic homes on huge lots, with old and new mixed together.  It made the drive very pleasant, as I'm always one for admiring beautiful homes.  Throughout the drive, however, I was reminded how badly I needed to pee!

Fortunately the drive only took about half an hour, which left me about 30 minutes to find a place near her apartment, like a Starbucks, where I could take care of myself.  I went three minutes in each direction from the intersection nearest her place but couldn't find anything.  I'd fallen into the least hospitable place in town!  No one drinks coffee around here?  I decided that I'd just go at Aussie's apartment.

I texted her to tell her I was parked, about a minute's walk from her building. She told me to wait at the side gate and she'd let me in.  Reminded me of the old days with C/Hayden.  It took just about a minute, but there she was, dressed in a black top and black shorts.  We walked to her apartment, which had private entrances for a couple of the four bedrooms -- one being hers.

Once we entered her room through a sliding glass door, it hit me that Aussie has only been in the US for about two or three weeks.  A well-appointed room, for sure, but missing quite a lot of stuff.  She had a nice queen bed, a dresser, a lamp or two, and a little throw rug on the hardwood floor.  Of course, the closet was full of clothes!  She directed me to the bathroom to freshen up, and I noticed that the apartment was gigantic.  I could see a little dry erase board near the front door that had each occupant's name and a magnetic arrow for each of them.  An up arrow meant she was home, and a down arrow meant she was out.  Nice way to communicate and observe boundaries, I thought.

After taking care of myself, I went back to her bedroom.  Music was playing fairly loudly -- no doubt to hide the sounds of passion that would soon be emanating from this room -- and she was dancing a little bit around the room.  So cute!  I slipped off my shoes, and she noticed that my socks were purple.  "My favorite color," I said. "Wow, mine too!" she smiled.  "And, speaking of purple." she continued, looking into my eyes, she then reached to her waist and slipped off her top to reveal a purple bra.  Next came the shorts, which covered up matching panties.  "Nice touch!" I laughed, admiring her very fit body.  Her bellybutton was pierced and she had a gigantic tat on her hip which covered her buttock and the outside of her entire thigh.  Dominant color?  You guessed it!

"No fair," I said, "I need to be as undressed as you are."  She helped me out of my shirt and pants, offering to hang them up for me, which I declined.  Soon we were kissing passionately as we stood in the middle of the room, surrounded by the music.  She was a terrific kisser, lots of tongue, lots of holding each other close.  As we slid down onto her bed, her hips began rocking against my leg.  I expertly unhooked her bra and freed her small but very beautiful tits.  Her nipples hardened against my insistent pinching, kissing and sucking.  I got her out of her panties and noticed a well-groomed landing strip above a beautiful pink pussy.  Plus, another piercing, this time her clit!  I asked her if the piercing had hurt, but she said just a little and now it felt good to have it played with.  With my tongue I flicked the little metal stud.  It certainly felt different for me, having that thing click against my front teeth every few seconds!  She totally enjoyed herself, reaching a massive climax with my fingers inside her.

It was her turn, and she admired my cock without expressing any bit of shock or fear about its size. Hallelujah!  I got an absolutely fantastic blow job, one of the best I'd ever received.  Had she kept it up for another minute or so I would have cum in her mouth, but I truly wanted inside.  I brought her up for a few more wonderful kisses, then got off the bed to get the condom and lube.  "Oh," she said, "you won't need that.  I get really wet!"  "OK," I replied, putting the condom on, "we'll see once I'm inside you."

I got on top of her and slid right in with no resistance.  She was very tight and very wet!  We went very slowly at first and she rubbed her clit while I was inside her.  She explained later that she hardly ever climaxes from oral, and rarely comes twice, but she really wanted to come again.  I held her legs apart so she could pleasure herself while I slid in and out of her pussy.  Great fun!

After about ten or fifteen minutes, I came inside her and after a minute or so slipped off the condom. "Just put it in the bin," she said.  "The bin?" I repeated. "Oh, sorry, I meant the trash can." A wonderful Aussie colloquialism, I thought.

I wish I could remember what we talked about while we lay there in each other's arms, but it's been a week since that day and I just can't.  I do remember, however, that I found her unbelievably charming and sweet.  Her birthday was in a few days, and she was leaving to go to Australia for a week or so to visit family.  I was glad I got her a birthday card to hold the allowance.

We had sex once more, but neither of us came again.  We were both tired, and probably not quite in the mood to go again.  We'd had a great time with each other, but the time had come for me to shower up and head home.

