Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mel: A Sweet, Sugar Surprise

To alleviate the sexual tension I have been feeling these past couple of weeks, since ending my arrangement with Chic and resolving not to dip back into the Sugar Bowl until I've accomplished a very lucrative work goal, I got in touch with Mel, who I'd contacted late last year but had never met. To my great pleasure, she was still free and accepted a sex date, saying she had also gone without for a little while.

I had gotten up yesterday morning not feeling all that well: my hayfever had come back after a long dormancy period, and I wasn't sure if I'd be able to handle a sexual encounter with someone new while sneezing my head off.  However, by the time I'd been in the office for a couple of hours, the itchy nose subsided, the watery eyes disappeared, and my allergy symptoms were gone.  Whether I willed that to happen, or I just got lucky, I don't know (and I don't care!).  I sent Mel a text and said we were on.  I booked a room in a retro hotel near both of us (for a decent price too) and set the meet time for 3:30.  Mel said she'd be there. She texted me a half-hour ahead of time to confirm.  Given the fact that I'd canceled on her twice last year, I can understand her doubts that I'd actually show up. But, as I received that text I was packing up my desk to get ready to leave.  "Heading over there now," I replied.

It took me far too long to get the three miles from my office to the hotel: a full 20 minutes!  I guess no one realized or even cared that I needed to get laid.  Mel texted me that she was about 15 minutes early.

As I passed the hotel I saw her standing on the sidewalk, looking at her phone (what else does one do when alone?).  I was stopped at the corner just passed her and I texted, "Nice red dress. See you soon."

I checked in and made my way to the first floor room, overlooking a crowded pool with lots of guests milling about.  Good thing: it would be loud enough outside to muffle the sounds of two lovers gettin' busy!  I texted the room number to Mel and she was there within two minutes.

Now, in my previous posts about Mel, which didn't reveal that much, I noted that she was curvy and in her 20s. Pictures she'd sent me suggested that she was curvy, but the photos also suggested that she was just a little chunky (though not in a bad way) and somewhat tall.  However, the woman who waltzed into my hotel room was definitely curvy and sexy, but petite and slender.  I don't think she stood more than 5'3" without her heels.  I was very pleasantly surprised!

We exchanged hugs and a brief kiss before I took out the envelope, a condom and the lube.  I then asked her if she'd like to shower.  Since she'd already had one, I said I'd just be a minute to freshen up.  She took off her dress to reveal a slender, very tan body encased in black lingerie. The tan lines revealed that she was very dark indeed compared to her natural skin tone.

Hurrying through the shower I came out wrapped in my towel and lay on the bed facing her and she sat on the edge.  We got a little acquainted, with her reminding me of her profession (sales in a health-related field) and telling me her true age (early 30s).  Then she casually removed her bra.  I was more than happy with everything I was seeing and hearing.

Soon we started making out.  Lots of tongue.  My cock started stirring as she reached down to stroke it.  I played with her breasts, which I have to say were less than spectacular.  Not firm at all, a bit droopy.  Similar to Rachel from last year.  They actually appeared to have shrunk from a previous larger size.  I wondered if she'd had implants removed, but I saw no visible scars anywhere.  Maybe she'd lost a lot of weight, but I saw no stretch marks anywhere.  Oh, well, I thought, the rest of her was gorgeous.  I can put up with this negative.

Mel also had nine tats that I could see.  Two were quite large, but not unattractive.  I paid no attention to them while we were playing, but we did talk about them later.  The stories around some of them were compelling.

"This should be in the Guiness Book of Records," she said, holding my cock and looking up at me.  I smiled and laughed at the hyperbole, but I wanted to establish a boundary about this.  "OK, OK," I said, smiling, "since this is our first time together, I'll give you a free pass today and you can make whatever comments you like about my size.  Get it out of your system.  But you need to know that I'm not fond of comments made about my size."  "Why not?" she asked.  "Well, being told, 'Oh my God, it'll never fit!' can sort of get tiring, especially when I know very well that it will fit."  She laughed, then opened her mouth to begin sucking.

