Friday, April 29, 2016

A Long Time Reader Finally Writes!

My last post touched a nerve with a reader!  Here is the reader's note in full:
I have been following your blog for a very long time now and so many times i found your attitude very deceiving, I never posted a comment but now really I don't like what I read. I understand you want to stay away from drama but she seems to be a great girl, she is just going though a bad time and it won't last. Wouldn't you feel great and satisfied if you help a woman close to you to get better? I am sorry if i make mistakes i am actually French so my English isn't perfect :)
I'm not sure how my attitude is "deceiving," unless the reader is commenting on the approach I take with some of my sugar babies.  In any relationship, particularly in these short-term, recreational ones, there is such a thing as too much honesty. No man would ever tell his woman she looked fat, for example.  At least not in that way!  In these short term relationships, I've maintained for a long time that they are chiefly about sex and fun, and anything goes so long as the sex and fun continue. If a man is being deceptive and gets caught and she doesn't care for it, he should expect that to blow up in his face.  Hopefully it doesn't blow up too badly!  So I see no issue with a nominal amount of deception in order to keep the sex and fun going, but most readers will know that I prefer as much honesty as possible. Even Sugar Daddies have morals!

As for the issue of "drama," the reader should re-read what I wrote about Aussie and her drama.  He suggests that I help Aussie out to feel a sense of satisfaction that I helped her in her time of need.  To be clear, I wrote that I expect to be investing in new furniture for her.  Giving her the means to afford the furniture pleases me, but it's not the big source of pleasure and satisfaction for me.  I'm emotionally connected to Aussie now.  I care about her and want her to feel happy and safe. She is my girlfriend, mistress, lover -- all of them.  However, I've also written before that there are limits for me to the amount of drama I'm willing to endure.  On my sugar daddy profile, I write, "I don't expect zero drama [in my arrangements] because when two people like each other, sometimes there's conflict, so let's not shy away from it, let's learn from it."  If the drama gets in the way of the sex and fun, however, then I have to draw the line.  I've already got a wife, and there's plenty of conflict and drama and disagreement there to make me never want to have it anywhere else in my life, but I'm not stupid.  If a Sugar Baby and I are repeatedly taking off our clothes and having sex, we're eventually over time going to be feeling stuff for each other.  Emotions bring up wounds, and baggage, and other things that color any relationship, so conflict is bound to come up.  I'm all for resolving those conflicts so long as they don't uncover deeper ones. So far Aussie's drama has been minimal.  In my last post I simply acknowledged that I recognized it.  She's had a tough week, and seems to have solved her problems quite ably without my help.  My antennae are up around her work, however. She's a new immigrant, and while she's quite savvy, it's possible for her to be taken advantage of.  I don't want that for her, but if it does happen, that's a deeper drama that may get in the way of our having fun.  As soon as the fun part of the relationship starts taking a back seat to the drama, the relationship must end.

Hope that clears things up for the reader.


Ava is OUT.  And I mean totally OUT. We met for lunch near my office just a couple of hours ago.  I had been so eager to meet this girl who'd characterized herself as slim and athletic, and had sent me pictures to confirm it!  But I was SO disappointed at who actually showed up!  As she walked toward me in her black dress, flat shoes, and tasteful jewelry, it was clear that who I saw did NOT match the slender, petite woman I saw in the pictures.  She was, to put it bluntly, fat, dumpy, and not in shape. Her upper arms and thighs were easily as big around as mine.  Her face was pretty enough, but I've been deceived by pretty faces in the past! Maybe I didn't pay close enough attention to the camera angles, or the the fact that she always seemed to have something in front of her legs in all her pics. Anyway, I paid for a lunch that included a cocktail for her. She's a hardcore vegan too, so there was that look when I ordered fish.  All that said, however, she was so intelligent, and ambitious, and so completely charming, and I fucking HATED that I didn't find her the least bit attractive. Part of me felt shallow for not digging her body type, but I know what I like, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Despite the fact that she gave me a nice kiss afterwards (a $160 kiss), and told me that I should post better pictures of myself because I was "far more attractive in person than in the pictures," I cannot see myself involved with her for the next four months until she goes off to school.

This experience brings me to a reflection. At lunch yesterday with Ari, she'd mentioned that she preferred it when people were direct with her and told her straight what was up.  It got me thinking about how I should best tell a potential Sugar Baby that I'm not interested, particularly after we meet and share a meal and a decent conversation.  Yesterday, I knew immediately that Ari was not the right girl for me, but I took a passive approach and let her say no to my offer rather than me simply saying, "You know, as much as I'd like to start a relationship with you, I got the impression from lunch that your financial needs are beyond what I'm willing to invest."  That's a far more active approach, one that I like, but have been reluctant to use because I fear a negative reaction. Now just like I would never tell my woman that she is fat, I certainly wouldn't tell Ava that I wasn't attracted to her.  But rather than wait until we're not face to face, I could simply say, "Great meeting you, I think you're wonderful and charming, but we're not a match.  Thanks for joining me for lunch."  What would be so wrong with that?  I'll tell you what I'm thinking: the idea that a) she is walking back to her car, feeling rejected and hurt as if this was not the first time she'd been rejected, b) she is walking back to her car, feeling angry and resentful at what an asshole I was after all, or c) she is walking back to her car, thinking oh well, I could take or leave it anyway (in other words, I didn't matter). The idea that d) she's walking back to her car, thinking he's a nice guy, too bad it won't work out, but time to move ahead just doesn't occur to me. This is what has me hiding behind my phone, and has me looking for the right spin to justify my decision.  Case in point: Gemini.  I fucked her last week, but I haven't called or texted her since that day.  I'm sure she'll get the hint eventually, but I'd much rather just tell her that I'm not going to continue.  I would rate sex with her as Great -- not mind blowing, but Great. But the experience of her bouncing all over her apartment just turned me off.  In reality, that's the real reason I don't want to continue.  But it's also true that there are two other women -- Aussie and Phoebe -- who are willing to engage in the same arrangement for slightly less money, and with whom I am just as happy.  So my final note to her -- a fucking text -- would be along those lines: "Sorry for not writing, been busy with work.  Just wanted to say that while I enjoyed our time together, I'm not going to continue." If she asks why, then I tell her the truth: "Just that there are others willing to accept less and they also have their own places.  I know that makes me seem cheap, and I'm sorry."  I slink away and move on.  But in some respects, wouldn't it be better if I had said the next day, "Great hanging out.  You're hot and cute and fun and I had a great time.  Unfortunately, for reasons I don't care to explain, I don't feel we're a match.  All the best."  Isn't that a better approach?  I'd actually love feedback on that.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Who's In, Who's Out, Who's New -- April Final

Greetings, dear WCSD Journal readers!  We are nearly at the 8 year mark of my adventures as a Sugar Daddy.  During that time I have bedded 49 different young women, ranging in age from 19 to 43.  Who is going to be lucky Number 50?

I'm going to do a Who's In, Who's Out, Who's New list now. Since Aussie is on the list of Who's In, she will clearly not be Number 50.  But who will?  There are some great candidates here.

First, let's see who's in:

Aussie: Her new apartment fell through! What's worse, the money she wired to them may be gone. In other words, they seem to have defrauded her.  I don't have the full story yet, but she immediately set her Australian bank on it to try to retrieve the funds.  Not sure if she'll get it back, but it was a couple grand and that represents a large chunk of her savings.  Still, she needs to move out of her current place, and she's already found a similarly sized place (not furnished) for the same rent as the previous one, which was furnished.  So she has to add the expense of buying furnishings to the move.  I suppose I'll be investing in some cheap apartment furniture soon!  Meanwhile, her new job has already started, and she says it's been very cool.  Her first payday is mid-May.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this, too, is not another deception, as to me, at least, it seemed way too good to be true.  I realize now that I'm emotionally invested in this woman's life now.  It's a good feeling, but I'm staying sober about this because, let's face it, what she's experiencing right now around her apartment and her work (loss of representation/management) is a bit of drama.  I don't like too much drama.

Ava: Lunch with her today.  We agreed yesterday on the terms, which are less than what she's used to, but this would, at best, be a four month arrangement until she returns to school in the fall.  Today she confirmed and we're on.  Interesting though: she wrote, "I have to say though, usually men offer a gift for meeting." What could I say to that? "I'm down.  Cash OK?" I offered $100, but she said, "$200 is more the norm?" I offered to give her the extra $100 on our first date if we hit it off.  "Don't see the reasoning behind that, but OK," she replied, adding, "You can give it to me at the end if you like. Trust me, I'm worth it." "Well," I shot back, "we're two hours out, I'm buried at work, and have no time to go to the bank, and $100 is all I have on me."  "That makes sense, OK," she replied.  "I'm also worth it," I wrote.  "It's more of a verification that you aren't a cheap asshole," she replied, "I'm sure you're worth it. You seem cool."  I LOVE how direct this girl is!  She's made a regular habit out of reminding me that she's not some "passive California girl."  I'm remaining open to the possibility that she's got a huge chip on her shoulder, and may try to challenge me the way Red did at our first meeting.

Phoebe: Lunch with her Monday. She invited me to her place instead of lunch, but I declined, giving her my usual line about first dates needing to be casual.  I also explained later about how the "meet 'n fuck" scenario never works out for me.  We had a great phone conversation earlier this week that lasted about 30 minutes, and she's witty, intelligent, articulate, and open-minded.  Not into girls, unfortunately, but she's certainly gorgeous and I'd like to be with her.