I texted Aussie on her birthday and wished her a safe trip, dropping her my email address in case she wanted to write.  I don't suspect I'll hear from her till she returns.

I enjoyed myself with Aussie more than I did with KC, so I probably won't be seeing KC again.

I know this looks like a pay-for-play situation again, but it isn't.  I'm still searching for the right girl. I'd be fine with either KC or Aussie, but having the luxury of a choice, I pick Aussie.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Preview of Aussie, and a Last Offer to Leah

Today I will be seeing Aussie for an intimate date.  As I woke up this morning, I saw that she'd texted me at 1:30 am.  Oh, no, I thought, she's probably sick.  Nope: "Hey, so heading to sleep and realizing we haven't actually talked 'business.'  -- well, at least I can't find it in our msgs..."

I took a quick look on the website and our text history and saw no sign of any discussion of actual dollars, although I did see where I mentioned my twice a month preference.  I took a screen shot of it and circled the part of the conversation where she'd agreed at least to that part. "Crap," I wrote back, "I can't either.  I see where I mentioned twice a month."  I gave her the per-meet number, adding, "It goes monthly once trust is established and we're sure we want each other."  Then I attached the screenshot.  About an hour later she texted and confirmed that we were fine.  Phew.  I had a few minutes of "I can't believe I missed THAT detail!"

I leave in two hours to see her.  Details on our date in the next post.

Meanwhile, I decided that Leah deserved one last chance to come to her senses.  I'd been thinking about this for a week, and it was clear to me that perhaps she lacked motivation to show up.  Would more money increase her interest?  Worth a try, I thought.  So I sent her a detailed text late this morning:

"I remember your telling me two summers ago that you'd made a previous bf wait two months before having sex with him.  You said you wanted to see if he was 'serious.'

"I am willing to wait longer than that if you're trying to see if I'm serious about you.  Plus, I'm willing to provide allowance in the meantime.  But you'd at least need to spend some quality time with me.

"On [specific date and time] I'll be at the bar [where I met Fleur].  Meet me there and we'll spend time together (probably somewhere else).  Anything beyond dinner is your choice.  If you show, I'll provide double our agreement.

"I will only be there [for 30 minutes], and then I'll leave and disappear forever.  There's no need to confirm; just show up.  This is a one-time offer. We can discuss and work out details for futures dates over dinner.

"As serious as I am about this, I have almost zero confidence you'll accept. Call it a hunch. My hope is that you do, however, because despite being unsure that you care about me, my very deep affection for you remains unchanged. I'll do the work I need to do to prove my value to you; our date would give me the opening I need to make it worth my time and effort."

Minutes later, she responded: "I am torn because I wanted to see you again, but you were texting and also called me and it was getting to be a bit much.  I am interviewing for internships in addition to studying for a mass amount of midterms.  I don't have time to commit to being in contact all day.  It was getting to be a bit much."

Ridiculous. "I didn't ask for contact all day. I left the ball in your court and you never responded. I followed up with no more than a few words each day to get your attention.  If that's too much then I'm sorry.  A word or two to explain why you're unable to communicate would be enough to shut me up.  I am an awesome partner and I am 100% certain we'd be good together. My invitation stands, hope you show."

She won't show.  This might be just what I'll need to shake her loose.  At worst I spend half an hour with a drink and my phone, then head back out.  The place is right off the freeway on my way home from work.  Can't beat that.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Second Lunch With Vee

Vee and I were going to have a "walk-about" lunch, where we picked up something to go and just took a neighborhood walk, did window shopping, etc.  In the immediate vicinity of my office, however, there isn't any place like that, so I changed it up and asked her to pick me up and we'd drive to a different neighborhood, about half a mile away, where there were tons of restaurants.  I figured we'd find something there.

She showed up right on time in her Prius and I jumped in.  The A/C was blasting and music was wafting from her stereo (some house stuff I didn't recognize).  In the center console cup holder was a vaping inhaler. She was a "vaper," not a smoker, but still I had my doubts as to our compatibility. You'll remember how much I hate kissing smokers.  Vee wore a light, long-sleeve sweater and her skinny jeans, which I appreciated because I was not in business attire.  I checked her out more thoroughly this time.  She seemed to have a nice body, but I would know more once she stood up.

After we found free parking, we started walking up and down the street looking for something suitable.  But other than a Subway, which I detest, and a Chipotle, which I don't trust these days, there was nothing on the street that was quick enough. Further, she was hankering for a cup of coffee. We found a cute little cafe that had counter service (and coffee) and took a little table right on the street.  While standing in line waiting to order I took a couple more looks at her.  Her long dark hair was certainly pretty and I really liked her eyes and smile.  She had broad shoulders, which suggested that she might have been an athlete growing up, or was at least in really good shape.  She wasn't busty at all, but I could make out something there.  I intrigued enough to want to see more of her. Plus, I was really into the booty.