Mel gave me a world-class blow job, lots of saliva, great hand work, nice massaging of my balls.  It reminded me of my first wife's talents, which were formidable and could get me off in just a few minutes (I was much younger and less in control of myself back then!).  She got me extremely hard and got me to the edge, but before I came, I sat up, took hold of her shoulders and flipped her on her back.

I kissed her some more before making my way down to her pussy.  The second I flicked my tongue on her clit, she started to moan and grind on my face.  She kept still just enough so that I didn't have to hold her down the way I've had to do with others.  After about five or so minutes, and after I'd hit her with all my tricks, she let loose a thundering orgasm, clamping her legs around my head and grabbing my hand to get my fingers out of her.  So cute!

I came up to her and kissed her again and grinded my cock against her.  She looked at me, smiled, and motioned to the side table with her eyes, a clear signal that she wanted me to get the condom. "What?" I asked.  "Can we have sex now?" she said.  "Of course," I laughed.  Got lubed up, slipped on the condom, lubed the outside, and entered her missionary.

The sex was aggressive and animalistic, with her legs practically behind her head.  A little like this:

As we fucked, Mel said, over and over, "Fuck, fuck, fuck" practically every other second.  Except, for whatever reason, it came out like "Feck, feck, feck."  When she came, her body completely tensed up and her breath caught in her throat.  It was intense.

I wasn't ready to cum yet, so I lifted her up and drew her on top of me.  Her droopy tits were swinging all over the place as I grabbed her firm ass and lifted her up and down on me.  She was soaking wet; I could feel her juiciness all over her butt and my legs.  She came again -- "feck, feck, feck!" -- leaning down to me as I thrust up into her, practically bouncing us both off the bed.  Her long dark hair got in my face and I could smell that she'd burned it with a curling iron.  After a few more minutes of this sprint, I came hard and long, though I knew that I left very little in terms of deposit in the condom.  As she rolled off me, she said, "That was amazing!  I need to do a workout BEFORE seeing you!"

She rinsed off in the shower and I cleaned myself off before we both rejoined each other on the bed. I asked about her tats.  The largest, a large bird, commemorated her father's passing a few years back, while another one was an animal that she liked that represented strength and longevity.  The rest were much smaller, including one that was between two of her fingers.  She had a red heart on her butt.

She moved to the west coast from my home state right after her father passed, first moving to where C/Hayden/Mrs. B now lives, before moving to our city four years ago. She is a bit of a lost soul, with a few good friends but no real passion in life (or at least none that she shared with me).  She has a bachelors degree but doesn't work in a field that allows her to use it.  She got deeply in debt trying to make ends meet and is now trying her hand at sugaring to dig out.  She had two arrangements since we first contacted each other: one lasted a couple of months, with a married man who wanted more than a mistress; and one with a single guy who told her he wanted to date her. She didn't want that at all. "What if he got me pregnant?"  She wasn't on birth control. She very clearly told me that she wanted just to have someone to play with and someone to help her with her debts. Nothing more.  My kinda girl!

Our talk got a little more intimate.  Her story about her father's death got me talking about losing my father-in-law a few months ago and about the 400 people who'd shown up to his funeral and how we'd all honored him in death.  She said, "You're gonna make me cry now," and she started tearing up.  So sweet!  I just pulled her close and held her for a minute. It touched me that she was so empathetic.

One other thing I discovered as we talked: she and I share the same sense of optimism. You'll recall how I look at people by trying to see the best in them at all times, which sometimes can get me into trouble if I'm not careful.  I started to think that I'd stumbled into something pretty cool with Mel. Perhaps we could do this fairly regularly.

After a little more chat, I rolled over on top of Mel and we started making out again.  I got hard again and she asked if I had another condom.  "Sure," I said, "but don't you want to feel me inside you first? I'm probably not going to cum again, and even if I do, nothing will come out."  I explained about the medication I take that prevents me from ejaculating, and then promised I'd put one on in a few seconds.  She consented and I slipped into her.  Oh my, was she wet!  I could've gone all day like this, but true to my word, I withdrew after about a minute and put on another condom.  Once it was on, she said, "Do you mind if I ride you for a little while?"  "Music to my ears, babe," I replied, "it's my fave position!"