Now, who's out:

Ari: I had lunch with her yesterday.  The entire week our texts had been detailed on my end, and a couple of words on her end.  I was beginning to think she was not at all interested, but she explained later that she sucks with the phone, hates having it, and prefers face to face meetings over everything. I know people like this.  One friend even wrote about it yesterday on his Facebook timeline; that he breaks out in a sweat when the phone rings because he doesn't like talking to people.  He prefers emails or texts.  She showed up on time, wearing a pair of ripped jeans and a white zip-up top that was unzipped to show a decent amount of her very lovely breasts. I was already seated at the restaurant and didn't get up since it would have been too clumsy to do so (other diners on either side of us).  She set her purse down and laid her car key on the table (a Mercedes, definitely out of my league, I thought).  She was an absolutely lovely Latina girl, with light highlights in her dark hair, a beautiful smile. and a ridiculous body that she said she keeps in shape with a personal trainer (yeah, I thought, this was definitely not going to happen).  Some minor complexion issues, but not even C/Hayden was perfect in that regard.  We enjoyed a great conversation -- she's in grad school at my alma mater, studying for a master's degree, and is nearing the end of her first of two years.  She lives five minutes away from my office in her own apartment.  I found out that her previous SD, with whom she'd ended just a few weeks ago, paid for the rent. Knowing the neighborhood, I was further convinced that she was probably looking for a better deal than I was going to offer her.  Her tuition (out of state) was covered by her ex-boyfriend, also a former SD with whom she'd lived for two years in Miami.  Finally, she was personal friends with the CEO and founder of the Sugar website to which both of us subscribed.  This was a girl who was in elite territory, so I seriously considered finishing the lunch and saying no thanks to the idea of an arrangement.  In fact that was what I should have done.  I walked her to her E-Class Mercedez, didn't offer to pay for parking (she had enough cash, I was sure), and we hugged a very ginger hug.  I walked back to my office and sent her a perfunctory "thanks, and hope we see each other again" text. I suggested that we select a quieter place the next time.  She said she thought that was a "lovely idea," and I replied, "public or private?"  She then asked for my offer.  I stopped what I had been doing and gave it a minute's reflection.  Should I do this? I thought.  I gave her the standard offer, knowing full well she'd say no.  I added, "No thank you is an OK answer, I don't want to waste anyone's time."  She wrote back, "Sorry, that's not what I'm looking for at all."  I don't know why I did what I did next.  I wrote, "No worries. I already have like 10 others who have already said yes.  Lovely meeting you though. Take care." So childish of me! Had I followed my gut and told her straight, that I was not going to make her an offer because I was sure she wanted more than what I was prepared to invest, I could have avoided that stupid exchange. Anyway, not going to beat myself up about it, since it was the truth.

Rina: Petered out, and I haven't been all that diligent about reviving it.  Today I sent her an apologetic text and asked her to let me know if she was still interested in meeting.  If she says yes, perhaps I'll move her up to the Who's In category, but after meeting at least 10 different women since beginning with Aussie, I may simply be too burned out to meet another.

Marlo: Since she is the only one of all the women I really like who doesn't have her own place, I'm moving her to this category.  No sense in springing for a hotel when I have three others where that's not an issue.

Alvina: Never got back in touch, so buh-bye.

Ash: Since she'd canceled our date earlier this week due to car trouble, and it was the second time, and she never responded to my last text, I'm giving up on her.  She's very likely an escort anyway.

And, finally, there's one more new:

Linda: This is a very special girl.  A Latina in her early 20s, who reached out to me a very long time ago -- I want to say it was well over a year ago, but it could be even longer -- through a different SD blog. I commented on one of his posts one day, and she clicked on the link to find my blog, sent me a message, and we've been messaging each other over Google Hangouts ever since.  I call her "Linda" because it's Spanish for beautiful.  We've become good friends, having shared all of our encounters with others.  She thinks that I wouldn't find her beautiful if we met, but she's wrong. I've seen enough pics of her, from her head to her toes, that convince me we'll be fine together.  I'm not perfect either, so let's just be people and get together.  Did I mention she lives on the East Coast?  No?  Well, she lives on the East Coast.  So, about five months ago I told her that I'd be flying back east to attend a large family event, which is now just over a month away.  DW and the kids won't be going because the event falls on the weekend before the end of school, and the kids have final exams and graduation ceremonies for which they are preparing, so I'll be on my own.  My parents and one sibling will, however, be attending.  I decided to fly out a day early to meet Linda, have a meal, and hopefully play with each other.  She's enthusiastically down for it, although she's a bit young and has never on her own ventured as far from her home away as where I'll be.  I will send her an Uber since it's really not that far (about an hour's drive, I guess).  We'll eat at the hotel or nearby and then play all night until I have to leave for the event, which is another hour's drive away.  I am eagerly anticipating meeting Linda, feel a little nervous, and hope she isn't disappointed when we finally meet.  She just this week learned my first name, so I've been very cautious in some ways with her.  But she seems like a seriously sexual girl, and eager to have fun, so let's go!

If I were an impartial observer, my money would be on Phoebe to be Number 50. Ava might have to show a little warmth when we meet, or she'll be out.  Linda told me she doesn't want to be an odd number, so that means I may have to fuck both Phoebe and Ava before Linda!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WCSD Journal Update 4/26/16

A quick update today.  I had lunch with Marlo, the late 20s Asian woman who lived not far from where Aussie lives (or lived, as Aussie is likely moving this week).

We enjoyed a great Mediterranean lunch of kabobs and basmati rice near my office in a chain restaurant which both of us liked a lot.

Marlo is lovely, has a great smile, full lips, straight teeth, a sexy body, is fully Americanized, and works in the entertainment industry.  She's articulate, with a background in finance, so that gives us a lot to talk about beyond the arrangement itself.

All good stuff, right?  Well, she shares an apartment and has no previous sugar experience.  So she's got negatives as well.  Do I consider it worth moving ahead and sleeping with her to see if we're sexually compatible as well?  At this point, no.  I told her I was still deciding to stall for time and think things over.

Aussie will now have her own apartment, not far from my office. We're crushing on each other, the sex is mind-blowingly phenomenal, and we have a lot to talk about as well.  I don't want to disrupt a good thing (if it ain't broke, etc.).

There is a small part of me who wants to pursue it with Marlo just so that I can break my streak of bad luck with Asian women (assuming this go well, which is anybody's guess).  Other than Jade (who was half-Asian), I've never been with an Asian woman with whom I was completely compatible. I don't know why this is, although I have previously speculated about it.  Jade certainly went a long way to undo the damage done by the previous nine girls, only one of whom got past the first date with me, and one of whom didn't even make it past the first phone call.

On the other hand, Marlo is not as attractive overall as Cecilia, who tells me that she is highly sexual and very talented.  I'm intrigued enough to check that out.

Finally, there are three other girls I will be meeting: Ari, Ava, and Phoebe.  Ari is first, and of all the pictures I've received, I like hers the best.  Ava is by far the most attractive to me overall, but she is very young and will not be here more than four months before returning back east to finish college. Phoebe has her own place, but she is a blonde and I just don't find them as attractive as brunettes. However, she's got a fantastic vibe and we work in the same industry, so there'd be lots to talk about. Out of these three, I think Phoebe has the best overall potential to be a long-term play.

Can you tell that I want to sleep with them all?

Monday, April 25, 2016

Aussie Surprises

This morning I got a text from Aussie telling me that she was getting a facial today and was going to be a block away come lunchtime, and would I like to take her to lunch at same spot where we first met.  Of course! I wrote back.  I loved getting surprised like this!   She also asked me if I could do her a favor and print something for her.  I gave her an address I'd set up just for her and I to communicate, not only with each other but with any girls/couples we happened to want to hook up with (yes, dear readers, Aussie and I are going to start swinging!).

What she emailed me was an apartment lease.  Is she moving? I thought. The address was close to the beach, and about the same driving time as her current place from my office.  This would be an interesting topic.  I told her I had a call to be on in 90 minutes. She said she also had a meeting and that would be fine.

Aussie came walking over to me as I waited outside the restaurant, dressed in a silky outfit that looked kind of sexy, with some clunky heels.  Her short hair was pinned back, revealing her cute ears. I wouldn't say Aussie has the prettiest face I've ever seen, but I've seen her naked and her body really makes up for whatever shortcomings she has in the facial area.  Audrey had a prettier face, but not as hot a body as Aussie.  Both of them, however, are dynamite in bed and all their deficits just go away when I'm with them.

We were seated immediately, and she asked me about the lease I'd printed for her, which I'd left up at my office.  "It's OK," I said, "I'll get it before you need to leave."  She ordered a glass of wine -- lunch just went to $50, I laughed to myself -- and a salad that was half the size of our table.

So, for the news: Aussie had had a really tough time of it in the last week.  I mentioned in my post about our last date that she had secured a meeting with a legit agent who might agree to represent her. Well, that meeting hadn't gone well, and the agent told her manager that she would not represent her. Adding insult to injury, her manager dropped her as well, with some excuse about Aussie needing "someone local to be a better rep" for her.  This concerned Aussie greatly because the manager had sponsored her to come the U.S., and if she was no longer going to rep her, she might lose her immigration status and have to return to Australia.  The manager agreed to keep her on as an unofficial client to prevent that from happening, but now Aussie was stuck with no manager, no agent, and no work.

