Monday, June 20, 2016

A Detour Into Porn and Twitter

I watch porn almost every day.  I pretty much have since I got my first internet connection in 1995. Before that I subscribed to the Playboy channel and rented videos on a fairly regular basis.  I guess you could say that I'm a bit of a porn connoisseur.

Even though I am fully aware that porn performances are not real sex -- well, they're real in the sense that people are really having sex on camera, but it's not real in the same way you or I have sex -- I find the work absolutely astonishing in so many ways.  As a straight male, I obviously watch porn that features women.  I used to love watching women have sex with each other, but as I've gotten older, and since becoming a Sugar Daddy and having sex with 49 different women over the past eight years, I prefer my porn to resemble what I experience in real life.  So I typically watch porn scenes that feature younger women with older men.  What astonishes me is how the industry is able to attract so many beautiful young women to perform.  This is not a value judgment in any way, because I'm a pretty sex-positive man.  It's just that, given how difficult it is for porn stars to transition into a mainstream career, the decision to enter the porn business should ideally not be taken lightly, or at least without an eye to the future.

Despite what one may think, porn stars do not make a lot of money. If a top female porn star makes just $1,000 per scene, think about how much work actually goes into that.  These girls don't have their wardrobes paid for. They pay for their own STD testing every 30 days, maintain gym memberships, have their hair and nails done regularly, get their assholes bleached, the pubes waxed, their implants maintained, tats, piercings, etc. -- all done on their own dime.  Plus, they give 10-15% of their incomes away to their agents/managers.  And all this in an industry where free porn is now completely ubiquitous.  The idea that porn performers are actually stars making multiple six figure incomes is a complete illusion.  For every Jesse Jane, who has a net worth of $8 million, there are thousands of wannabes who need $500 to replace their stolen laptops.

It's no wonder that porn stars I'm seeing on Twitter regularly hashtag #P4YP, which stands for Pay For Your Porn.  One such porn performer, Jay Taylor, has been in the business for at least five years, and consistently chastises any porn consumer who doesn't pay for it.  She'll post pictures and even short video clips of her performances, but if you want to see her scenes, you have to pay for them. Since she produces all her content, she gets to control where it goes.

What Jay Taylor does -- which is another thing that astonishes me -- is do a masterful job of creating the impression of a relationship between her and her followers. I've got news for you: there is absolutely no relationship between a porn star and her audience.  Looking at her, and at other porn stars, and the way they engage their followers, the illusion is striking.  Jay Taylor, for example, has 27,000 Twitter followers, and only follows 732.  Remy LaCroix, a gorgeous and intelligent former porn star now training to be an Emergency Medical Technician, has 450,000 Twitter followers and only follows 366.  The amazing Kimmy Granger has over 127,000 followers, and just follows just over 400.  Who are the other 97-99% who follow these girls?  Well, they're the ones who think they have some sort of relationship with them because they get to see the occasional five-second clip of them sucking cock, or playing with their puppies, or whatever.  The Twitter feed's formulaic approach to audience acquisition and retention guarantees visibility and maximizes income potential (by virtue of being followed, a porn star can ask for a higher rate for a scene because her followers will watch and/or buy it).  A porn star's audience rates near the bottom of her priorities. Those lucky few a porn star follows are (a) fellow porn performers, (b) favorite issues or causes, or (c) porn producers regularly calling attention to the stars who work for them, so they can retweet and get even more eyes on them.

All that work, and for what, maybe $5,000 a month to work once or twice a week?  And that's if you're established and not even necessarily well-known.  If you're just starting out, you'll probably do one or two scenes, be totally horrified, and then quit and wish you'd never had such a stupid idea in the first place.  There's no doubt that porn chews up and spits out girls with stunning regularity.  Go watch "Hot Girls Wanted" on Netflix if you don't believe me.  My favorite porn star over the past three years, Ava Taylor, was featured.  There's one scene in that film where she relates how terrified she was at doing a scene with a man she was not into at all, and the fear she felt at not being able to say no was chilling.  It temporarily put me off porn, and I rarely watch scenes with Ava anymore.

How much easier could it be, girls, if you went onto Seeking Arrangement and found a Sugar Daddy for $5,000 a month?  Sex or twice a week, nice meals, some of your clothes paid for, a nice trip somewhere, and all the freedom you wanted, either to work or go to school.  Even a Practical Daddy like me could be a big help!

New Sugar Daddy Blog Posts Coming!

Since I haven't yet signed the contract, I can't get into specifics, but this Sugar Daddy will soon be paid for writing a blog.  I never thought that an opportunity like this would come. In fact, I had always kept this blog simply as a way to share my stories with you and the world, and to use it as a confessional of sorts.  But the other day I saw a website reach out for writers.  I sent an email with a link to this blog, and I received an offer to write for them for the next six months.

The writing begins after July 1, when I return from vacation.

This blog will continue.  I anticipate the other blog will be covering related Sugar Daddy topics. Plus, the maximum length is 1,200 words.  This is pretty damn funny, since anyone who has read my blog over the years knows that I can go on at length and in painstaking detail.  Of the last 25 serious posts I've written (not including short notices like this one), the average length has been 900 words, with the longest being 2,100 words!  I'll have to remember to be brief.  These young kids and their abbreviated attention spans.  Yikes.

Meanwhile, you noticed above that I'll be on vacation.  Taking the family to paradise for 9 glorious days.  I promise I'll have lots of good stories to tell after I return.

Sam wants to see me again, and I'll be making that happen fairly soon.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sugar Exclusivity with Aussie?