Mel rode me hard just like she did before.  I pulled her close to me and fucked her as hard as I could. Sort of like this:

Coming up for air after a minute or so, she said, "Oh my god, this feels so good, it doesn't make sense!"  "Huh?" I said, "what does that mean?"  She started babbling, speaking in tongues, she was totally incoherent!  I realized it was like she was intoxicated, so I just kissed and fucked her some more till she had another orgasm.  "I want you to cum again," she said.

Knowing that I wasn't going to climax if I wore the condom, I asked if she'd get me off orally.  I washed up and came back to the bed, where she was eagerly waiting to suck me.  She gave it her all, and I got close a couple of times, but I just couldn't go over the edge.  Determined to get off now, I stopped her, sat up, turned her around, and entered her from behind.  I had no condom on, so it didn't take long.  I got all the way to the edge and pulled out, jerking my cock so I could cum.  I had a glorious orgasm.  "Oh my God," she said, turning around to look at me, "you are so talented! I came with you."  She held up her hand to high-five me!  Wha??? I wiped the drop of cum that came out of me and onto her butt, then hit her with that hand, which made her laugh.

After chatting a little while longer, it got late and we hurriedly got dressed and out of there.  

I am definitely going to see this woman again.  I told her I wasn't ready to call anything an arrangement, but that I wanted to continue hooking up and chatting. She was totally down for that. "I walked in here not knowing what to expect, but I wasn't at all expecting you to be such a sweet guy. Plus you made me cum so many times!"  "Part of that is your doing, babe," I replied. "I can only make you cum if you're open enough."

I'm pretty happy.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Are The Gods Conspiring to Keep Me Celibate?

Late last week I nearly went insane with lust.  A warm summer afternoon in sunny Southern California is like a horror film for a horndog like me.  Everywhere I turned, I saw gorgeous, nubile young females, attractively-attired, gracefully elegant, and blissfully unaware of my desperate ogling.  I was invisible to all of them.  No one knew I hadn't had sex in over a month, and anyway, none of them would have consented to helping a man out in his time of need.

It was torture, I tell ya, TORTURE.

Throughout this process I've honored my commitment not to go back to the sugar website and scout for more talent.  It's a distraction I can't afford right now -- not that I couldn't afford it financially, I just can't afford the time commitment to be a searching sugar daddy.

Still, the horniness nearly consumed me.  I scoured my past contacts on my phone looking for someone I could play with.  Sam was out of town and wasn't returning until the next week.  But all I could find were previous disasters: Leah, College, Chic, Jade, Red -- women I'd never go near again. There were also a couple I'd never slept with and probably never would.  And then there was Mel. Sexy, curvy Mel, whom I'd encountered last November, and with whom I'd canceled two dates. Always liked her, but I always kept my distance because she just happened to enter my life when I wanted a more secure, long-term arrangement, and I didn't really see her as that type.  Now, with arrangements being off the table until I make it through the next six weeks or so, I could look at Mel with a different perspective.

I sent her a text with my picture and "do you remember me?"

"Of course I remember you, Porter!  How are you?  Still with the same girl?"

She didn't waste any time, did she? "No, I'm currently unattached," I replied.

She said she was also not seeing anyone.  "Shall we try to meet next week?" she asked.

I was dying right then and there. "You always said to contact you if I wanted to see you with a couple hours' notice, haha"

She was unavailable that day, but she said Mondays were her day off.

So we made plans to get together this afternoon.

Unfortunately, I woke up with a major allergy attack.  I have hayfever, but it's been completely dormant for a long time.  Until yesterday, when I was somewhere where the pollen count was unbelievably high.  I sneezed and sneezed for hours.  Once I got home, I felt better, but the pollen was still in my system, and when I woke up I started sneezing again.  Ugh.  What could possibly be worse?