On top of that, her male roommate had started sexually harassing her. On  the night after her manager had dropped her, Aussie had gone to bed early.  The roommate texted her at around midnight to invite her out to the living room to smoke hookah.  Aussie's two female roommates were both out of the apartment, either at work or on vacation.  Aussie refused and texted back, "I'm sleeping. I'll talk to you in the morning.  A little bit later, Aussie got out of bed to use the bathroom, and as she was crossing the hallway, the roommate appeared out of nowhere and said, "What's up?" and asked if she wanted to party with him.  She said he was drunk and/or high, and she firmly said no, but she felt a little weirded out by this guy now.  She then got two phone calls from him, the first of which sounded like heavy breathing, and the second being a Facetime request.  In the morning she confronted him and he claimed that the calls were "butt dials," but she wasn't buying it.  The guy said, "Fine, bitch, you can move out; I'll let you out of your lease."  I asked if this coincided with the fact that he'd seen me coming out of her bedroom after our having just fucked. She said she didn't think so, but to me it was just a little too coincidental that the harassment started not long after he saw me. In any event, she found a new apartment -- her OWN place -- and that she might be moving in as early as this week.  I found this to be excellent news, but the rent was far higher than she was currently paying.

"I found a job," she said, laughing.  My eyebrows jumped up as high as they could. "A real job, or an acting job?" I asked.  "A real, acting job," she said.  Well, she added, it's less acting than it is hosting a TV show, or a bunch of little shows.  "And they're going to be paying you a salary?" I asked, "Enough for you to afford this new place?"  She said that was what she was about to discuss with them at her next meeting.  Here's where things felt a little strange to me, and I told her that I was concerned.  She heard me out and she said she had the same concerns.  They weren't meeting her at their production offices, but at a coffee shop, which led me to think they weren't serious or even legit. "I want to hear about it when you're done with them," I said, "so call me when you're on your way home."  She promised she would.

I then offered to drive her to the meeting which was just a few blocks away and near where I'd met Sports and Gemini and had my second date with Vee.  I ran upstairs to get the lease and had her meet me back in the lobby of the building. We then got into the elevator to go to the parking garage, and I just grabbed her and kissed her, squeezing her ass and feeling her tits under her blouse (no bra!).

I parked my car just a few doors down from the place.  On the way over there, we found a jewelry store and we snapped a few selfies to use on our swinging profile.  I gave her a quick kiss and was on my way back to the office.

After my call, I texted Ash to confirm.  She replied that she'd had a tire blowout and that she didn't come into town.  This was her second cancellation.  "That's fine," I replied.  I had begun to think in the past couple of days that Ash was actually an escort, so if things didn't work out for me and her I'd be OK.  I added, "Just let me know if you're still interested in meeting, or if you've decided otherwise." No answer so far.

Here's the rest of my week:
Tuesday -- lunch with Marlo, confirmed
Wednesday -- nothing but work work work!
Thursday -- lunch with Ari, confirmed.
Friday -- lunch with Ava, confirmed.  If she cancels again I'll be done with her.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Gemini Jumps (and Jumps, and Jumps, and Jumps)

My anticipation of my intimate date with Gemini may have been one reason why it ultimately didn't work for me.  I found her so attractive  and articulate and nice that I just figured she'd be almost an ideal partner.  The sex? Great.  The encounter?  Meh.

I showed up at her apartment just a few minutes late. An old woman driving a white Prius led me through traffic for about half the trip, never exceeding 25 mph.  "Bitch, don't you know I needs to get laid?" I shouted, laughing.

Gemini's guest house took up a converted two car garage, so it was decently sized for a one bedroom apartment.  Place was a mess, however.  I thought perhaps she just didn't make enough time to clean up, but I was wrong. She said she'd been home most of the day.

The bed was totally unmade except for a white sheet on the mattress, with some unfortunate stains that I won't describe in detail.  They looked old, so I didn't think too much of them.  She had me sit in a chair while she sat at her desk chair.  Her computer was pulsing out Prince tunes (naturally, given his death earlier that day).  She wore a t-shirt over a black short skirt, which was so short I could see her underwear without much effort.

We talked for a few minutes about music before she stood up and came around the back of my chair to rub my shoulders.  Nice touch.  After a minute I stood up and we kissed passionately. She has such fantastic lips, I could have kissed her all day.  Eventually we got to the bed and continued.  Both of us were naked within a few minutes. Gemini's body did not disappoint, though I noticed her breast implants right away without even touching them; they just looked off.

She grabbed my hand as I was down on her, and took two of my fingers. I guess she preferred my fingers to my tongue, since she then told me she had a very sensitive clit.  She dug what I did, regardless.  I spent a good minute or two making her moan before she slid back and had me lie on my back.  Girl was taking charge, I thought, I liked it!

Her BJ skills were amazing.  She kept throwing her hair around to make sure I could see what she was doing, and then she turned her body so that her ass was facing me.  It was not an invitation, or at least that was how I was seeing it.  It was a performance, as though she thought it appropriate for me to see her hot ass while she sucked on me.

She then straddled me and started to put me inside her, then stopped and kissed me some more. "Go for it," I whispered in her ear.  "Are you kidding?" she asked.  I winked and sat up, reaching for the condoms and lube.  I slipped one and and asked if she needed lube for her, but she declined, opting for her own saliva, which she liked to use a lot.

I entered her -- for about three seconds -- before she had me pull out again.  "Yeah, I think we should start without the condom at first," she said.  I eyed her suspiciously, asking, "You're sure?"  She reminded me she wasn't on birth control but she'd been recently tested.  I wasn't complaining; I figured we'd be just a minute or two, then I'd slip on the glove.  I got inside her missionary style and we went at it like crazy people -- for about thirty seconds -- before she wanted to change to doggy.  I got up and turned her around, but she wanted me standing on the floor while she knelt on the bed. OK! I truly appreciated a woman who knew what pleased her.  After another couple of minutes she came, loudly, reaching back for my hands which held her hips in place.  Reminder -- I was still bareback.

Afterward I wanted her on top, so we did that -- for about two minutes -- before she came again.  I liked that she kept announcing that she was going to climax.  I held her -- for about fifteen seconds -- before she got off me and rolled over on her back. "Fuck me this way again," she said.  Even though I like a woman who knows what she wants, this didn't feel like it anymore.  It was like she either didn't know what she wanted (which I dismissed because she had two orgasms already), or she was constantly thinking two or three steps ahead and couldn't wait to get there.

I came all over her belly which was hot.

We held each other -- for about thirty seconds -- before she got up, put on a silky robe, and disappeared into the bathroom for a few minutes.  Then she came back to the bed and we chatted, but then she was up again, changing the music, running into the kitchen for water, and essentially ignoring me for a couple of minutes.

When she came back and lay next to me, I said, in a gentle voice, "I want to ask you something personal, so please feel free to shut me down if you don't want to answer."  "Go ahead," she said sweetly.  "Do you have ADHD?"  "Well," she said, stroking her pussy nonchalantly, "it's not diagnosed or anything, but I've definitely got the symptoms, don't I?"  "Uh, yeah," I giggled.  She laughed.  "I just don't like lying down and talking.  I'd rather do all the talking while we're out somewhere having coffee, and then just spend our time here fucking."  I stroked her face, kissed her, and ran my hand down her body to start fingering her pussy.  I got two fingers inside her and she moaned some more.  That got me hard and we started again, AGAIN changing positions every 30 seconds.  She came twice more, but I couldn't get there.

I showered up and left just before I'd been there two hours.

Gemini is a stunningly beautiful girl, intelligent, articulate, and giving in bed, but ultimately she doesn't even come close to the overall warmth and openness that I experience with Aussie.  Her jumping all over the place was at first cute and endearing, but it got tiresome.  Even if it weren't ADHD, I got the impression that our life experiences just don't mesh well.

And, therefore, she's out.


Who's In, Who's Out, and Who's New?

Who's In:

  • Aussie, still holding on strong.
  • Ava, who canceled lunch again today. We rescheduled for a week from now.  At this point I'm unsure if she'll be in much longer, since I'm not sure she'll honor the date.
  • Ash, meeting in three days.
  • Ari, still no date scheduled, but that's going to change soon or she's out.
  • Rina, a date scheduled for lunch next Thursday.
  • Marlo, a lunch date scheduled for next Tuesday.  

Who's Out:

  • Gemini, a great fuck, but ultimately not a good connection.  I'm going to struggle with how to break it to her.
  • Cecilia, cute, but meh.

Who's New: (the last batch!)

  • Phoebe, a former ballet dancer, tall, thin, and blonde, late 20s/early 30s.  An intellectual match, therefore hugely promising.  Also lives completely alone.  Lunch May 2
  • Alvina, a cute brunette, early 30s, who just got her BA and is hoping to get to grad school.
I really like Phoebe, and can't wait to meet her.  Marlo and Rina are iffy potentials, so I won't waste too much time on them until after we meet.

Cecilia Sizzles, Then Fizzles

I hadn't planned on meeting Cecilia this week.  My schedule filled up with work pretty quickly, and she told me she was going to be out of town during the day. She'd suggested dinner, but that didn't work for me.  Her schedule next opened up in the first week of May.

Finally, three days ago, I'd pretty much had it with trying to work things out.  With Aussie, and Gemini, and other more available potentials, it just didn't seem worth the time or effort.  "Feel free to reach out when you're free again, and if I'm free let's meet.  This isn't a brush off at all." The italicized part was actually the brush off, as I fully anticipated that I wouldn't be free.

The next day, my day opened up and I found myself available, so I sent her a text to invite her out for a drink.  She jumped at it and we set a time for 45 minutes later.

We met at a large chain restaurant and grabbed a booth near the bar. The place was virtually empty except for a few business types and late-lunchers.  She showed up just a few minutes late, as I did, which left us just an hour to get acquainted.