Yesterday I had a huge win at work.  So far this year I've already made more money than I made all of last year, and I'm on track to triple last year's income.  I love life right now!

My elation had me feeling very horny (what else?).  I had just seen Aussie last week, and for some reason I didn't want to see her to let off my steam.  Maybe I'll just get an escort, I thought, but that seemed unappetizing in multiple ways.  I went through my list of potentials and formers, and settled on Sam.  Sam is always down for fun if she's in town.

I texted her and she responded this morning that she's free tomorrow, so perhaps that will work out.

Meanwhile, I also texted Chic, with whom I could not work out a schedule because of her work.  I decided to give it a shot to see if something has freed up for her.  We had a serious attraction.  If she responds I'll update here.

On the way home, however, I felt the need to talk to Aussie, so I gave her a call to check in.  We had discussed getting together next week, but I'm leaving for vacation with the family mid-week and I have lots of preparations to make.  I told her that I couldn't see her.  She was fine with it, but she mentioned that she always wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see her.

"Well," I responded, a bit hesitantly, "this might be a better conversation face to face, but... would you be interested in being monogamous with me?"

"Um," she replied, "well, we only see each other twice a month --"

"I know," I said.

"-- and I think I'd like to have sex more than twice a month."

At that point I gave her my standard line about extra sex being her choice if she wants it, adding, "I am fine with twice a month, because it actually works with my schedule, but if I were to get a text or call from you on an off-day and I was available, of course I'd be all 'hell yeah!'  If I wanted to see you more often, of course, I'd fully expect to renegotiate our arrangement."

She agreed, but then she laid something on me that I hadn't expected to hear.

"If you're the only one I'm having sex with then I would be concerned I'd get emotionally attached to you.  I think I'd need that space to keep things more casual."

That she even considered the possibility of an emotional attachment floored me, but I had to reassure her that I wasn't going there.  "I don't shy away from emotional attachments," I said, "because I'm clear on the boundaries in our relationship.  I think an emotional attachment has the potential to make the physical part of our relationship even more wonderful than it is.  But I respect your wishes, of course.  You can still call me anytime you want me."

We'll see each other next month.  Meanwhile... Sam or Chic?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Aussie Date #5

I couldn't wait to see her again.  I took time off since my father-in-law's untimely death to support DW and the rest of the family.  But so much else needed my support too.  The kids were/are finishing school and one needed help studying for final exams.  Work couldn't take a backseat, so I had to go in the days before and after the funeral.

(My mother-in-law had over 400 attendees at the funeral and over 200 guests came back to her house aftewards.  A family friend had paid a caterer to provide food and drink services.  After that, she had a steady stream of visitors for the next five days, at least 50 more each day.  My father-in-law was a very loved and highly respected man.)

I gave DW lots of hugs, kisses, and care, never expecting anything in return -- as it should have been. The kids slept on the floor in our room almost every night.  There wasn't much sleep going on, unfortunately, and I'm still recovering.

As of yesterday, the younger kid finished school; the older finishes today, and graduates tomorrow. I'm so proud of both of them.  We're all going away for DW's birthday in a couple of weeks, and it's a trip that we all need to take.  We invited DW's mother to join, but she doesn't yet want to leave the house.  She came to my kid's graduation yesterday and just that was very painful for her.  Tears from her and both her children, sad for what the man of their house was missing.

In the midst of it all, I found myself aching for sexual release.  During the weekend following my father-in-law's death, DW walked in on me masturbating with pornography on my computer.  She told me later that she asked if I needed help, but because I wear earbuds so that no one hears the audio, I couldn't hear her.  Because I couldn't hear her I couldn't see her either.  Unlucky break.  She probably would have been there for me.

But not even my hands, which are perfectly sized for my cock, could fulfill my needs.  I had to see Aussie.  I made a date with her for yesterday only to realize the night before that I'd forgotten about my younger kid's graduation.  I switched things around and got her to agree to meet in the late morning.

Because I felt bad about cancelling at the last minute amid the tragedy with my family, I gave Aussie a double allowance.  She met me at the back of her building and let me drive in through her gate and park in the parking lot.  We walked quietly back to her place.  Once inside, however, she threw her arms around my neck and pulled me close and held me tightly.  As I held her close, tears welled up in my eyes.  I hadn't realized how much I needed this from her.  We kissed, smiled, and started chatting. There wasn't too much to talk about; no sense in darkening the spirit with talk of death, but it couldn't be avoided entirely.

We made love twice, the second time quietly spooning on her bed and holding each other.  She took my hand and put it over her breast and held it there, reaching back with her other hand to stroke my neck.

Afterward I showed her the picture of C/Hayden in her wedding dress. She smiled and remarked that she liked the dress and the photograph.  (Aside: I showed this to my buddy Luke too.  His response was to laugh out loud and say, "What a tool.  Good luck to that guy!" Really got me out of my head there.  I don't know why it doesn't really occur to me that C/Hayden had cheated on her man for the first two years of their relationship, but maybe I don't want to be a hypocrite about cheating on DW. The only difference is that my relationship had, at least at that time, been crumbling, and hers was just getting started.  But I can't really judge her; she had her reasons and they were no less valid than mine.)

Aussie and I are entering a new phase in our relationship.  After three months together, we are comfortable, and we want to do more than fuck each other silly.  Next date is dinner out, with conversation, wine, and intimacy.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Sugar Baby Married

As I've posted previously with photos, my sweet C/Hayden is now married.

Tears are in my eyes as I pray for their happiness together.