I texted Mel this morning to tell her that it was iffy at this point, but I wanted to check in with her in a couple of hours to see if the meds I took had me feeling better.

As of now, I'm feeling OK so I'm going to go for it.

Long-time readers are thinking, "Wait, what? He's doing a pay-for-play date?  What happened to the big 'paradigm shift' he so passionately wrote about?" That is still there.  Unfortunately, it hasn't gone too well since then.  It could have been great with Aussie, but she made some critical choices and wound up completely broke, no longer the type of woman with whom I wanted a long-term arrangement, and forced to return to Australia.  Chic showed early promise, but eventually revealed herself to be a little immature and not interested in anything emotional.  So, until I'm ready again to swim the deep end, I'll stay in the shallow end.

More after my date with Mel.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sugar Daddy Going Dark

No, I was not hinting that my next Sugar Baby was going to be African American.  I made my preferences clear more than two years ago that I'm just not as attracted to African American women as others.  Besides I would never use language like that.

No, dear readers. The search for a mistress is temporarily ending, as I focus on my business.  Lots of money at stake over the next couple of months.  I don't have the time or the energy to scroll through profile after profile, send messages, texts, and have phone calls and lunches over the next month or so.  When I have sacrificed my time in the past to engage in a search, my business has suffered.  So, I want to get a serious financial pad beneath me before I jump in again.

Meanwhile, Sam is still in my life, although this week she's out of town dancing up a storm. We'll probably meet up late next week for fun.

Thinking of Sam makes me think of the previous serious SBs I've had and I've wondered where they've gone.  Here's what I know so far (based on social media and recent conversations):
CC: now over 40, whereabouts unknown
C/Hayden/Mrs. B: late 20s, married, living in SoCal, happy as can be
Dale: late 20s, engaged, living in the Rockies, young kid and another on the way
Wanda: mid 20s, moved to Montana three years ago, circumstances unknown
Lola: late 30s, whereabouts unknown
Jade: mid 30s, recently moved to the east coast to be with "family and friends," no relationship to speak of
Leah: late 20s, living with parents, grad student, has a new boyfriend
Audrey: late 20s, has had the same boyfriend for more than a year
Staci: late 20s, circumstances unknown
Aussie: late 20s, moved back to Australia
Glad that most of them are living happy lives.

I should be posting here periodically and on Let's Talk Sugar in the next month.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 19, 2016

An Apology

Yesterday, I tweeted a link to my last post which read, "What is it with periods anyway?  Don't you SBs know you can take pills that prevent them? Daddy needs to see you!"

What was obvious to me -- that I was being intentionally whiny and childish -- was not obvious to some of my readers/followers.  For that, I'm sorry.  My male privilege definitely showed up unintentionally.

Let me be clear: I do not fault Sam, or any woman (Sugar Baby or not) for cancelling a date or other event because she's gotten her period.  I was feeling sorry myself because Sam's cancellation was the third one in three weeks.  I did not take it well, obviously.

My intention with the tweet was to poke fun at myself, and at no one else, for being selfish.  Those who read the actual post would not have seen the same tone at all, but that's not an excuse.

So, again, I am sorry for being an insensitive man, and a poor communicator.  I have always respected my SBs and appreciate everyone who follows me and reads my posts.

Thanks again for reading and please keep doing so.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sam Cancels: I Can't Catch a Break

Sam got her period today, so no date.  This is third date in a row (two with Chic) that has been canceled at the last minute.  I'm out more than $500 for three reserved hotel rooms.  I have to find a better way to book a room than this.

Sam then told me she has a friend who is moving here in November and wanted to introduce me to her.  Sent me a pic, and she's cute.  She's apparently also bisexual, but Sam isn't sure if she'd participate in a threesome with me and her.

As of now, I'm off the market and not looking for anyone new until October, so if I want to have sex, it'll have to be a one-off, either with an escort or with Sam.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Do All Roads Lead Back to Sam?

After breaking things off with Chic yesterday, I resolved not to go back onto the Sugar Daddy website so that I could focus on work.  Lots of money to be made in the next couple of months!