Cecilia stood about 5'7", plus another couple of inches with her heels. She wore a white print dress that was open in the back.  She had a fantastic body, long dark hair which I found totally sexy, and a nice smile, with straight white teeth.  You'll recall my last meeting with an Asian woman didn't go so well, and I was turned off by Kona's gray teeth.  I liked her and thought to myself, well maybe this would all be worth it.

I found Cecilia a great talker, lots of great ideas, and had limited but relevant sugar experience. I felt pretty sure throughout the meet that I might want to pursue things further.

We actually went 30 minutes long, and I then had to hurry us out of there.  I walked her to her car -- a very nice red Benz -- and we talked for a minute there.  There was a guy a couple of cars away who was fussing with something in his trunk, and I was thinking, please go the fuck away so I can kiss this girl.  But he never did, so I just gave her a decent kiss on the lips and we hugged.

On the way home I texted her that judging by her car she didn't appear to need the financial assistance.  "Needs and wants are two different things, don't you think so?" she answered.  "Would it make any different to you if I needed it vs wanted it?"

"I think having that choice makes you free to pick higher-quality men.  Like me."  She agreed.

"I know the reality, however.  I know, for instance, that you would not give me the time of day unless there was an allowance because I'm married and essentially unavailable.  I believe, however, that that's a mistake too many women make." I wanted to see how attached to sugar she was.  I didn't think at that point that she was worth replacing Aussie over, so I wanted to work a different angle. Didn't work, however.

Next week I'll tell her that I've decided on someone else.  It's a shame though, because she was one of the most appealing Asian women I've met in a long time.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Purple is My Favorite Color: RIP Prince

Sad, sad, sad today upon learning of Prince's passing.  I remember the first time I'd heard his music with any interest was on New Year's Eve 1982.  I was actually home that night, listening to the local public radio station.  The DJ announced that she'd be playing the entirety of Prince's 1999 at midnight, so I tuned in to listen.  I was familiar with songs off previous albums Dirty Mind and Controversy.  I knew he was provocative, and I liked that.

1999 turned me into a total Prince fan.  At the advent of MTV, I had seen videos for the title song and "Little Red Corvette" dozens of times by then, but I was more interested in the deeper tracks.  For you youngsters, a "Deep Track" is a song that is located further away from the edges of an LP record; back when LPs were the main way music was sold, artists placed their singles/hits as the first tracks on either side of the LP because that made them easier for DJs to cue up for radio play, and the deep tracks were typically more experimental or just not geared toward wider release.

When the movie "Purple Rain" came out in 1984, I was a huge fan.  I was 21, in college, working as an English tutor for an agency run by my roommate.  One of my clients was a cute girl named Elizabeth who attended high school in the richest neighborhood in our area.  However, she lived on the other side of the tracks, meaning among the apartment and condo dwellers.  I knew her older sister from a classmate of mine who had attended the same high school, and knew the sister to be very promiscuous -- it was the 1980s, and a girl with that kind of reputation, when AIDS was becoming widely known and scaring everyone into not having sex, was not a girl you wanted to date. But Elizabeth, at 17, hadn't been ruined by then.  She would have the soundtrack playing in her room when I would arrive, and she had purple stuff everywhere in her room.  I found her cute -- petite and shapely, with a nice smile and a sweet personality.

Once the school year ended and she went from a C minus to a B plus with my help, I asked her if she wanted to go see the movie with me.  A date with an underage girl!  She said yes, and I picked her up that Saturday afternoon in my beat-up Chevy.  She wore a skirt and a t-shirt.  We watched the movie, and barely spoke.  There was a scene where Prince's character was seducing Appolonia's character, and he'd gotten her out of her clothes.  Her breasts were on full view and she was in nothing but a pair of skimpy panties.  I was totally turned on as he ran a finger along the edge of her panties and let the fingertip go underneath the fabric.  Elizabeth, at that moment, took my hand and ran it up the inside of her thigh to her underwear, which were soaking wet. I stroked her pussy from the outside, and I got completely and totally hard.  She stroked me over my jeans, and I'm embarrassed to say I jizzed in my pants.  Of course, I never let on that that had happened, but I decided not to try to fuck her that day. Besides she was underage!

I drove her back to her condo.  Her mom was home anyway, so I wasn't going to be invited inside. We kissed in the car and she stroked my cock again, but this time I managed to stay in control.  We said our goodbyes and promised to get together again.

The next month was her 18th birthday and she invited me to a pool party at her dad's house.  I accepted, assuming it was going to be just the two of us.  Stupid.  There were all her schoolmates, and here I was, senior in college and facial hair and everything, looking like her fucking big brother. Then I saw her with her boyfriend, and kissing, and I left after about an hour.  Never saw her again.

Prince, on the other hand, never disappointed me like that.  Unfortunately, I never got to see him perform live.  That will forever be a regret of mine.

Sex Is Definitely a Spectrum Experience

The other day while walking the dog I started thinking about sex, as I'm wont to do whenever I'm alone and have a minute to myself.  As I anticipate that sex with Gemini (happening in about five hours from now) will surpass my desires, I got to thinking how explosive and mind-blowing sex doesn't always happen.  Different skill levels, varying degrees of attraction or chemistry, or things on our mind, might result in a less than stellar experience. In fact, I think to some degree that sex is definitely a spectrum experience.

I've been with a fair number of women over the past eight years, and I wondered about the quality of my experiences.  I can think in the moment that it's phenomenal, but in retrospect, or in comparison to someone who has set the bar (like C/Hayden or Audrey), some may not be as fantastic as I originally thought they were. 

Now, I know that, as a man, rating one's sexual experiences comes naturally. Women readers, however, might be scratching their heads at what they see as a useless exercise.  No doubt that they could use this post as a way to reflect on their own sexual experiences and how they can bring something to them that would enhance their own experiences, as well as their partners'.

So following is a list of all the Sugar Babies I've been with over the past eight years.  I rated my experiences with them as "Phenomenal," "Great," "Good," "Meh," and "Awful."  These assessments are of my own personal experience, not what I perceived theirs to be.  Further, these ratings are all about having sex, not the intangibles like emotional connections or the quality of the places where we had sex.  Women with whom I'd had sex more than once are rated based on my overall experience of having sex with them.

I have listed them in chronological order.  There are no links to the specific posts, but if you feel like going back through them I won't complain!

Anita, May 2008 -- Good
Lina, June 2008 -- Good
Katie, July 2008 -- Good
CC, September 2008-March 2009 -- Phenomenal
Selena, June 2009 -- Meh
Nikki, June 2009 -- Meh
Susan/Kay, July 2009 & May 2011-- Meh
Space Cadet, July 2009 -- Phenomenal
C/Hayden, August 2009-August 2012 -- Phenomenal
Cha-cha, February 2010 -- Good
Mary J, February 2010 -- Great
Jill, March 2010 -- Meh
Sha, March 2010 -- Meh
Paulina, February 2011 -- Awful
Zen, February 2011 -- Good
Kyra, February 2011 -- Phenomenal
Dale, February-March 2011 -- Phenomenal
Kim, May 2011 -- Meh
Jayde, October 2011 -- Good
Julie, October 2011 -- Awful
The Dancer, September 2011 -- Great
Michelle, August 2012 -- Awful
Joni, July 2012 -- Phenomenal
Wanda, September-December 2012 -- Great
Song, October 2012 -- Great
Lola, January 2013 -- Great
Jade, February-December 2013 -- Phenomenal
Naira (BJ only), July 2013 -- Meh
Sam, July 2009-present -- Great
Chica, August 2013 -- Phenomenal
K-Bear, August 2013 -- Good
Elle, October 2013 -- Good
Audrey, January 2014-March 2015 -- Phenomenal
Leah, January-February 2014 -- Phenomenal
Star, January 2014 -- Meh
Belle, March 2014 -- Phenomenal
J (swinging), August 2014 -- Awful
L (swinging), September 2014 -- Great
K (swinging), October 2014 -- Awful
Mouse, May 2015 -- Meh
Staci, May-September 2015 -- Phenomenal
College, June 2015 -- Phenomenal
Fleur, November 2015 -- Awful
Rachel, November 2015 -- Phenomenal
Natalie, December 2015 -- Great
No-Name, January 2016 -- Good
KC, February 2016 -- Phenomenal
Aussie, March 2016-present -- Phenomenal
Gemini, April 2016 -- NEXT POST

(Aside: I just noticed that Gemini will be the 49th woman I've fucked since becoming a Sugar Daddy. Again, this might seem like meaningless trivia to a woman, but to know that the woman I fuck after Gemini will be Number 50 is kind of an eyebrow-raising statistic.  Maybe I ought to write a post about that!)

Based on these ratings, about a third of them were either Meh or Awful, and just under 20 percent were Good, which means that nearly half of them were either Great or Phenomenal.  That's a decent track record, even if I'm just rating my own experiences.  It'd be a kick to get each individual woman to rate me as a lover as well (or, maybe not! hehe).  Another interesting statistic is that of the 25 women I've fucked since C/Hayden and I broke up, I rated more than half of them (16) as Great or Phenomenal, and only six I thought were Meh or Awful.  The quality of my partners is going up!

Still kind of in awe of the 50 women stat...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Piper Peters Out -- But I Learn Some Good Stuff

Piper showed up exactly on time, which impressed me.  I made my way down to the lobby to meet her there, and she came off the elevator about a minute later.  Out walked a redhead dressed in a low-cut black top, covered with a flowy blouse, and blue jeans and high heels.  Her chest looked phenomenal and almost too good to be true, and she had a pretty decent figure from what I could see. She looked every part the fetish model that she said she was, only somewhat toned down.  I felt attracted to her from that moment.  It was short-lived, however. As she got closer, I could see her bright green eyes... and then her horrible complexion, covered completely with a thick application of concealer.  I remembered how a friend would have described her -- as a Monet: Good from far, far from good.