We talked a lot over lunch about family, growing up, and challenges through school.  She did some athletics and dance, but mostly now it was confined to the gym.  She told me she'd been a troublemaker in high school -- actually pretty rowdy -- and was still mystified how she'd made it through college.  But it seemed as though she'd slowed and calmed down over the years and was now in a much different place.  I had (and continue to have) concerns that her personality and mine won't mix in the sugar bowl.  At one point, I thought we'd make better friends than lovers, but I brushed that thought aside and avoided judging too harshly.  She knew what was up -- at least I believed she did -- when she signed up for this type of relationship.  So I just kept an open mind and went with it.

After lunch we took a walk in the residential neighborhood one block over.  She got out her vaping mechanism (I truly don't know what the fuck it's called) and started hitting it.  Although there was no smell from what she exhaled, I have to admit that the vaping was a turn off, and I said I had no problem with it so long as she didn't vape when we were together.  She assured me that there was no smell or taste if we kissed.  "You'll have to prove that to me then," I said, smiling.  Frankly, it didn't really matter, as I didn't want her to do it. She then said that she was pretty much resolved to quitting anyway.  We'd have to see if she did quit.

The walk lasted about fifteen minutes -- she walked faster than I did, and I'm a fast walker -- before we got back to her car.  After driving me back to her office I leaned in and kissed her briefly.  Kind of awkward, actually, as we bumped faces a little roughly.  I got out of there and headed up to my office to write this post.

After writing this post, however, I'm a bit ambivalent about a third date.  I do like Vee, I'm attracted to her, but if I had to compare her to Aussie, who was not only very attractive but had a very outgoing personality, I'd say Aussie was the one to whom I would gravitate more.  And I'm not getting much of a sexual vibe from Vee.  I'm not even sure she finds me attractive.  She definitely shows up as though she wants to take it slow, and I'm enjoying the company, so I don't see the harm in a third date.

While I was writing this post, she texted to say she couldn't remember if she'd thanked me for lunch, so she thanked me.  I just assured her that she had already done so (I couldn't remember, actually, but to save her any embarrassment I just said she did), and thanked her for kissing me and for proving there was no smell from the vaping.  "Perhaps our next date can be a kissing date, but that's up to you," I wrote.

WCSD Journal Sugar Update -- March Madness Begins!

Glad spring is only a few more weeks away.  I'm tired of wearing my jacket everywhere.  Southern California had a pretty warm winter, but at night I have still had to wear a jacket.  Plus we did get some rain, so...

March is a big month in my sugar daddy history.  In March 2008 DW suggested that I should find a girlfriend for sex.  In March 2011 I reunited with C/Hayden after a four month breakup.  In March 2012 I emerged unscathed from an STI scare (phew!).  In March 2014 I stepped away from the sugar lifestyle (for the most part) for about five months, until Audrey and I started seeing each other more regularly.  In March 2015. I discovered that my recurring prostate infection was likely the real issue three years earlier when I had the STI scare.  That put me on a course of recovery that has been extremely beneficial.

I'm not sure anything momentous is going to happen this month.  If I could wish for something it would be that I lose the 25 pounds I gained back after losing 23 pounds last year.  I feel like a fat pig. I also wish I could settle on one woman.  Here's today's update:

Meeting today for lunch, when she'll pick me up and drive us somewhere fun I have in mind. We'll get food to go and walk around the neighborhood, chatting, people-watching, just being together.  As I've said, she has my attention for now, but I'm not sure how much longer that'll be the case.  I wonder if she'll ask me today when I plan to begin providing her with the allowance.  I'm not eager to have that conversation, but I'll be clear that I'm not sure an arrangement yet exists before we consummate.  If that turns her off, so be it.

Cancelling our second sex date, because...

We're meeting this week for our first intimate date.  I looked this woman up online (why not?) and saw that she's got quite a lot of experience in TV and film.  I have a feeling that she'll be a star with her looks, so I'll do whatever is needed to hold onto her.

Yeah, you noticed she's down at the bottom?  It's been three days plus, and not a word from her. Maybe I've finally managed to shake her loose.  I'm not holding my breath that she'll reappear anytime soon, and I'm too busy to pursue.

More tomorrow after my lunch with Vee.