Meanwhile, just because I decided not to resume a new search, I didn't resolve to give up on having great sex.  My old standby has always been Sam, and yesterday I reached out to her and asked if she wanted to get together this week.  I can't believe we met three years ago and are still seeing each other.  The last time we were together was, I thought, our last time together, but with my total failure to bag Red, Aussie going back home and Chic being kicked to the curb, I want to be with someone I can at least see occasionally.

So all roads appear to lead back to Sam.

Details later this week!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Moving On Without Chic

As I wrote previously, my third date with Chic has been canceled twice, the last time because Chic wrecked her car.  I felt horrible for her, since her car was a total loss, the other driver had no insurance, and she was essentially jobless (though not for long) and lacked the funds to do much of anything around transportation.

The day after our date I wondered about my next moves.  As with Aussie, a girl with no money is not an easy partner, especially for someone like me who does very well but does not have an unlimited supply of disposable funds.  I had to let Aussie go, as I believed that any money I threw at her, knowing she had to return to Australia, would be gone forever.

With Chic, however, I figured that I could help her get back on her feet (at least temporarily) and continue to see her.  After thinking it through, I couldn't very well buy her a new car, or even lease her one (there'd be no way I could conceal that from DW).  Since employment wasn't far away for her, I knew that if I could at least get her a car to use she'd feel less overwhelmed.  I decided to rent her a car for two weeks, perhaps longer, to make sure she had the means to get herself to and from work (and, hopefully, our dates).

That morning, I sent her a text and presented my offer.  "Wow," came her reply, adding, "And I would be insured on it and everything?"  I assured her that if she had insurance she'd be covered.

But she turned down my offer the next morning, saying, "I think I'm just going to Uber around.  I don't want you to have to get me a car.  I can just walk when possible."

I was flabbergasted.  A free car for two weeks, and she was saying no? What self-aware Sugar Baby does this? "Take the gift," I urged her, "you'll save hundreds of dollars in Uber charges." It didn't occur to me to pay for her Uber, because I was just so surprised she wouldn't want a car to get her to and from work and to stores, etc.  Still, I couldn't press the matter. "Not sure why you'd say no," I wrote, "but if that's your wish I'll respect that.  When do you want to get together again?"

No answer.

It bothered me that not only did she refuse my offer, but she didn't feel it warranted at least a Thank You that I made the offer. Chic struck me as hiding something, but I didn't know what.  I figured I'd ask her again about getting together, though, and I'd learn more.

That sure happened.  Sunday morning, I asked again.  Still no answer.  The app we use for messaging tells me when my messages are sent, when they're delivered, and when they're read.  I know she's read every single message.  But she's ghosting me for some reason.

No matter. Life's too short to wonder why, so I'll be moving on from Chic right away.  Not sure if I'll even look for someone else right away, as I've got huge things happening at work for the next six weeks.  I'll be making more in that short period of time than I made in all of last year, and I'll need to focus.  When I'm on the search for a Baby, I get so totally distracted I can't get my work done.  Plus, even with this next six weeks, I'd like also to map out my fourth quarter and do just as much business as I've done in the third quarter.

So goodbye Chic.  And, dear readers, you may not hear much from me for awhile. Please send your comments and feedback about this post!

Friday, August 12, 2016


Date #3 with Chic did not happen.

I arrived at the hotel at the appointed time, checked in, and proceeded to clean myself up, set the room up, take out the allowance envelope and condoms and lube, and then I took all my clothes off and climbed into bed to await her arrival.

Ten minutes later, Chic texts me to tell me, "Someone just hit me."  Oh no! I respond, are you OK? She said her neck hurt and that her car was totaled.  The EMTs and police were on scene and they were advising her to go to the hospital for observation, so that's what she did.  She checked out fine and went home last night with pain meds.  Feeling sore this morning, but not as bad as she feared, so she feels her recovery will be quick.