I knew immediately that she and I would not go anywhere.  But, she showed up, seemed friendly, and I was hungry, so off to lunch we went.

The servers at the restaurant where I'd previously brought KC, Vee, Aussie, and Alena by now probably think I'm a porn producer or something, with all the young women I've been entertaining. On top of that, Piper dressed more provocatively than the others. It also didn't help that Piper's very livelihood depends on sexuality.

She moved out here from the east coast about three years ago, in her mid-20s, after realizing that fetish modeling was her passion.  She has been working solidly in that profession for about two years, starting off tame and then graduating to more hard-core stuff.  The modeling, she said, only paid a small portion of her bills; her main gig, however, has her working in a BDSM dungeon.  She called herself a "top-heavy switch," meaning that she primarily acts as a domme, but also does some sub work.  However, she's not a masochist, so she doesn't get much call for "bottom" work.  Suddenly Piper was getting more interesting.  I learned that the dungeon was located about five minutes from my house.  I had no idea that something like that even existed near me.  "We're pretty low-key," she said.  I could only imagine why.

Piper had driven quite a long way to meet me, and I asked her if she liked living in that neighborhood.  She replied that she actually lived in a different area, but her girlfriend lived in that neighborhood and she spent most of her time there.  They are in a poly relationship, both of them consider themselves "pansexual."  "I don't even know what that means," I said, laughing, "can you explain that to me?"  Apparently, pansexuals love not only people who are traditionally male and female, but also trans and androgynous as well.  "We love people, not body parts."  Fascinating!  I was more curious about her bisexual aspects, since the trans idea just turns me off.  But I learned something about the "people, not body parts" idea that helped me understand how people were just people and not defined by their sexual organs, or even society's definitions of who they are supposed to be.  I really appreciated what Piper was teaching me, even though I knew I was not interested in sleeping with her. Although I caught myself fantasizing about a threesome with her girlfriend!

We traded some sexual stories, and had a few laughs, and I learned that I'm far less judgmental than I thought I was.  Felt good.

We finished lunch and I walked her to her car.  A quick kiss on the lips and goodbye, and I'll tell her in a day or so that I've chosen another.

Two days until Gemini and I get together.

WCSD Journal Update 4/19/2016

Who's In, Who's Out, and Who's New?

Who's In:

Aussie: After three mind-blowing intimate dates, the chances that I will walk away from this sweet, fun, sexy woman are very slim indeed.
Gemini: Our first intimate date is in two days.  I'm giving her more than I've given every single SB before her, so I'd better be blown away.  She is more attractive than Aussie, but looks aren't everything to me.
Piper: Lunch scheduled for today.  Update in the next post.
Cecilia: I postponed our get together for tomorrow, as I have a close friend just now out of ICU and is available for visitors.  I apologized and asked if she was willing to reschedule. How she takes this is anyone's guess, since she rearranged her schedule to meet me.  There's a good chance she'll be out by tomorrow.
Ash: We're having lunch next Monday.  Since she's sort of slumming to be with me, I'm not holding out any hope of anything happening, but I certainly want to get together.  She does keep sending me some very hot pictures.  I did notice a huge tat on her back that looks like angel's wings.  Not a positive attribute for me.
Ari: We spoke for about five minutes yesterday but got cut off and then too busy to reconnect.  For now she's in, because she's got just about the hottest body of all of them, except perhaps for Ash.
Ava: We are having lunch this Friday, as I am not going to my other office that day.

Who's Out:

Alena: She's been far too stingy in her communication.  I'd send a text and not hear back for at least a day.  I postponed our Friday lunch because I was unhappy with the level of communication.  I tried to say nicely that I preferred more than a couple of texts a day, but she never responded.  This morning I sent a goodbye text canceling our intimate date for next week.  "I really do prefer more communication than what I've been getting from you.  Sorry you didn't think that it was worth more effort. No need to respond, although you probably wouldn't anyway. Good luck."
Sam: I'm finally going to let her go after all.  I constantly make excuses to find something else to do, which is a strong indication that she just doesn't hold my interest anymore.

Who's New:

Rina: Mid-20s brunette who works in fitness and lives just a few miles from my home, on the way home from work for me.  She has her own place, a cute face and body, and was willing to entertain me last Friday night pretty much sight unseen.  I don't know if she's in or not yet, but I'm leaning towards out at the moment.
Marlo: Late 20s Asian, fantastic face and body, has accepted terms, and lives not far from Aussie. She shares an apartment, so even though we're meeting next week for lunch, I'm reluctant to say she's in.

So, there are at least seven, and potentially nine, candidates at this point. My membership on the sugar website expires tomorrow.  This is the first time that I've actually been glad to be done searching!

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Re-Post: Am I Fickle, Or Just a Lucky Dude?

Given the fact that I'm now juggling at least seven, but potentially up to nine different young ladies, I thought it would be a good time to re-post something I'd written last December.  I'd been sort of accused by a couple of female readers of being fickle.  "Accused" is sort of a harsh word, I know, but it sort of works here.

Here's what I wrote back then:

Am I Fickle, or Just a Lucky Dude?

In response to my last post, where I wondered if one of my readers was rooting for Leah, Rachel, or Natalie, a different reader wrote:
I think I pull for the underdog. So, I want you to choose Rachel. Poor girl. You were so crazy about her after your last meeting. I really don't like how fickle SDs are.  
I definitely understand the sentiment.  I was pretty happy with Rachel after our first encounter. Here's what I actually wrote:
It was a great first time together, and I'm so looking forward to another date with her.  ... I'm very happy with Rachel; good woman. 
But I think it needs to be said that Sugar Daddies like me have it very easy out there.  I was chatting with an SB friend the other day that when I do my searches I get over 1,500 hits in my city alone.  I can narrow that down to about fifty women who are actually interested in me and want to date me. That's fifty to one!  When the odds are so stacked in my favor, who can blame me for sampling as much of the candy in the shop as I can handle?

Another reader wrote:
It's almost like you're never satisfied...may I ask what you look for in a SB? I guess I'm curious as to why you would start up something with one SB and still look for others and hook up with other SB's. Give things time with one to grow and see how it goes before ending it and seeking another so quickly. 
I am not fickle, and it's not that I'm never satisfied; I am pragmatic.  With such lopsided odds, what I look for is the absolute best Sugar Baby that my investment can attract.   That means the nicest, most intelligent, most beautiful, and most sexual woman I can find, one who really likes and accepts me, one with whom I have a connection, or at least a spark of potential.  Rachel is a great woman: sweet, intelligent, earthy, and very good in bed. I would say that we had a pretty great overall connection. However, she is not without some definite negatives for me: her huge tats, and she's somewhat out of shape.  I would say that her pictures flattered her greatly and she didn't quite live up to them.  In a way, I see that as kind of a deception on Rachel's part at worst; at best, it's simply an impediment to a true connection.

Given the situation with Natalie, who had at that point been somewhat logistically difficult, I was definitely willing to settle.  And Natalie had always been my first choice.  I prefer brunettes over blondes.  If she is as attractive in person as she is in her pictures, and should there be some actual attraction there, there is no doubt in my mind that I'm going to switch to Natalie.  I'd have to tell Rachel that I'm no longer available.  (I actually really like that line, thanks Leira!)  I'm sure Rachel will be disappointed, and if things don't work out with Natalie I guess I'll be on the search again, but is that so bad?  I usually do a new search every few months, and there are at least 50-100 new women who have signed up since the last time.  In other words, it's not a setback for me.

Besides, let's not forget that there is also Leah, who today told me that she wanted to get together after she finishes final exams.  And let's also not forget about Sam, who will at best be an occasional Sugar Baby but that's better than nothing.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I've been capable of long-term arrangements: six months with CC, three years with C, 10 months with Jade, and 15 months with Audrey. In between these long-term arrangements, I have always had periods where I search and experiment with a few different women. Eventually I'll settle on one. I feel that I'm close to that point now.  If not, then I'll just keep looking.

This Sugar Daddy Just Can't Stop Playing

Last night, as DW and I had finally completed all we needed and as we were climbing into bed, I noticed I had a notification from the Sugar website that my profile had been viewed, and that the woman who'd viewed me had granted me access to her pictures.  She did this in response to my request to see her photos about six months ago. I'd completely forgotten her.

Anyway, the profile indicated that she lived about 100 miles away, in the same city where C/Hayden has lived with her fiance for the past three and a half years.  Normally I don't really respond to anyone who contacts me from outside my city, but when I saw her pictures I couldn't say nothing. This mid-20s blonde stopped me dead in my tracks.  "Wow," I wrote, "thanks for brightening my evening! You are so lovely.  You're clearly out of my league. LOL"

This girl, who called herself "Ash," wanted to know why I would say that.  "Well, for one thing," I wrote, "you don't live in my city. For another, you're looking for an allowance that is probably at least five times what I'd offer you.  I'd be glad to be one of your SDs, but something tells me you're looking for just one man."

"Yes," she replied, "I live far away, but I travel quite a bit. I'm in your city every Monday for work. I'm not necessarily looking for one man.  Usually SDs want me to be exclusive which isn't always optimal for me."  Suddenly, I thought, this got very intriguing.  She added, "I guess you don't really know what I want until we start talking about it.  So what would you like to offer?"

I gave her the standard offer; no sense in deviating when there were literally half a dozen other women who had already accepted.  Still, I couldn't help but sell myself a little: "I'm reliable, steady, and loyal.  If there's chemistry, I'm all yours."  I then let her know that a "No thank you" would be fine.  For some reason that line works far better than I'd imagined!

She replied that my per-meet offer was half what she usually accepts and asked if it were an option for me to meet her needs.

I decided to be lighthearted in my response: "I realize that there aren't any other women who look like you, or are nearly as charming, but for some reason I'm very popular, and I have no shortage of options at the moment.  I may see blase about it, but inside my heart is breaking."

"Well," she replied, "they say quality over quantity." Yes Ash, I thought, you are extremely beautiful, and possibly more beautiful than all the rest of them.  But a bird in hand and all that....  She then gave me the brush-off: "Best of luck on here.  When you get tired of picking up the pieces, just know I've got the glue you're looking for."  Now, I hadn't even seen this last message until I started writing this blog post.  How awesome that she was selling herself!

In response to her quality/quantity statement, I wrote, "That's true.  I'm actually more than happy with the quality I've been attracting.  I promise you'd laugh and smile a lot.  And quite possibly climax more than once."  I mean, why the fuck not? Go in for the kill!  I added, "No pressure, but if you think it's worth your time, here's my number."

I guess that worked, because within two minutes I had a text.  It was nearly 11 pm.  We exchanged real names and made some small talk.  She's hoping to get back to school to get a medical degree.  A doctor!  How impressive!  I told her of family members who were also doctors, including one male relative who's an Ob-Gyn.  This made her laugh, she said.  "It's a terrifying view of the female anatomy in its most shining moment of primal use."  

"Well," I replied, "to someone without training I would agree.  But he's a professional."  I added a smiley face to indicate that I wasn't arguing.

"So how many babies are YOU juggling these days, Porter?" That is one clever fucking girl, I thought.

"Touche," I wrote. "I've met a fair number of lovelies in the past several weeks. Haven't fully decided on anyone yet."

"Meh, monogamy is overrated anyways -- sounds like you've got a good game plan going."

"I'm married, so monogamy is my enemy."

She replied with a horrified face emoji. "You said the 'M' word! LOL"

"I've been doing this a long time.  I've had four long arrangements.  Married men are typically squishy and indecisive and deceptive.  I'm atypical."

"Well, Mr. Unicorn, meet Ms. Unicorn."

Now, I'd read profiles from women who called themselves Unicorns before, but I'd never known what it meant.  Most of the time, I just passed them by for one reason or another, but I thought that anyone who called herself a Unicorn had something of an ego, and I didn't want to compete.  As I said, I didn't know what the term meant.  So I decided at that moment to look it up. So when a woman calls a man a unicorn, it means he's "straight, attractive, single, monogamous, funny, employed, communicative, caring and interested in her."  OK, so accurate except for the single and monogamous part, but she called herself one too.  That must mean she's interested in me too. I decided not to play the game, however.  For some reason, the slang term turned me off.

She then asked for some specifics about me, and I gave her some vague employment and family related stuff. I then added, "Some men love tennis or golf.  I love women and sex."

"Those are great hobbies!" she replied.

"Yes they are.  I'm good at them too."  A moment later I realized what I'd written. "God, that was lame.  Sorry."

"I like your sense of humor."  OK, so I'm still winning her over.  I decided to compliment her in the best way I could. I went back to the pictures on her profile and downloaded one that showed a close-up of her wearing no facial makeup.  It was my favorite.  I then texted it back to her, writing, "I like this one of you the best.  Like how you'd look first thing in the morning."

"You're spot on with that."  Scored again!

"Except," I added, "you're wearing too much lol. And that was NOT an attempt to get a naked picture, btw."

In response, I got a picture of her in exercise clothes that was very revealing indeed.  "Half naked," she captioned.

I decided it was time to wrap up the conversation, as I was tired, horny, and wanted to masturbate before turning in.  "If you're in town on Mondays, we'll probably need to have lunch.  That picture totally turned me on.  What am I gonna do now?"

"You tell me."

I disappeared for 20 minutes.  "I'm better now," I wrote after returning.  "And now, at the risk of perpetuating the 'roll-over-and-go-to-sleep' stereotype, I must get some rest.  We'll talk again, I know it."

That exchange covered nearly two hours.  I am under no illusions that Ash will agree to my terms; she'd already wished me luck.  And maybe she was bored and liked what I was saying to her and wanted to pass the time before going to bed.  But I posted the details to reiterate what I've written in the past about men needing good bullshit.  This woman came close to accepting (or might still accept) my allowance terms.  If she agrees to meet me for lunch -- she hasn't yet -- I might get further.


Ava hadn't responded to my texts asking to confirm our lunch, so I sent one more brief note, thinking that she'd say "no thanks" and we'd move on.  "Haven't heard back from you."  Simple and innocuous, right?  About half an hour, she texted me to apologize that she couldn't make it for lunch. I believed that she was rejecting my terms.  As I wrote yesterday, I am not too broken up about that possibility, given Aussie and Gemini and Alena and Cecilia, and now Ash. I didn't want to assume, however, so I just asked if she wanted to make it another time.  She said she did, but didn't respond after that to my suggested times.  We'll see if that goes anywhere.

Gemini and I are still on for Thursday's intimate date.

Piper and I are on for lunch tomorrow.

Alena is a one- or two-text a day girl.  I'm getting annoyed with it, actually.  I may cancel next week's intimate date.

Cecilia is still on for coffee Wednesday.

A new potential popped up this morning.  A mid-20s brunette who calls herself Ari.  We are asking for access to each other's private photographs and just getting underway.  There is just no shortage of absolutely lovely women right now.  More to be revealed there.

I think it's a good time to re-post something I wrote in the past about SDs being fickle.  Stay tuned!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Aussie Date #3: The Crush is On

I sent a text to Aussie as I was leaving my office, about half an hour before our scheduled time.  We were meeting at her house, and I wanted to make sure we were going to be alone. "No, but my roommate is cool," she replied. "I'll tell you when you get here." I jokingly floated the idea of a threesome with the roommate, which earned a quick "No" and a winky face emoji.  "That question," I wrote, "was the equivalent of playing the lottery."  She replied, "We could always do that one day.  I love playing with girls."  So threesomes are on the table!  Woohoo!

When I got there, I found a great parking spot right near her building.  There was a moving truck parked in front of me, unloading furniture for someone moving in to her building.  The side gate was propped open, and Aussie sent a text for me to come straight back.  I found her patio gate and she was there, wearing a bikini top and her black shorts, and holding two glasses of wine.  I leaned in and kissed her gently, saying quietly, "No wine for me, love. Can't go home with alcohol on my breath." She seemed a little disappointed, but that soon vanished as I put my stuff down, took out the envelope, and took her in my arms.  She'd rearranged the furniture in her room to accommodate a new desk.  Kissing standing up, with lots of tongue, never should last very long, you know?  So we slowly found our way down to the bed.

Our sex is becoming simultaneously more tender and more intense.  The kissing hungrier, the hands more demanding, but the eyes locked on each other and the smiles and laughs more frequent. Despite the fact that the music in her room was pretty loud, I wondered about how loud we were.  "You think your roommate can hear all this?" I asked. "If she can," Aussie quipped, "better for her, don't you think?"  Couldn't argue with that, I said, since this sick voyeur Sugar Daddy also loves the sounds of sex as well.

I went down on her, catching the little stud piercing her clit between my teeth and giving it a gentle tug now and then. The oral only got better once I slid a couple of fingers in her.  Realizing that she probably wouldn't climax with oral, I slid up to kiss her and left my fingers inside her.  As I increased the intensity with my hand, I whispered in her ear that I knew she was about to come.  "Towel," she said.  I said, "Huh?"  She pointed to the side of the bed and indicated a towel atop a stack of books.  I reached for it and she took it and put it under her butt.  Ah, I thought, no sense in squirting all over her nice comforter.  And sure enough, withing a few seconds, I felt her body tense up for just a second, and then a gush of warmth against my hand.  I didn't want to move my hand away in case it went everywhere.  Ever the conscientious lover!

She then flipped me on my back and gave me an incredible sucking, licking and kissing.  She may not have the sexiest mouth I've ever seen, but she certainly does magic with it.  She got me to the edge of orgasm, and then I stopped her, because I didn't want to wait before fucking her.

I entered her missionary, bareback, and all we did for the first ten minutes or so was go slowly.  I grabbed her hair at the back of her head and pulled, raising her chin so I could kiss her neck.  "Are you mine?" I asked.  Her wetness was the answer I needed and wanted.  We switched and she got on top.  Aussie absolutely knows what she's doing every step of the way, and I could not be more pleased that we're partners.  After about ten more minutes, we took a break for just a minute so she could lube up.  "Just on the outside," she said.  Once that was done, she let me pull her down to hold her close, while I reached behind and fingered her ass.  I didn't go all the way in, because I didn't want things to stop, but she responded with a "Mmmhmm."  Evidently ass play is next on the agenda for us.

She again reached for the towel, which was wet but not soaked, and placed it beneath her, practically wrapped around my cock.  She took herself off me, and a second later, I felt like I was in one of those squirting porn scenes, because it went fucking everywhere.  We tried to catch as much of it as possible, but a lot got all over my legs, between them, under my balls -- every. fucking. where!  We laughed and cleaned up some more.