Meanwhile, the driver who hit her has no car insurance.  So she has no car, not much of a job, and no money to replace the car.  Her situation is about as dire as Aussie's was.  I'm seeing if there's a way I can help, perhaps to pay for a rental car for a couple of weeks so she can get around and work on next steps.  We're talking about that right now.

I feel terrible for Chic, such an awful thing to happen.

Her unfortunate accident also had an effect on me.  With allowance money, a paid-for hotel room, and horniness up the ying-yang, I started texting other girls.  First to Sam (out of town), then to Sascha, then even to Red.  That last one was a huge mistake.  Her response to my greeting: "Hi Porter, hope you're well."  That was the total death brush off, so I let that one go right away.  I couldn't believe I did that. I felt like shit afterward and went home in a horrible mood.  I didn't want to see anyone or talk to anyone.  My older kid wanted time with me but I just brushed it off, saying, "I had a day, kiddo; not in the mood right now, but maybe later."  We eventually hung out.

In bed with DW that night, I convinced her to let me hold her close and have some body to body contact.  That got me to calm down and I slept well.

Not sure of my next moves. Making sure Chic is alright is important, but I don't want to go down the rabbit hole with someone I barely know.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Chic Date #3: Preview

The last couple of weeks has been filled with work, both at the office and at home.  Our kids were away for two weeks, so DW and I re-did the younger one's bedroom to suit a middle-school student. We were supposed to get out of town for at least a night, but I got sick and then we got behind schedule.  We did manage dinner and a movie (Woody Allen's Cafe Society, highly recommended if you're a fan), and a night out with friends.

As for Chic, she and I crossed signals two weeks ago and our third date fell through. The hotel had been paid for and so I had to burn that money, which kind of sucked although it wasn't a huge problem. We then scheduled a date for the following week, but I got sick the previous weekend and wasn't feeling up to a date, so I canceled.  She then flew out of town to visit her family and just got back yesterday.  During that entire time, we barely exchanged messages, but we have a date scheduled for tomorrow.

I am not going to book the hotel until I get a confirmation from her tomorrow.

My head is telling me that she's cooling off and is distracted by events in her life.  She needs a job that pays because she will be returning to school to advance her medical training.  How this comes together is anyone's guess, but I'll offer whatever support I can.  If she and I don't work out, no worries, as I'll just dip back into the talent pool and find someone.

All is good in Porter land!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Downtown LASD Gets Published!

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for following the West Coast Sugar Daddy Journal over the past nearly four years and 505 (now 506!) posts!  Apparently, the blog has caught the eye of some people out there, and now I, Porter Edwards, am now a published author outside this little passion project.

Let's Talk Sugar, a great site affiliated with my favorite Sugar Daddy dating website, offers Sugar Babies advice on everything from sex to love to fashion, to how to spot "salt daddies."  A while back they tweeted a need for help from Sugar Daddies who wanted to write for the site.  I jumped at the chance, and after securing my identity and creating an anonymous way to be paid, I signed the contract.  I'll be contributing monthly for the next six months (maybe longer, who knows?).

Here's my first effort, about how a Sugar Baby can instantly turn a Sugar Daddy off.  Hope you like it!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Scheduling Nightmares for Chic and Me

As of today, Chic and I haven't seen each other in nearly two weeks, and it will be at least another nine or ten days before we see each other again.

We were supposed to get together last Monday afternoon, but she and I got our signals crossed and the date didn't happen. We then rescheduled for today, but I woke up last Friday feeling sick. I'm still not 100% so I canceled the date for today.  Now she's going out of town for six days.  Plus her schedule is back to being erratic, so I'll have to make last-minute plans to see her for the time being.

If we get together next week it will have been 22 or 23 days since our last date.  I've been there before, most recently with Aussie, but it's not something I prefer.  Still if I'm taking a long-term view of things I have to be chill about it for now.

If it truly gets in my way, I'll move on, but so far that's not something I'm thinking about.


Please start looking for my guest blogging posts at Let's Talk Sugar beginning this week or next week.  I'll be submitting monthly posts for six months as Downtown LA SD.  Excited to be getting paid for sharing my story.