I hadn't come yet, so she lubed up again and we went back to missionary.  Didn't take long with her looking at me with her gold-green eyes and saying, "I want your cum all over me, Porter."  Now, since I've been on prostate meds, I don't ejaculate, and I didn't miss a day in the past week, so I didn't anticipate any measurable amount of my jizz.  But, for reasons I can't quite explain, I pulled out and let loose with more than I've seen in months.  Aussie rubbed it all over herself, her stomach, her breasts, around her nipples, and then put her fingers in her mouth.  Good God, I felt so lucky!

"I think I'm crushing on you a little bit," I said a few minutes later, as we lay entwined on her bed, feeling sweaty and spent.  "That's good," she smiled, her hand stroking my chest, "because I'm crushing on you too."  We kissed a lot more but didn't have sex again.  We just talked a lot more.  I learned something new about what was happening with her career.  She had a meeting with an agent early the next week, and since the meeting was set up by her manager, and the agent had already seen her demo reel, she felt pretty confident that she'd secure decent representation and start working soon. The agent was new from the East Coast and had a great track record there and good connections here, but wasn't so established with a big West Coast roster that she wasn't too blase about working hard for Aussie.

One good thing that happened for me, other than the nearly perfect sex, was that she declined my offer to show her a picture of DW.  No other Sugar Baby has done that, and all have been more than happy to peer into my private life to see what makes me tick.  I share enough with Aussie so that she doesn't need a visual, and I appreciate that she wants that boundary maintained.

When it came time for me to clean up, I wondered if there'd be a problem with me crossing the hallway to the restroom.  Aussie got dressed and took a peek, "My [guy roommate] is home," she said as she came back.  The apartment lease was his and he sublet the bedrooms to the three girls who shared the four bedroom place, and they'd all agreed that intimate visits were largely frowned upon. Well, we'd blown that, hadn't we?  It didn't look I'd get a chance to clean up.  I literally had her smell all over me, in my mouth, on my lips, and I knew that DW would smell Aussie on me the second I walked through the door.  "I'll figure it out," I said, "no worries. I can go to a Starbucks or something and use the bathroom for a few minutes to wash up."  Aussie apologized and kissed me as I left her bedroom for the patio, just as her male roommate was about to come outside himself from his bedroom. "Hi," she said to him as we kissed again. The guy looked dumbfounded.  I worried on the way to my car that she'd have a conflict with him, but it turned out it was all good, since he'd regularly snuck girls into his room, even overnight.

As I drove across town, I kept an eye out for a coffee shop or restaurant.  I found a coffee shop and parked.  I wanted to order something that would take the taste of Aussie's pussy out of my mouth. While that was being prepared I went into the restroom, and washed my face.  As I put my hand under the paper towel dispenser I noticed it was EMPTY.  Fuck! I ended up grabbing a handful of toilet paper and drying off, but there was no way I'd be able to clean up my privates before heading home.  I got my drink and headed back to my car.

As it turned out, DW had just finished applying clear coat to her fingernails as I'd walked in the door of the house, and the smell of that stuff was all over the place.  She kissed me lightly and said, "I can't hug you right now. The nails!" Well I passed the smell test for now.  But once I started getting undressed, there'd be no way I'd be able to hide it then.

Then as we were preparing dinner, DW said, "I think I'm gonna shower tonight before bed."  Now, both of us are morning shower people, so the idea of a shower before bed was unusual.  "Sounds good," I said, adding that I could probably use one too to relax before bed.  "Want to take one together?" she asked.  "Sure," I said, thinking this was about the funniest ending to a sex day ever.

We took a shower together that night, DW washing her hair and shaving and everything, and me washing and rinsing Aussie's bodily fluids and her smell off my body.  I even kissed DW in the shower and got hard, and for a few seconds she eve stroked the very cock that four hours earlier had enjoyed being inside another woman.  I could not get over the surreal quality of this scene, and I called Aussie the next day to tell her.  We laughed our heads off about it.


Gemini asked me for more money than our original agreement, reasoning that she'd never accepted less and that I could give her the money I would normally have used for a hotel room.  I agreed. Even though I rarely modify my arrangement terms, this seemed reasonable and giving her a little extra could mean that she gave me extra when we met later this week.

Ava and I have a lunch date scheduled for tomorrow.  I texted to confirm, and I gave her my terms. I'd given them to her the first time, but I know she didn't remember.  She has not responded to a text asking  her to let me know if we were still on.  I won't be too disappointed if she says no, because I'll offer her the same deal as Gemini to see if that works.  If that doesn't work, I have a few more women ready to say yes.

Piper and I confirmed lunch for Tuesday.

Cecilia and I are a little up in the air.  I'll know more in a couple of days.

I will have to postpone seeing Alena this week for personal reasons.  Anyway, it was a spur of the moment thing and we'll still get together the following week.

I said goodbye to Sports, saying that I thought she was lovely and enjoyed her company, but that we were not a good match.  "May I ask why?" she said.  "Was it an attraction thing?"  I took the high road: "I'd prefer to keep my reasons to myself. It's just that this time around I had quite a few options, and I decided on someone else."  We wished each other luck and said goodbye.

Sam texted me and asked if we could get together while I was in town.  My heart sank as I wrote back, "I'm not available, babe. I'm sorry, but I'm just not reliable right now."  I got a frowny emoji and nothing more.

I was on Instagram this morning and I saw a post from Red.  Forgot that I was following her.  I checked in on her feed and she looks so lovely, and her recovery from surgery looks almost complete. Still, I regretted looking at those pictures, as I felt the twang of that failure again.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

WCSD Journal Update -- 4/14/2016

Given how many potential SBs I've been juggling lately, I'll just keep this post to giving you updates on them all: who's in, who's out, and who's new.

Who's In:

  • Aussie: Our third date is scheduled for today.  We had a miscommunication yesterday and she thought the date was scheduled for yesterday. She sent me a text 20 minutes after she thought I was supposed to arrive, asking where I was.  I answered, "I work in (my other office) today. My days in (my main office) are M, T, and Th."  She wrote back that we'd never discussed that. As I was on my way out the door for the day, I called her while walking to the car, and apologized.  "I remember having that discussion over lunch," I said.  "That was forever ago," she replied, giggling.  "It's OK, though, I can still see you tomorrow.  It's just that I got all dressed up and lit some candles."  "Oh my," I said, "you went all romantic on me!"  I was touched and told her so.  "Blow them out now so they can be lit tomorrow, OK?"  Wow, I thought.  Is Aussie crushing on me a little bit?  Maybe. And this morning it occurred to me that I like her too, a lot.  I'm now very excited to see her today.
  • Gemini: We are going to meet for an intimate date a week from today.  She said she has a "very strict" landlord but she thinks that she can get me into her place. We've had a discussion of condoms and birth control, and we're obviously going to be safe.  But she left the door open to something else in the future.
  • Alena: We are meeting for an intimate date in two weeks.  She has been so sweet and excited and eager to meet up intimately. I have to get around the issue of her dog, of course, so maybe a hotel for our first time rather than her place. The pictures she's sending me are spectacular.
  • Cecilia: Lunch date scheduled for next week when I'm at my other office. Normally, with two potential intimate dates coming up I'd cut this one off before spending any more time, but she told me by text that she had rearranged her schedule to meet me. I can't cut her off now, especially since we spoke by phone last week.  So I'll take her to lunch, hear her out, keep an open mind, and if I'm not completely floored, I'll move on.
  • Sports: Since I haven't officially said goodbye to her, she technically still in, but that will change next week.

Who's Out:

  • Holly: Crazy over-reaction to my cancelling our first lunch. We rescheduled for next week, but I forgot to put it on my calendar.  I texted her yesterday that we had to meet and asked if she was free on the very day we had scheduled.  Again, crazy over-reaction and she called me flaky and immature for forgetting and not apologizing for not being on top of my calendar. "You're overreacting," I wrote. "Cancellations happen.  If you're going to be that rigid about things, you're going to be disappointed. You missed out with me, big time.  Take care."
  • Blondie: Had a date scheduled for yesterday, which was confirmed just a few hours ahead. She took the step of asking me for "gas money" since she was "super poor after paying the bills."  I was nice about it, and asked how much she needed.  I figured $20 or $40.  She didn't give me a number.  I jokingly asked her if she had enough food in the fridge and if her lights were turned on.  "You're funny," she replied, adding, "I'm not that poor!"  I went to the restaurant and showed up three minutes early, and got a table.  I sent her text to let her know where the table was. No answer.  Ten minutes later, I asked her to let me know when she'd be there. No answer. Five minutes later: "I'd better get a response from you soon," I wrote, pretty sure she was flaking. After waiting seventeen minutes I got up and walked out.  "Don't text me back.  I'm out. Good luck."  I wasn't mad at all.  How could I be mad?  Do you see the "Who's In" list above?
  • Raya: Decided I wasn't as attracted to her as I thought.
  • Violet: Same as Raya
  • Evvy: Gave her the brush-off yesterday by saying I was too busy.  She's the youngest of all of them, so it was completely wrong of me to think I'd have any connection to her.

Who's New:

You're all going, "You mean there are more of them?"  Yeah, yeah, I know.  But just two.

  • Ava: We'd briefly chatted three months ago and had a phone call.  She's a year older than Alena and younger than Gemini, but brighter than both of them put together.  She was a pre-law student one of The Five Colleges and decided to take a year off to do intern work and make connections.  The call got cut off for some reason and when I texted her after a day or so to ask about meeting, she said she'd found someone already and was very happy.  "That's OK," I said, "but I'm available for a test drive if you are interested."  She sort of took offense to that, saying that she was a one-at-a-time Sugar Baby and didn't do random hook-ups.  "I apologize. I meant no offense, and wasn't suggesting sex," I wrote back. "I just want you to keep my number handy, just in case things don't work out. From my experience, this is common." She thanked me for my apology but said she thought this arrangement would last.  Then, earlier this week I saw her profile pop up in my search.  I guessed it hadn't worked out after all. "It didn't," she said when I called her yesterday after she agreed to talk. "We had about a month together, then he started cancelling dates and then not coming up with the money we'd agreed on, to the point where I was practically hounding him.  I told him goodbye and then he started stalking me, so I told him I would call the police, and I did, and he stopped contacting me." Serious shit, I told her.  She is ridiculously cute and sexy, and now has a paying internship that's apparently very confidential in nature.  She said she'd share something with me if anything she was working on got on the news, because then it would be public knowledge.  Best of all, she said, the company is paying for her apartment in a very secure and upscale building, in a decent neighborhood. She'll be going back to school this fall, so it wouldn't be a long term thing, but I could enjoy her for awhile.  However, we haven't discussed terms yet.  We have lunch scheduled for next week.  I think she'll go for it.  She'll head to the top of the list if she does.
  • Piper: Late 20s redhead, former adult model and now a Dita Von Teese-type fetish model. Some tats, but tasteful. Great body, particularly her booty. Gorgeous green eyes.  Lunch scheduled for next week, the day after Ava. Probably not a top of the list girl at the moment.

The active list, once up to 12, is now down to six or seven.  This is far more manageable.  My thinking is this: I have a third date with Aussie, then Gemini, then either Alena or Eva.  I can delay Aussie a week to see how things pan out with the other girls.  Aussie is more age-appropriate, and we have some real feelings brewing between us, so the others will truly have to blow me away.  The only one who I'm fairly certain will come remotely close is Gemini, so this may all work out without anything changing.

So here's my schedule for next week:

Monday: lunch with Ava
Tuesday: lunch with Piper
Wednesday: lunch with Cecilia
Thursday: Intimacy with Gemini
Friday: open, thinking of lunch again with Alena to keep her interested (and maybe make out a bit!).

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Lunch With Alena

I had my doubts about 15 minutes prior to her arrival time when Alena sent a text that she was stuck in traffic and would be a few minutes late.  Then, 10 minutes after arrival time she told me she had stopped to gas up and would be even later.

She showed up 35 minutes late, parked in the wrong building (where I couldn't validate), and then couldn't figure out how to use the (admittedly complicated) elevators to get from the parking garage to the lobby.  At 45 minutes late, I finally saw her asking someone for directions from the lobby to the restaurant, half a block away.  She wore a cute brown skirt, a very loose-fitting print top, and brown flat moccasins.  In her light brown wavy hair was a flower, a cute touch!

She was definitely as cute as her pictures: petite, slender, a big smile, and bright hazel eyes.  I liked her immediately.

We walked into the restaurant as we talked about where she'd grown up (northeast), attempted college, and where she now lived in our town (about 40 minutes from where I work).  Over lunch, I learned that she lives in a guest house (huge positive) with a 4-year old pit bull terrier (huge negative), behind a main house rented by a 20-year-old working porn actress (huge positive) who has a "lazy, underachieving moocher of a boyfriend" (negative).  Her blouse came open at her chest multiple times during lunch, revealing the entirety of her bra, which made me wonder how clueless she could be.  I struggled to maintain eye contact at times, but it wasn't all that hard because her face was lovely.  She had a big wide smile, full lips, and nice skin, but her teeth were a little crooked. Apparently dad, who was an insurance adjuster, didn't want to spring for orthodontia, so the teeth are where they are for now.  

More positives: Alena has a decent appetite for a skinny girl. She has zero debt except for her car payment (a BMW 3-Series coupe).  She has gainful employment as an independent fitness instructor, and has a plan to expand her work into more employment, has a background in dance as well, and seems open to a relationship with a much older man.

Some negatives as well: she broke out with some serious profanity during lunch, and with her semi-loud voice it was sometimes a little off-putting.  She has an anger streak that pops out at times, over circumstances, which gave me pause about what could happen if I got on her bad side.  She has never had an arrangement before, which could be good, but could also be very problematic.  Her age can definitely be an issue, but I would not be sure until we were involved with each other.

If I had to compare, I'd say Gemini appeals to me far more than Alena.  Gemini is far more educated, more articulate (although Alena is not inarticulate), prettier, and seems more grounded.

I guess what this means is that Alena is probably out.  I want to see how she communicates with me now that we've met.  If she doesn't step it up and reach out more often, I'll probably move on. Too bad, though; she could be dynamite in bed.

Sports Stumbles; Gemini Jumps

Yesterday, I finally met Sports, the Asian Sugar Baby with whom I'd first had contact 11 months ago(!).  You'll recall that I liked her right away, but circumstances got in our way, and by the time we actually had time to meet, I was already with Staci, had a dalliance with College, and then a job change with a long commute, etc. I stopped contacting her after a few months, but every time I would go on the Sugar Daddy website, I'd see her profile, still looking for someone.  I sent a few notes, but got no responses.

Finally, one day she liked what I wrote to her and responded, and we struck up a text conversation. Not only had she not found anyone, she was still sort of hoping I was available.  Even though I had just started seeing Aussie, I wasn't 100% committed, so I said I was available, and that I wanted to meet.

As before, however, logistics got in the way and we were delayed a couple of weeks.

Long story short, however, I will not pursue any sort of arrangement with Sports.  I enjoyed meeting her, and found her warm, friendly, engaging, attractive, and a lively conversationalist. Three things stop me, however:

  1. She does not have a car.  She gave hers up after her lease expired, and since she can walk to work from her apartment and has all the neighborhood amenities close at hand, she doesn't need one.  She uses Uber to get anywhere more than a mile or so from home.  Must be nice. For our date, I hired two Ubers, which came out to about 20 bucks.  No big deal, right?  Except if I had to do this every two weeks, that comes out to nearly 500 bucks in a year.  That's like five or ten meals with my mistress, or about one extra date.  By itself, this negative rules her out.
  2. She has a very inflexible schedule.  Our date, which lasted only 45 minutes, took nearly two hours out of her day.  This was a huge stretch for her.  She prefers evening or weekend dates now.  By itself, this also rules her out.
  3. She lied to me about her age. While her profile says she is in her early- to mid-thirties, I learned during our date that she graduated college in the late 1990s, so unless she graduated college at age 16, she is actually in her very late thirties.  I've come to accept the lying about our age thing, as I do it myself.  But her actual age is above my desired range of 25 to 35 years old.  By itself, this does not rule Sports out.  But, on top of the other two, it just makes things less favorable for her.
One other thing:  I met Gemini immediately after I shut the door on Sports's Uber home. Our date was at a Mexican restaurant half a block away, so Sports left my consciousness as I walked down the street.  Gemini sent me a text during my date with Sports that she had had a terrible day, but would be there about 15 minutes late.

She was, actually half an hour late, which didn't bother me because she at least let me know the entire time.  I waited out front for her, not knowing exactly what she looked like.  Her pictures revealed several different hair styles and colors, and while I saw that she was slim and cute, I couldn't picture her clearly.  

I looked up from my phone and saw  her crossing the street in front of the restaurant.  I felt immediately attracted to this girl. She wore a short black dress, not a fancy one, with tall wedge heels.  Her pale, flawless, porcelain skin contrasted with her dress in a very sexy way, and she was slim but wonderfully curvy and girly.  

Unfortunately, she walked up to the guy in the suit standing a few feet away from me and asked if he was me!  I laughed and called her name. We hugged and went into the restaurant.  She had been there multiple times and asked for a specific table, a square four-seater, then excused herself to use the ladies room.  She was gone a little while, so I took that time to text DW and let her know that I was having happy hour with a co-worker and that I'd be home around 6:30, and to text Sports to thank her for meeting me and that "more time was needed to dig a little deeper" before I made a decision.

After Gemini returned, I then had to use the restroom, so I quickly took care of that.  As I was leaving the table, however, I noticed that she'd sat herself across the table rather than next to me.  So, when I got back, I changed my seat to be next to her.  She actually got up again and moved across from me, saying, "I'm just gonna sit across from you so I can see you and talk to you better."  Nice move, baby!

We had an absolutely fantastic conversation.  We share a passion for music, good food, and education.  She's a graduate from a prestigious university, grew up in a very upscale city south of San Francisco, and was born in the Midwest.  She had light brown hair and hazel eyes, a big smile, and thick lips.  I thought she might be Jewish, but she wasn't.  Too bad, I thought. She'd be one hot Jewish girl.  

Gemini's childhood was not without some drama. An abusive father, very politically conservative parents, some run-ins with police, and a lot of rebelliousness, which fueled her life and career choices.  

I ordered her a salad and a beer for dinner, while I stuck with my margarita.  I nibbled on some chips while she told her story, then she ate while I told her mine.  We connected on so many levels, and she showed up like an older soul.  We'd already agreed on terms, and I knew that we'd be doing hotels, and I could think of nothing else except what she looked like naked and how she was in bed.  

I paid the check after about an hour or so, and asked if I could walk her to her car.  Once there, she kissed me passionately, with those lips I had been staring at the whole time.  Big smiles and a commitment to see each other again.

I find Gemini more physically attractive than Aussie, though I can't say she's the whole package yet because I haven't slept with her.  I will sleep with her though, and then we'll see.  This week I'm seeing Aussie again, and I am really happy about that.

This afternoon, I'm meeting Alena for lunch. She's in her early 20s and very likely too young for me, but she's so fucking sexy I just have to see her in person before saying no to her.